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  1. It's your way and we are all wrong. No, it is Gods way.
  2. My favorite temple is the one in my heart. What does God need with a building?
  3. The works you mention are great works that all born again strive to do. However they are not required for salvation. You are saved by Grace alone and not by works so that you do not boast. When you say you need works for salvation you are claiming that Jesus alone is not enough. Is this what you teach?
  4. People who say they deserve salvation are not christians. Christians know they do not deserve salvation. Salvation is not earned, it is a gift of God for those who believe. Jesus did it all. To say that we need to add to what Jesus has done takes away from Jesus. Once you believe in Jesus then the works come. Works however do not earn salvation. We can do nothing by our own hands to earn it. The focus should always be on Jesus. We are dead without Him.
  5. You do have Earthly consequences for your sins. If we lie, we create problems that could result in negetive consequences. If we live a gay lifestyle we could receive a leathal disease. These problems are not put apon us by God but by our bad choices, aka our sins. However, all sin has been paid for in full by Jesus. Even the sins of your future. You need only repent and to believe. God does not bring misfortune down on us. He loves you and has healed you. You just need to have faith and to believe it. Jesus did it all. That, you can be sure of. I hope this helps.
  6. For salvation none of this is required, however I do not know one Born Again who has not been baptized and who does not "try" to do what Christ commands. We always come up short, but we try. Salvation is not earned, it is given when we first believe by Grace. Nothing by my hands is enough to earn salvation. Jesus alone is enough. Thank you Jesus.
  7. My biggest concern for "born again Christians" is their belief that they don't have to do anything to be saved. Not true, you have to believe in Jesus. Grace comes the moment you believe and it is done. The problem here is that the "Good News" is "almost" to good to be true. But, it is true. Jesus did it all. When you say Jesus "and"...... something else, you take away from Jesus. When you believe in Jesus you believe that he is God, Christ, Born of a virgin and rose from the dead. You must also believe in His teachings. No, you do not understand "born again".
  8. This is too important to ignore. Please go to theHOPEorg.org for more info. This is a problem and we all need to help the LDS church and others to help these people.
  9. Is this for real? A day does not go by without a mention of this kind of abuse in the paper (Salt Lake City Tribune). Do you think that these families are healthy, nurturing families. These women and children live in real torment. Their pain is real. Their scars are also real. For you to deny it is an outrage. You want a source, just google it and give yourself a few weeks to go through it. I see them at church gatherings (those who have seperated from their former life) and also in town. Their self esteem is so low they won't give you eye contact. They hide in the shadows. These people are not LDS but they are a result of its history. I understand that. However, these people are real and they need our help. They need your help. I know your church is already helping. They know it is a problem. You should know that too.
  10. I live in Utah, I can say that families in polygamy are almost always abused in some way. It is ugly by every measure. I would say that these families in Utah and other states do have a monopoly or darn close to it. Your statement does not stand. You need to see it.
  11. It is a sin, however it was paid in full almost 2000 years ago. Repent and live in Grace. Thank you Jesus
  12. Polygamy is practiced near where I live. It is not of the LDS church, but it is a result of Joseph Smiths "revelation". The women in these relationships are often abused and battered. They are seperated from the community by their husband and are unable to get help. Most are poor and have little access to health care. The children are usually neglected, malnourished, abused and not educated. No, I do not desire multiple wives. It is a sin. Did I break a rule here monitors? My intention is to state my belief.
  13. B]Not only must you be a member of the LDS Church in order to enter the temple, but you must also pass a worthiness interview. Not even all members of the Church are permitted to enter. Non-members are allowed to walk through the temples during pre-dedication open houses. No person living is ever worthy without Jesus. He is the only way. With this in mind, without Jesus no person can enter your temple. It would be an empty place. You can not do it alone. I hope I did not break your rules regarding posting. I only wanted to make a point with total respect for all people on this forum and your religion. Thanks, Jim
  14. Would you, as a pastor, really allow mockers, for example, to disrupt your service with taunts and disturbance...or would you have your ushers escort them out? Lets cast them out? Who are we to cast out anyone. In my church (no religion) they would be welcome with all of us other sinners. I keep hearing on this forum about getting kicked out of the religion for one reason or another. That is not Christs church. There is way too much religion today and not enough faith. Get rid of your religion and turn to Jesus. Why is this so hard to understand? Jesus should be the start, middle and end to your faith, not some religion. .....and I am not talking just to the LDS here, it is all religion. I loath religion and I love Jesus. I can not tell you how many services (different religions) I have been to and not one mention of Jesus. People here say I point fingers. I am jus bringing out the fact that pointing fingers at sinners is wrong. It lifts you up to say I am just a minor sinner but he.....he is a major sinner. Look at how much better I am. This is what you are doing. It is wrong. In this square, where all the shouting took place, just think how quiet it would be if only the non sinners could shout. You could hear a pin drop. Do you not know that Jesus died for all our sins and yes even these gay sinners. Jesus loves them equally. They need love and teaching. Not mockery. I know my words are hated by you. It is truth and I stand firm. fire away.
  15. Yes He did. But, Jesus is God and is without sin. My point, lets us not be so quick to point fingers at other sinners. Was their actions wrong? Yes. Are we any better then they? No. So lets bring them into our church and teach, and forgive and love.
  16. Prison chaplain, you are looking at this through the lens of Earthly values. Sin is black and white to God. It either is or is not. Any one sin without Jesus to save us, is enough to seperate you from God for eternity. Lets us not think so high of ourselves as to seperate the really bad sinners from the not so bad sinners. We all sin. ...and we all need Jesus equally. The answer to this problem is love and forgiveness. We need to embrace these people, love them, teach them and forgive them. If Jesus were in the flesh, I can see him enjoying a glass of wine with them and teaching them in a loving way. Lets not point fingers. We all sin and we all need Jesus, for without Him we are lost.
  17. Sounds to me like we have some sinners. Just like you and me. Looks different from that point of view.
  18. BMY, just because I can't tell you where hell is, does not mean it does not exist. I do not know where heaven is and I know it exists. I know heaven and hell exist because God said so. As far as being repulsed by such things, read the old testament and there are examples of God who brings on events that do not "seem" so loving. God gives, takes and does what He needs to do. He loves and forgives us. All we need do is to believe in Jesus. Lets trust in Him. I hope this helps.
  19. First, if you believe in Jesus your sins have been washed away. You can have comfort in that. Try to do better in the future. Two, Hell is real, some here joke about it but it is no laughing matter. Three, I do not understand a mentality of porn is bad but multiple wives is OK. Both are wrong. I know the LDS church does not allow polygamy but many of you would partake if allowed. A poll was just taken on this suject in this forum to support this. It just makes no sense.
  20. OK, I got you guys on fire. Polygamy is a sin to the traditional Christian. I just wanted to bring out this difference. I agree that we can disagree. However, I would say that your church's position on this subject is very skewed. Thank you for letting me debate the other side of this subject. I know most of you want me to go away for good, but that would shelter you to only one view. Or is that what you want?
  21. Polygamy is lust and adultery put together. Is polygamy a sin in your church? Yes or no. I would love to here your answer.
  22. You are very close here, there is another answer. Take away the religion and think with the spirit.
  23. Yes, that is what I believe, thank you.