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  1. "I know the sort of advice my friends would give, and going back to the lifestyle I used to have before I met him isn't something I want to do." What do you want to do? Sounds to me like you are ready for a lifestyle change. This should keep you busy. Old habits sometimes are hard to change. Just keep in mind that you need to make those changes for you and not for him. You are worth it.
  2. ; ) So bini will be wishing Pam is right instead of anatess lolol Congrates, crackers first thing for me also worked. I ate them with my eyes shut lol May you be blessed with your hopes and wishes, Bini. Zippy
  3. I agree with the others. Only you can make this decision to stay with the Church. You know what the problem is. Are you willing to give up those things that are keeping you from the Holy Ghost? The Holy Ghost is there to comfort you, help you and guide you. In my case I put myself beyond that help with my attitude. I realize it was my choice to do those things which I know to be true. Our Heavenly Father does not ask us to be perfect. He only ask us to do the very best that we can, with His help. My thought is that by you knowing what you are doing, not all is lost. There are plenty of people in this world that would not even think these things are keeping them from the Holy Ghost. If you can not see the problem you can not do anything about it. My prayers are with you. Zippy
  4. I love the gospel and the way it makes me feel. I love my family. I love the laughter of a child and I love rainbows. "sigh" Even though I have started my diet I still love a good oatmeal cookie.
  5. I believe that you should talk to your Primary President. Tell her you are feeling burned out. That you love the "little ones", and they need more then you can give right now. Then do not feel guilty. Better that these "little ones" get someone that will be there for them, at this time it sounds like it can not be you. Nursery leader stamp on your forehead, I had to laugh. You must be a very good Nursery leader. In all my years in the Nursery and as Nursery Leader I believe with all my heart that these "little ones" sense those special people who work with them and teach them. Sometimes, things happen though. We feel that disconnect and we know it is time to be released. I have always know when I was going to be released or due to things happening in my life needed to be released. Two weeks ago I was playing with one of my "little ones" and felt it was time. I wanted to cry. I went to my Primary President and told her it was time. Two weeks later my mother-n-law who has Alzheimer's disease had a very bad night and come Sunday I could not go to Church. I believe we must listen to the Holy Spirit. Heavenly Father will provide for his "little ones".
  6. I helped my daughter file some papers of her 4th grade students. I could barely read the names to file them. What do you think? Is cursive writing a dead art? I was really surprized because we practice writing when we did our spelling. We had to write the words five times each. Ok, yes I am older the Pam.
  7. ;0) He could have bought them too small ! He could have received a 5K cut in pay.... It could have been 90 degrees outside and too hot for boots :) :0)))) And the whine could have turned to vinegar and the cheese has enough mold on it to make penicillin. :) We all get this way. I think we are scared with everything working out that something has to go wrong. Sounds to me like you are very blessed, anatess. So what are you cooking for that wonderful hubby of yours. You might sit down and just write him a love letter and put it where he has to find it. :) Glad all is going well with yours. :)
  8. Congrats, It sounds like you will be good at it. Do not forget to take the list by the Primary. :))) When I have served in the Primary I sometimes would never see the missionaries' list.
  9. Bini, I have one of those MIL:) I vented a good bit over the years. I wanted a Ruth story in my marriage. I tried everything and nothing worked. She is 89 years old now. She still does not like me. I have learned something from this though. I do not want to be like her. Can you imagine not liking someone and having that person be the one to take care of you in your last days. I believe in some ways it has to be her own hell. I hope all is well with you and yours.
  10. Such a important year for them, too. anatess. I like this idea also. :)
  11. Yeah vent all you want !!!!! then take care of business cause we likehaving you around. :)
  12. You might also try to do something for others. I would suggest that you ask the Bishop if there are some older brothers or sisters that might need some help. Raking a yard, putting up storm windows, or those chores that these older people might have to hire someone to do. Doing these things for free will boast yourself esteen. Sometimes when we stop thinking of just "me"we can get pass a lot of problems.
  13. I find all this info very interesting. I am one of those people that can not take very many meds due to stomache problems. I work in a book store part-time. It is a small family business and I am able to go with the good days and live with the bad days. I have noticed that when some customer bring their books in and I handle them I get worse over the course of the day. My boss tells me to tie the books up and put the people's name on them and put them in the bathroom and the other girls will take care of them. What I also think is interesting is as a group of people we have pretty much had to work out our care and pain mangement out. Maybe it is the nature of the problem, but what works for one may not work for another. Also when my doctor first suggested this might be my problem was a time when other doctors did not believe there was such a problem. So I have pretty much hit and missed on what works for me over the years. I have given up so many things that I love to do. Working in the yard is something I just can not do anymore. Just cleaning my home has become one problem solving problem after another. Thank you for any info you can give me. I have found that those living with this is a better sourse then some info you get from doctors unless they also have experienced this problem.
  14. Study Shows Tai Chi Improves Fibromyalgia This is what had me thinking about trying to do this. Right now in my area there is nothing offered. That is the reason I was going to try CD. Iamthework, thanks for your imput. I do not want to hurt myself. Since you were a teacher of the art you would know. I will keep working with my water excercises. Thanks again to you both.
  15. Has anyone tried Tai chi? I have been thinking about trying to get some CD or something and try. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years ago. It seems if I keep moving I am better off then if I stop. Then I just get stiff.
  16. Barcode, I hear what you are saying, but if everything was gone you would not be on here asking for advice. I agree with the others. You are the only one that can decide what you are willing to do. We can tell you what we believe to be true. We can feel your hurt because many of us have and still live with the same problem. We can tell you our stories of disappointment in relationships. The truth is that it is not easy to live our faith. We have to make changes. Some easy, but most are very hard to do. Sometimes when we move on we leave people behind. We can still care about them, but remember agency goes both ways. They have a choice also. This choice may not agree with your choice. Every day is a choice. I have a choice to live the way my Heavenly Father wants me to. I like Pam's quote. Not easy but true, and my feelings is that it will be true even if I fail to live it.
  17. Happy Happy Birthday! Just a little late. :)
  18. Ever a teacher, thanks for being that way. My first thoughts along the same line were pretty close to the same thought. We really can not change anyone's belief. We can teach, and we can share, but the rest is up to that person. I worry that people judge others by such things before they even get to know them. I have noticed in my life that really good people do not believe like I do. You have to wonder why they felt the need to go to the expense. I hope they find the peace that they needed.
  19. How do they choose which one to pat down if they do not do everyone? That can only lead to a can of worms bigger then what they have.
  20. leming6, it takes special people in primary and I believe that they found in you just that. You are truely serving and not just serving time. I worry that you are going to burn yourself out. With such small children in your own family and then so many little ones in your class. Make it easier on yourself. You could use the Primary 2 manual and teach the lessons in that order. Compare the Primary 1 manual and use those lessons that go along with the lessons in Primary 2. That way you are using the same subject matter and then you can just adjust the activity for the younger children using the Primary 1 manual. This way you are teaching only 1 subject. The older children are getting what they need and you can still teach the younger ones their subjects just in a diffrent order. Both manuals do have common subject matter and this might be why the leadership believe they can be combined. They can, but you are right at this age there can be over night diffrence in our little ones. They can go from not talking to talking a mile a minute in a matter of weeks. And if your Nursery does not have a schedule lesson time you might also be dealing with these little ones learning how to sit still. Can you imagine going from playing, eating, and playing again to sitting down in a chair and listening. ;0) They are learning , but this is just not fun. They want to be "bigger" but they still want to play. In the Primary 1 manual I believe they even suggest that the sunbeams stay in their class for awhile just for this reason. ( I have not had a chance to go through the new manual) I do not know if they have made in changes since I have used it. I used it for years in the Nursery and then I have taught the Sunbeam class using it. I am using the new nursery manual in my Nursery class now and love it. My prayers are with you and your little ones. Just let me know if I can help you on anything. With the new Lds site your job can be easier but I wish they would let you have both manuals so you can compare lesson easier. Zippy
  21. That is a good idea (Ham, bake potatoes) This could cross alot of lines of problems. Salads and desserts pot luck would leave a opening for those who can not eat certain foods. Also the "little ones" come closer to eating ham then lasagna. I like pot luck dinners also. I think the biggest problem is the lines. Having place sittings and drinks at the tables already can cut down on some of the problems. Having the dessert at another serving station would also help. The salads the same way. This way those that can only eat those things could go there. The potatoes could be sit up at another with all the trimmings. One year our activities chairman put the serving tables in the center of the room. She divided the serving line in two. Right in the middle was fresh fruit on a tear arrangement. the lines ended there and the people left the tables there. She had lines on both sidesof the tables. That ment she had 4-lines going down the tables. She had the table set with drinks and place settings. Also you can talk to the young women and young men leaders. They could put a bug in these young peoples ears about helping out with serving the young ones. Nothing like multi hands for such a task. :)
  22. Can you freeze your lasagna? Maybe you can get a group of people together and put the pans of lasagna together and then just pass out the pans for people to cook. This way the food will all be the same. Sometimes when you have 15 cooks cooking you will have it turn out diffrent everytime. Sometimes good :) and sometimes bad .