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  1. Are you fixing the food MorningStar or just planning how and what?
  2. :) I work at a used bookstore. The owner lets me read anything I want. I love talking to the customers about the books. I often sale the very books I read. We had 6 copies of one book that I had just read. I sold all six and had customers coming back looking for that author. lol We sold everyone one of the books we had of his. :) It is a small shop and often my customers asked me what I am reading. Sigh, a good job, I know. :0) Now, if I could figure out how to get the books on the shelves by themselves it would be the perfect job.
  3. How about a Chicken or Beef Pot Pie?
  4. Happy Thanksgiving and safe driving and flying to all :) I am thankful all of my children live in the same town. I am thankful my daughter is hosting this year I am grateful for my family and the freedom of being able to worship my Heavenly Father the way that I choose. :) I am glad that I stumbled on this site over a year ago. I have learned much. Thank you. Zippy
  5. Bless this "little one" who has to" live or not live " with people who would do this.
  6. Thanks, Pam this seems to have hit my problem. You have a nice day. Zippy
  7. You can also go to a day-old bread place and get several bags of French bread. Slice long ways and make pizzas with can spag sauce. Add cheese and then make some plain, some with Hamburger and with bulk sausage that has been cooked off before hand. The good thing is this can be eaten at anytime. I do like Pam's suggested. Share the expense and the fun. :) Since you are having alot of games you might make the food a game. Everything has to have a certain ingredient. :) I mean desserts also.
  8. lizzy12 are you looking for finger foods or just reg food. Hot dogs would not be bad and then have other foods for the healthy types or those like you :) who just can not eat a hot dog. You can go to mmmmm ok a place where you buy bulk foods and buy fruits trays and veg already made up or buy bulk bags and make your own trays. Ranch Dressing makes a cheap dressing for veggie dip and sour cream, pwdered sugar, and little cream makes a good dip for fruits. Little smokies wrapped in biscuit dough make a great finger food and can be served with a choice of mustard, mayo, nacho cheese, or a chili and cheese dip. Hot Wings is another thing you can serve. You can also buy one serving bags of chips of all kinds. This way they can pick up a bag of their favorite chip. Cake is cheap to make and can be fixed up with any budget. I am like the others though. :) Hot dogs would go along way for the guys. Sounds like you have a good party planned. I would have maybe a few more adults at least to help keep the food going. :) so you can be at your own party/ ok, guilty. I would also have older priesthood there.
  9. :) On the lighter side. I would not suggest the Nursery. Can you imagine a room of little ones who have just been weaned off the breast. :)))
  10. I usually keep about 4 or 5 books going at a time. One of these books I carry with me in my purse and I read it when I am stuck out somewhere. So I read it off and on over weeks. I took the book out of purse and decided I needed to finish it. Ok, here is the problem. I came accross a section where one of the characters uses our Father's name in vain. This was at the very end. (I hope). I do not think it was used in other parts of the book, but the way I read the book I can not say for sure. What do you do when this happens to you? The character was worldly. This really bothers me. I so love talking about books with my customers. This author is a well liked author. This book was recomended by a customer as a good book. I did like the book until this part. :) Makes me want to do what my "sweet little grandmother" did and take a black marker and go through all the bad words . :))))) I know, I know this is censorship ,but I so wish this language was not there.
  11. ok, I have not read the these books mention but in my opinion it is just so wrong to get rid of heros. Why must we see a conclusion every time? Why can we not teach another generation about those heros instead of ending it with this generation. Too many of the heros of today have the attitude of "do into them before they do into you." Sometime I believe we are taking our children's hope from them. That "good" is not going to win. That "evil" will win in the end so why care attitude. The strongest. the prettiest, the most popular, and etc... is so much better then being the hero and choosing the right. We are defeating our purpose. OK that was my soap-box for the month. This subject has so been on my mind. I just wish the good guy really won and not just the moment. That to keep "fighting for right" is a hope in itself.
  12. I guess what help me with my anger was realizing that I was the one with the problem. I started working on me. The Church at one time had a course on parenting. As parents we strive to make our children able to make decisions. We hope they are the right decisions, but this is not always the case. There is a learning curve here. We do not want them to suffer the wrong choice. I believe we are doing so at the risk of not showing our children accountability for the wrong choice. We need to teach them the difference between right and wrong. They will be accountable no matter if the choice is right or wrong. We can not always make it "right". Nor should we teach them to blame others for their short comings. Ex. The devil made me do it thoughts. If we do not show them accountability with the small things in life then when they make decisions later on they have nothing to compare to. "I feel like it's better for me not to read the scriptures with them and pray as they will see the correlation between me and my sometimes harsh behavior and being religious.” It is my suggestion that you do not stop reading the scriptures and praying with your children. They need to see that you are doing what your Father in Heaven wants you to do. That your actions of working on this problem are helping you be closer to your Heavenly Father. That being religious is a help and not the problem. In my opinion children learn by example. Isn't this one of the things that you are worried about? That they will learn abusive behavior through your actions and think it is because of religion. The thing to do then would be to work on you. So the example you put forth is something you want them to learn. As parents we need to teach our children love. I believe Love of God, ourselves, our family and love of the Gospel will teach our children values that will help them make a right choice. My heart goes out to you on your "special needs" child. I agree with Gwen and Rameumptom about every need being different and you need to gain as much knowledge as you can get about your problem and then explore what works on your child. Not everything applies to every child. dwgmom, it sounds like you know that there was a problem when you were younger. This really is part of the healing. Just you realizing there was a problem. Many never come to this conclusion. Now comes the hard part, "Forgive yourself and move forward". If you stumble then pick yourself up and go forward. Remember you are a daughter of Heavenly Father. He has sent you help to make it through this life. Prayer and reading the scriptures are both on that list of helps. Do not give up on these sister. They are put there for instruction through those dark times.
  13. :) I agree Dr. T, They just do not listen. :) Told you they were strong women. I think maybe the way he has so many things going is why people get so caught up in his books. I think also this is the reason why most people have to lay them down after awhile.
  14. I work in a used bookstore. I am also have a fascination, but my fasciation is with the people who read. I wonder why people read certain books. Why does a night shift nurse read say, Robin Cook? :) Why does a 77 year old woman read John Sandford and Stephen King? Why does a good looking, very much married, man read romance novels? Then there is the other side, the people. I guess I am just a people person. They suggest books and I read some of them. Some I finish and some I do not. We talk about these books. My favorite customers is a seven year old, boy and that 77 year old lady. He has just started reading and wants to talk about his books. I find myself finding a copy of his books just so I can talk to him. The lady, is just that. A lady :) and she reads some books I would not even try. I read some books to sale them. I wonder sometimes if I am being the Lds person I should be by doing so.
  15. :) This is the first book that I ever finished completely other then his Max series. The other day I picked up the 4th July and 1st to Die I had never read the first one. I always sold it before I ever put it back on the shelf. To be honest I would not have read this series if I had read the first one first. I have read 5,6,7, and 1, in that order. I did like the ending, WOW! what a twist. I agree his books are page turners. I reviewed the books that I had wondering why the first was diffrent to me. It seemed like every thing that could be put in a book was put into that book. Does that make sense? The other books seem to pull apart that book to build into another book. I know I am saying this wrong. Maybe I am seeing something that was not there. :) maybe I just have too.... good of imagination and built my own reason why these woman were such strong characters. :) I liked Yuki. I came close to that path of grief over my own mother. If you do not have something to hang on to, it can destroy you. I was back in the Church when I lost her. When you read the 1st book at least I understand now, why Lindsay(Boxer) is the way she is. I can not tell you how many times I have talked to that girl in the other books. :)
  16. I mean a make over for dressses that you find on the rack to bring them up to our standards :) Sorry about that. We once a a Family Enrichment Meeting over this. (I know it is not named that anymore :)
  17. At the book store the little boys and girls flock to Goosebumps. I loved the fact that the boys were really into reading. Then I picked up one of the books and WOW was I shocked. Now, I am very torn. All the blood, gut and gore that little boys like is there. Some people do not get out alive. There is not always a happy ending. These books are part of all the reading list here. My grandsons love them. The teachers say it gets the boys reading.
  18. What do you think of RL Stine books?
  19. I guess, we are going to have to go back to the basics. Ask the Relief Society President to have a class on a make-over. Get the mothers and daughters together and work on the project :) The other mothers will help your cause :) and daughters will give her something to cry to when you change the dress :))) Others in your Wards or Branches may have the same problem. You never know, there might just be a sister that can help you all make the changes.
  20. Thanks ActualLiz and Pam, You know we have noticed a diffrence in my mother-n-law since we brought her home. We give her lots of vitamins and Ensure to drink. Omega 3 fatty acids was one we had started 3 months ago because of some of the reading I have been doing. She is eating again. She is coming to us and telling us she wants something to eat, where before she would just lay there and tell us she was not hungry. :) My husband just told me she came into the livingroom this morning and sit in a chair and watch the kids catch the bus. After awhile those simple things really count.
  21. "I think part of the problem is that these authors do put out some great first works, and they are so great that expectations are raised for their subsequent works, and they disappoint as a result." mormonmusic, I also think this is some of the problem. I also think sometimes the publishing houses take over the project. The latter books do not even feel like it is the same author.
  22. I am like Pam I would have trouble picking because if I am not getting into a book I do not read it. V.C. Andrews' books would fit this bill. Child abuse is a subject I just can not read about.
  23. Wishbone do you trade your books in at a used book store or do you keep them :)
  24. :rolleyes:They would have to pick me off the floor first :) One look at all those faces and down I would go.
  25. That is ok Beefche, my twin grand-daughters love it. :) .. They are only 7 though :))))