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    I never thought about it this way, but you're probably right. Most descriptions in menus tend to focus on the quality of the food (grass-fed) or possible allergens (nuts, lactose, gluten, etc.). I don't recall seeing anything about wine. Sometimes a dish will have a name like 'chicken in white wine sauce' (is that a real thing?), but usually I bet the chef just adds it to the sauce and doesn't think twice about it.
  2. A couple of weeks ago, our sister missionaries showed up at my door unexpectedly. πŸ˜“ I noticed that they were wearing pants. I thought this was great, but I also thought pants were only approved for sisters in locations where the Zika virus was present. Apparently that's not the case. In light of all the pants discussions that have been going on, I decided to be a good Mormon for once and ask my bishop about wearing pants to church. I'm not trying to start a revolution, I don't want to protest, I just wanna know. Long story short, he doesn't care. Just come to church. I specifically asked if I had to dress up for tithing meetings and temple recommends, which I have always done, and he said no. Thank goodness. It gets cold here. Sometimes I'd like to wear dress pants, as that is what I usually wear. We've always been welcoming to new people, no matter what they had on. I can't imagine anyone saying anything to my face if I wore pants one Sunday, but I wonder if people would talk amongst themselves?
  3. I admit to not having read all of the responses, and I understand the Church wanting a child to have a mother and father, but does this mean a single person should not adopt, especially an older child who may be hard to place otherwise?
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    Yeah, but everything I've seen on cooking shows says the cooking wine is full of salt and isn't the quality of 'regular' wine. I dunno. If I hadn't had wine in restaurant meals and found it added an extra something missing in my home cooking, I'd say it's not worth the trouble...
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    I like pomegranate juice just fine, but as a diabetic, I've had to stop drinking juices, so I'm stuck with the same problem. Good idea, tho.
  6. These are good ideas. I'm gonna admit that my first thoughts are not about the Scriptures, but about how the Church as a whole is a positive influence in my life. To the OP, if you find some applicable Scripture for everything else you're saying, fine, but sometimes people, especially less actives, just want you to talk to them, as individuals, and don't want Scripture thrown at them. Back when we had home & visiting teachers, I enjoyed talking to them about adult things and adult living, work, local happenings, maybe Conference, etc. I'm so glad we got away from telling the same lesson to each other all around the ward. That said, some people just don't want to be bothered any more. I gather from Sunday School that can be difficult for some LDS to believe.
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    Now that I have your attention... My understanding is that we can use wine in cooking. I enjoy cooking, but even before joining the Church, was not much of a drinker, so never kept wine around the house. I would like to start cooking with wine, which I've had in restaurant meals. Here's the problem. Wine seems to come in these big bottles. From my reading, you can't keep it around very long once it's open. It's not gonna last the two weeks it might take me to get to it again. If anyone here cooks with wine, what do you do with the remainder? Lots of recipes only call for a cup or 2 of wine, plus you're told to buy regular wine, not cooking wine, which is full of salt. I'm cheap and don't want to spend $5-7 for a bottle just to throw most of it down the drain. On another note - so far retirement is weird. Around 9pm I still want to make my lunch for the next day.
  8. Yup - I never eat in the car. God gave us tables and TV trays for a reason.
  9. I'm sorry to here this, and happy you are here, too. For those who don't think about it, one of the best things you can do is to have regular aspirin in your purse or whatever guys carry. Keep them at home, and now that I think about, maybe in the kitchen/living room and wherever else you keep your meds in the house. I retired last week and turned 66 yesterday - these things are on my mind. True story - our research center was hosting an international conference. The dean of our program came by to welcome the attendees, and ended by saying he needed to get home to watch the election. This guy is a New Yorker and hyped up on his slow days. Anyway, I guess George Bush winning a 2nd term got to him , 'cause he had a heart attack. He had to step down as dean, but like you, was home soon. He taught and reduced his administrative work, got more exercise, and "made the necessary changes" until he retired a few years later. He is still enjoying an active retirement from what I see on FB. I always think of that - there's no reason to get over excited by stuff - you don't want to give yourself a heart attack. Stay well, Neuro.
  10. Thanks. I'll look through some of these. I must be the worst Mormon on the planet - I don't think I want a structured setting with a lot of people talking to me. I want to be left alone to read and ponder. I need to be in a cloister somewhere where it's mostly silent and you eat plain meals made by old nuns or monks. Shoot, I'd even like a place where you participated in making the meals (I just don't want to wash dishes).
  11. Nosferatu? (the real one, not the new tv program) Freddy Kreuger?
  12. Hey gang - Well, I finally turned in my notice at work and plan to retire at the end of July. I've been thinking that I might want to do a retreat to break mentally from work and go into the different mental & spiritual state of retirement. I've been looking locally and it seems that a number of Catholic groups run retreats for individuals. Being a former Catholic, I don't have a problem going to one of these. I appear to be open to people of all faiths, seem relatively new-age-ish, and you can be left alone - no exposure to Catholic teachings. I would like to read the BOM and maybe some other Mormon theology and just history of the Presidents; it would be great to do this in a retreat setting. Do Mormons have retreat centers? Do they do retreats? What do people do who just want to take time out to recharge and be introspective? It's been awhile - how are y'all doing?
  13. We have very bad weather here. I like to get it serviced before and after the winter. Usually I only need the $33 fluid and overall review. Most of my repairs, and there haven't been many, are due to the time that the piece of machinery has been used, rather than the amount of use. The service guys say that some people drive their cars hard and need things replaced, etc. all the time. My stuff doesn't get abused, but you do need to replace a belt or something every now and then. It works for me.
  14. I have a box full of tapes. It's gonna hurt me to throw them out, but I'm trying to downsize and I don't need a box of tapes following me into the afterlife. At one point, I went through them and got the songs / albums I wanted on CD, so I don't think I'll lose any sleep.
  15. Yes. I never drove/had a car until I moved here to flyover country after finishing my PhD program. I'd mostly lived on the east coast where I commuted into the city and took cabs when necessary. I bought my car here and take it to the dealer. Yeah, the prices may be higher than an independent guy, but I don't car. I know I don't know much about cars and I trust them to deal with the car I bought from them. I should say I 'trust but verify;' I certainly get as much info as I can on suggested repairs, etc. I take it in for regular maintenance 2-3 times a year. Is this is where I say I have a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe with 35,000 miles? It was a dealer car when I bought it at the end of the year. The dealer keeps trying to buy it from me when I take in for service. I don't know why. πŸ˜„
  16. I heard about this on a video from Omegon (a veeery interesting UK YouTuber whose audience should be way bigger). I don't understand what makes people do stuff like this. I understand robbery. I even understand why some people kill. But this kind of behavior has always baffled me. They need to be punished by more than just taking their toys away.
  17. I'm not even Catholic anymore (obviously), but when I was goofing off for a minute at work and looking at the news, I was shocked to see this. I didn't want my office mate to see the tears in my eyes. If you want to see someone who gets the collapse of Christian Europe (and how some of the Eastern European countries may end up saving them), check out Dr. Steve Turley on YT. I enjoy his videos. He frequently has good news, so it's worth it to watch him just to keep the depression at bay.
  18. I hear you, my brother. When I taught information policy, I used to have the class read 'High Tech Heroin.' Not only are we slaves to technology, but we gladly give up our rights to privacy, to be left alone, etc., for a bit 'more.' More videos, more notices of sales from our favorite stores, more help in the home via a disembodied voice named Alexa... We wanted all that technology could give us, we wanted the future, well here it is. It is not what we thought it would be and there appears to be no escape. btw - I did my doctoral program in Information Science at the Univ of Washington. When I went, the program had just been in place for a year and Microsoft gave us all kinds of technology. Yes, we were happy to have it and a partnership with Gates, but good grief - the updates, the reformatting, the new machines, the migrating of data... Sometimes all I wanted to do was turn on the computer and get to work, but I had to deal with some garbage from IT first. It's almost as bad at the university where I am now, but not quite (I don't think they're getting as many freebies from Microsoft). At least they stopped asking us for new passwords every quarter.
  19. I often put ketchup on mac & cheese. I don't see the problem. It's like tomato sauce if you make beefaroni or whatever they call it. I always thought pineapple on pizza sounded disgusting. Then one day the missionaries were doing some work for me and I got them the pizza of their choice - which included pineapple. I took a piece and - oh my! That was good! Ask the missionaries - they can turn you on to some good pizza.
  20. I saw this on the 1st page of the site and couldn't tell if it was real or not. I often just listen, with my back to the TV while I do other stuff, so I might have missed it. Were there really vegetables?? I feel stupid for even asking this....
  21. I was never a coffee drinker other than the occasional iced coffee, so I don't know much about making it. However, my son swears by his French press and makes Vietnamese coffee daily. According to him, it's the only way to drink it.
  22. I understand having a respectful silence while new temples are announced. I do. But I admit to enjoying the little outbursts of joy when a temple was announced in somebody's hometown or where they'd done their mission. I love that people are so excited to get a temple. btw - even President Hinckley smiled when he announced the temple in Ghana. temple announcement fast forward to 20.20.
  23. I have to ask - who commits crime in the SLC area? A specific ethnic group? Non-Mormons? Apostates?
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    Face painting????? I went to 12 yrs of Catholic school and was Catholic much of my life, receiving ashes most of that time. It is not face painting. I can't even speak, I am so appalled you would liken getting ashes as part of a religious ritual to face painting. And any teacher, a college-educated person, who does not know about Ash Wednesday, whether they celebrate it or not, needs to go back to school. I swear, I need to stop being shocked at what members do in Utah. Y'all some small minded people sometimes.
  25. So, I've been doing maybe 85% keto for a few months to lower my blood sugar. Doc is fine with it, before the food police show up. I am working on being more strict with myself. I thought I would try intermittent fasting, trying to work up to one meal a day. Again, this is OK for diabetics; I'm fine. I'm on a couple of keto FB pages and know that a lot of folks drink coffee (bulletproof or not), which doesn't mess with their fast. Obviously, that's a no no for me. If people can put fat in their coffee, what would be the problem with me having a cup of almond or soy milk? I've been doing fine not eating, but I admit a cup of something might be nice, if not at breakfast, then after I've been at work for awhile. Thoughts? Will I mess up the process if I have unsweetened non-dairy milk? Also, I've never been able to do a full fast Sunday because my endo said a diabetic on meds shouldn't fast. That was a few years ago and I no longer take insulin most mornings, because my control is better (I can see a regular doctor and don't need the endo anymore). Anyway, since I've been doing the IF, and we've got early church, I thought I'd try missing breakfast for fast Sunday. I felt fine! I'm so happy I can do this. I felt something was missing from my LDS experience by not fasting. I don't know if I can miss 2 meals and still feel OK, but we'll see. Meanwhile, I think I'll keep up the fast every Sunday and see how it goes. It's only a few hours. And to quote Dr. Now from 'My 600 lb Life', "No, you don't have to eat something. You've got 800 lbs of food in you." No, I'm not 600 or 800 , but you get the point. There's enough padding; I won't pass out. A lot of this stuff seems to be in your head. You can do a lot of things if you try. There are very obese diabetics who are doing a couple of fasts each week to push changes to their control. I was so afraid that 'something might happen' if I didn't eat breakfast before church or work, that I didn't even try. Big baby.