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  1. Why are you doing it like that?
  2. mirkwood

    April 2020 forum get together

    I'll come, but I will be bringing my social distancing stick and I am not afraid to use it.
  3. You know @MormonGator called me as his lifeline and I had to give him the answer.
  4. mirkwood

    The COVID thread

  5. You have to have the right Collectible in the right shape to be able to sell anything for good money. It is doable but The accessibility through the Internet killed a lot of prices. I had planned on selling all my comics years ago until I saw what the Internet did to the values. I’ve told my boys to try selling them in about 30 or 40 years.
  6. mirkwood

    The COVID thread

    The county to the east of us just did the same. Salt Lake City’s mayor said she would do the same for the city if the state does not follow suit. I’m actually surprised that governor hasn’t done it yet.
  7. As if your KISS fandom wasn't enough.
  8. mirkwood

    The COVID thread

    I can see your point (others have made it before) but I am not persuaded that is the correct interpretation.
  9. mirkwood

    The COVID thread

    "He said that this government would dissolve pretty much all the laws passed by our legislature, and that the time would come when the government would stop the Saints from holding meetings. When this was done the Lord would pour out His judgments." Life of Heber C. Kimball, pg. 442
  10. mirkwood

    The COVID thread

    Sorry, forgot to post. The one above about the missionaries is one of them. I'll look for the other right now and post it if I can find it.
  11. mirkwood

    The COVID thread

    I know the ones, but I'm heading to bed. I'll post them tomorrow. BTW, all the missionaries have to be called home to fulfill that one.
  12. mirkwood

    Geek test

    Oh, I thought we were going to have another Dungeons and Dragons thread.
  13. mirkwood

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    We just finished The Mandalorian. Really well done.
  14. mirkwood

    Liberty vs. Safety

    Government gives me $$$ and I buy new guns.
  15. mirkwood

    The COVID thread

  16. mirkwood

    Earthquake in Magna

    Epicenter was 4-6 miles from my house. I was at work (and still am), so as far as I know the only damage is a jar of salsa and a container of protein powder.
  17. mirkwood

    The COVID thread

    No, we are working our normal schedules. If we lose manpower due to infection then some things will have to change, but for now we are on our normal shifts.
  18. mirkwood

    The COVID thread

  19. mirkwood

    The COVID thread

    Deseret Industries has just shut down effective tonight for at least 3 weeks. My part time (security) job of 19 years just went away with the closure. 😐
  20. I'm socially distancing myself at work by refusing to respond to calls for service. Kidding.
  21. mirkwood

    The COVID thread

  22. https://medium.com/@hjluks/covid-19-update-3-14-2020-a-message-from-concerned-physicians-33d00b88eefd
  23. mirkwood

    Sacrament at home prep

    Our stake too.
  24. mirkwood

    All meetings temporarily suspended

    We got permission yesterday.