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  1. That's an intriguing quote I have not come across. I'm not a believer that the world will be covered by "fire" as we know it, like a camp fire or forest fire. What type of "fire" will the glory of God create? That is more the fire that will come. Would like to know about the clarification provided.
  2. More signs relating to what has been discussed about banks...PayPals most recent move and direction.
  3. This is what I am wondering also. Is the manifestation a manifestation of more miracles in the individual lives of members? Could it be connected to what @laronius mentioned also. Will an increase in temple attendance increase our ability to have miracles in our lives?
  4. That is a great point. Then is part of that "power" an increase in revelation -- hearing the voice of the Lord?
  5. That's a great thought. What do you think will be in the "increase" of the power of God in the saints? Righteousness will increase?
  6. What comes to your mind regarding the following from President Nelson,
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    That is what I was wondering. I was reading the article trying to find what he said or what he did that made you feel he was announcing himself as "the Beast." I knew what you said, and I was agreeing with that part. I would identify him as a puppet of "the Beast." I'm not studied enough to really draw a conclusion as to who/what "the Beast" is. At the moment, I accept "the Beast" to be part of the great and abominable church and the mother of harlots. The main identifier would be those who fight against the "saints" of God. In this case, weaponizing a government agency in the manner shared is in fact a sign of "the Beast" and the great and abominable church. That I also would agree with. I also agree that it is a subtle threat to those who oppose, or would oppose, the desires and actions of the great and abominable church (particularly against "Saints"). I don't disagree with you. I believe, personally, we are coming to a time where we will start seeing -- once again -- Church leaders being attacked in a similar fashion. The Church will need to continue teaching truth -- the laws of God as defined by God. These truths are in direct opposition to the whore of all the earth. As this organization gains more power we will sadly see things -- as you describe -- much worse. Another sign, as already discussed in a previous thread, are those involved in January 6th. If the reports are correct and accurate, the constitution is being broken (the law which is to protect) with how they are dealing with these individuals. Biden fully coming out and saying MAGA supporters are the greatest threat to our "Republic" (he even used the right name) should also be a subtle sign. We can go into more over the past two years with Covid and see the signs there also.
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    What are you referring to regarding the "announcement"? If anything, he is more a puppet. The guy can't even think straight. Hard to be the beast when you truly can't act like one. He definitely is part of the great and spacious building, the mother of harlots, etc... Weaponizing government agencies, against political opponents, would definitely be a sign for this organization.
  9. We already see this with Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc...). Facebook, you can only hold any view "Facebook" esteems as right. If not, flagged, suspended, etc... Google, no more talking about the ineffectiveness of mask wearing, and many other things. Even if you are presenting logical facts from research that shows otherwise. Nope, you can't talk, you can't share, we control the narrative of what is right. Facebook in cahoots the FBI that Zuckerberg revealed regarding potential misinformation. Wasn't it the government, Biden's entourage who said they are working privately with Facebook and getting information -- or something to that nature.
  10. Seems to me it follows "And he shall plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the fathers, and the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers. If it were not so, the whole earth would be utterly wasted at his coming”.
  11. I agree. Reminds me of the Tree of Life vision. I thought I had learned all I could from it. Then I decided to memorize the whole chapter. Upon doing so I learned six new principles of truth. Needless to say, I don't say anymore I have learned everything I can from it.
  12. I'm more inclined to accept it is the symbol in the parable and the allegory. They both represent an actual event, a truth, that is likened to good and evil. I don't think this detail is meant to be a contrast, but a reality of what happens to all of us individually and collectively. The allegory and parable both represents the world and the Church. It can be anyone who moves to Utah surrounded by those who have the gospel. It can be someone who moves to California among members of the Church. It also could reference missionary work among different villages, cities, states, and countries. It can be a member of the Church who moves to Afghanistan for work, as they are grafted in the weakest part of the vineyard. Even among the "elect" there are tares. At the moment, I have a family member who appears to be a tare, but who still might be wheat, as he could change/repent and come unto Christ once again. I see the wheat and tares similar to a non-ripe olive fruit. Can you tell a good olive from a bad olive before they are ripe? I'm not a vineyard keeper but I would think it is much like a green tomato. Some turn red, while some remain green (which do not produce any fruit). But if we were to simply start picking (from human judgement) the green ones we think are bad, we may loose some good fruit. The parable and allegory are showing the mercy of the Lord in a different way, and his justice.
  13. My thoughts follow the lines of can there be mercy without conditions; however, I would change conditions to laws. Can there be mercy without laws? Mercy is extended when justice is demanded (at least in part). Justice is the condition for mercy to be offered, and mercy is the condition for justice to take an account. This follows the line of 2 Nephi 2: 12-13. If all were perfect like Christ mercy would not need to be extended. A "condition" or "law" must be known for mercy or justice to be extended. Otherwise, how does one know if they offered mercy? Is it merciful to pay someone's hospital bill, if they were in no position of need? If I'm a millionaire, and I have a doctor bill of $1000 and someone offers to pay my doctor bill? Is that merciful or charitable? To some degree, there are times where it would be charitable but not merciful.
  14. I'm inclined to accept your thoughts pertaining to our society. This is a result of specific movements in our society. In the Church, I am more inclined to say it isn't the Church. It is a result of those who profess to belong to the Church. In part, I believe what we are seeing is the prophecy of Isaiah coming true -- at least a portion. I believe their are multiple reasons for this prophecy by Isaiah, "As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." (emphasis mine) In the Church though, as pertaining to the Church, I don't see any evidence from the Church as to men unable to be men.
  15. My question is, if Satan is already a son of perdition, perhaps perdition itself, what more can really happen to him? Why get upset? Had he not already fallen as low as he can get? Here is a modern day analogy/example. We have brothers/sisters, due to their individual choice, who are sentenced to "life" in prison. This is an "eternal" (as to human life) sentence with no hope for parole; however, even within this life sentence there is still "agency." Even if the agency is captivated -- so to speak. If you have ever worked with someone in such circumstance, I understand when they seek to exercise their agency (in what they feel is right for them), and that agency is chastened/reprimanded they will often throw a fit -- gnash their teeth. Although, they have received such a sentence they still get angry when anything "removes" any other form of "agency" they have. Satan, although a son of perdition, still had some form of power. He abused that power, so to speak, and was further punished. What he still had was reduced. Another idea, when people do not feel they are "wrong" they will get angry at anything that tells them they were -- well -- wrong.
  16. Please read my response slower. I was being general and direct. You made the following statement, which I was referencing, "he didn’t suffer what we would have suffered." Your next statement specifies, "So exactly how did he pay the price if He didn’t endure what we would have had to endure?" In relation to this last paragraph I asked a relative question according to what "you" said, "What have you suffered that you think his condescension didn't suffer?" You, being general or specific. So, I will ask again, What do you think he didn't suffer or endure that you think we have suffered/endured that his condescension didn't cover"? You have specified that he didn't endure or suffer what we have suffered or endured, what exactly are you specifying? EDIT: The following, "I never stated I have suffered what the Savior suffered." I never said you did either, it is without question that none of us have suffered or experienced what he suffered, endured, and experienced.
  17. What do you mean by he didn't suffer what we would have suffered? What have you suffered that you think his condescension didn't suffer?
  18. This reminds me of President Uchtdorf's general conference talk when he related his experience during physical training. He kept the word of wisdom with specific promises and yet there were so many people running faster and who had more strength, how so? The Great and Spacious building outwardly appears to be finding happiness in sin. Except when the building falls. I'm inline with the two other thoughts provided already. We have to look at the meaning of "restored," and look at the possibility of some degree of happiness even in the Telestial kingdom. The concept of restoring is returning us to our innocent state we had before this life. This correlates with his other thoughts that corruption become incorruption. One thing to remember, is that these individuals who inherit the Telestial kingdom are no longer in their sins. Remember, they are placed in a situation where they must repent, once they have fully repented they are received in the Telestial kingdom, but can no longer progress beyond the Telestial kingdom. Their sins did not bring them a fullness of joy, which is what Alma in these chapters are referring to. Yes, they may find happiness, but only after they have suffered for their sins. So wickedness never was happiness.
  19. This is an interesting question in that this can be interpreted/viewed from multiple angles. When I contemplate an individual's faith (particularly mine own), the prime example is Jesus Christ. In the scenario with Heber J. Grant, if I replace HJG with the Lord what would the Lord have experienced? If he wouldn't have experienced any stress or worry, due to his trust in his Father, then I could say this is a direct reflection of one's faith. The biblical story of the apostles in the boat and the tremendous storm correlates with this question. The Lord responded to their fear, stress, and worry with the following words, "O ye of little faith." Then Jesus calmed the storm. In answer to the question, I would give the vague answer of -- it depends. If the Lord is able to call out his apostles for having little faith when on a boat in a big storm, then we might conclude that HJG was also of little faith if he was experiencing worry, stress, and fear. At the same time, I'm sure the centurion worried about his daughter's health, and stressed over his daughter's health. He went to the Lord, his daughter was healed, and the Lord applauded the soldier's faith. To some degree, just like doubt, stress, worry, and fear are direct evidence of our lack of faith.
  20. I'm not sure how recognizing the doctrine of first and second estates, and a potential covenant within those being vague, and that it would cheapen the word -- covenant. Keeping our first estate results in specific promises. Keeping our second estate (and the blessings attached) is also encompassed in covenants. If our second estate results in covenants it seems plausible our first estate also is the result of covenants. It doesn't cheapen the word covenant. It doesn't make "EVERYthing" a covenant just because God governs everything. Would you be able to identify the ordinance God specifically did with Abraham for the Abrahamic covenant to be the Abrahamic covenant? There are ordinances within the Abrahamic covenant, but those ordinances also existed before Abraham. What ordinance are you aware of that Abraham specifically received for the Abrahamic covenant?
  21. The outcome of the second estate, from keeping our first estate, is a promise (covenant) between the Father and his sons and daughters. Part of a covenant meaning defined (Bible Dictionary), "God in His good pleasure fixes the terms, which man accepts." One could then include "The Plan" as given by our Father in heaven is covenant based. We agreed to the terms as outlined by the Father, thus we are here seeking to keep our second estate.
  22. These are items I ponder when considering the neutral stance of Church leaders regarding the location of the Book of Mormon: 1) I once read in a book that Joseph Smith once said that the Nephites and Lamanites spanned all of North (including Canada) and South America. We know a group of Nephites sailed, returned and sailed again never to return. So, there could be many places that could be seen as the "right" spot for the Book of Mormon. 2) Are they neutral because the Lord has not given them permission to specify? I can see this for a couple reasons. The first would be the Lord is trying the faith of his sons and daughters. If the Lord doesn't want it revealed, the prophets/apostles will not be able to reveal it -- ergo -- neutral stance. The second would be anti-Church and ex-members who are looking for any opportunity to discredit the Church while calling themselves "critical thinkers" and "trust seekers." When in reality they are looking for any reason (even if it isn't a complete truth) to remain in their stance. The Lord could reveal. Then "evidence" could be found that it could be another place (refer to #1), and then these individual use this "evidence" to discredit the Church, uprooting wheat with the tares. We could probably think of plausible reasons other than these two as to why the Church remains neutral and continues with what has always been done. .......... Where does that picture come from regarding the Hopi?
  23. By who or what or how was the weight of these sins being carried prior to the atonement? By who: Christ. A statement in the Book of Mormon (paraphrased), that I love, is that the Lord spoke as though his "work" had already been accomplished. We also have the doctrine of "proxy." From the time of Adam to Jesus Christ sacrifices were made in proxy of the atonement. Justice was owed and justice received his due through animal sacrifice. This correlates with the doctrine of the great and last sacrifice. The concept of "translation" gives credence that the atonement was working and satisfying the demands of justice the whole time. The city of Enoch is another example of how the atonement was satisfying the demands of justice and mercy, otherwise this city could not have been taken up to God. Yet, the concept of a "Spirit World" where the saints were even held before Christ was resurrected gives evidence to justice holding its dues -- so to speak. The door was not yet opened, and yet even in the Spirit World we are informed of the different states (two states) that exist. Those who know they are damned and those who know they are "alive" in Christ. If a person before the atonement truly repented of their sins, did the penalty or the weight of those sins go unpaid until the atonement was performed, because it was only the atonement that produced the currency required to pay for those sins? (rest of the question fall within this question) It was paid, the atonement of Jesus Christ is infinite. In the eyes of God, it was already performed. All things are present before him: past, present, future -- might correlate to the Buddhist thought: there is no past, present, or future. There is only present past, present present, and present future. A different way to say all things are "present" to God.
  24. I would say all of the above. We are informed in scripture that our reward will be based upon the Spirit/spirit we list to obey. If we are listing to obey the wrong spirit, then that spirit could increase our understanding toward anything false. We may have a foundation of some truth, and then they by small and simple mean form/create a new concept within that foundation. We all are given the light of Christ to know good from evil. This means we already have formed, by the light of Christ, a knowledge of good and evil. Depending on what we call -- good or evil -- the foundation then can be changed. Easy example -- "God doesn't make mistakes." The statement by itself is true, but look how this statement has been used to fall away from truth and start living a lifestyle that is obviously sin -- against God.
  25. We appear, in this thing, to share the same thoughts. I didn't vote for Trump in 2016. I did vote for him because I started gaining sympathy/empathy for a man: 1) Who wasn't a full time politician. Who actually worked in the workforce all his years before running for president. 2) Who was targeted by "all" media (even those who were considered "neutral" outlets). When I looked into every case I could find facts upon it was easy to see a bias, not truth, or twisted truth. 3) The continued assault to impeach him with no evidence but simply to seek to find anything and everything they could to remove him. When people are misrepresenting, fault finding, trying to dig up anything and everything they can against someone -- my mind thinks -- there is something this guy is doing right otherwise the "liberal" side wouldn't keep attacking him. 4) The guy brought out one of the most heinous pedophilia syndicates, and we know all about his visits (but no charges). YET, for some reason the list of people on who visited (excluding Trump -- maybe some others but I don't know) -- are being totally hid from the public. They should be scrutinized just as much as Trump and we should be seeing court dates of those involved that they know were potential "statutory rape' cases. I could go on but this is enough. I would probably vote for him also again, because if the Dems hate him so much he must be doing something right for America -- constitutionally.