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  1. Like the children of Israel, many today are chasing after false idols. Political movements and philosophy are more attractive than scripture and Prophets. Some even lie to themselves that a just god would accept their evil actions, and that those actions will somehow bring lasting happiness. It has become the norm for many LDS parents to say that because they love their children they will "support" them in their decisions. This includes leaving the church because their enlightened (woke) young adult children don't agree with those 15 old white guys. A couple in my ward no longer attend church because their 19 year old son came out as gay, and he doesn't want them to attend anymore because it hurts his they left. Whether it is my sons choosing to not serve a mission, a child getting into drugs, lgbtqxyz, or any number of the stupid ideals now pushed as "equitable and just", I will always, always love my children...but that does not mean I have to support their wrong choices. If they are doing something wrong or stupid I will most certainly tell them.
  2. I agree...something odd is occurring. It is crazy how quickly it has taken hold of so many kids, and how this concept is so alluring to them. It makes no sense to me, but makes me more a believer in how fast the Nephite civilization fell in just 4 generations after Christ's appearance. Our ward also has 1 YM and 1 YW struggling with this. The prophet wasn't lying when he said the adversary was quadrupling his efforts. My young kids do not have, and will not be given access to social media by me or my wife. Hopefully frequent trips to the temple when they are of age will help as well.
  3. Well, I think it is called the "final" judgement for a reason. Those who did not keep their first estate do not get a mulligan. I can't imagine those who don't keep their second estate will get one either.
  4. I like the word boundary better. The scope or sphere of the atonement can reach everyone; it gave Jesus Christ enough power and capacity to reach and redeem the very vilest of sinners. We however are the ones who choose to access Him. Those who end up in/as perdition openly choose to reject the Son after knowing what He can do for them. It is important to remember that the Atonement was an act; it is not a thing. The word itself is a verb, not a noun. His atonement was a series of actions, culminating in the last great sacrifice, that gave the Savior full power over physical and spiritual death. He is the resurrection and the life, and He has the ability to reach and redeem anyone who comes to Him. The power is His.
  5. Correct, the limitations are all on our end. This is why the denial of the Holy Ghost is so severe to not warrant forgiveness - the person does not want forgiveness at that point, and they are openly and knowingly rejecting the Son. The atonement cannot save those who do not want salvation. That does not mean it is less "powerful" per se. We are all free to choose.
  6. I haven't yet, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit. The gadianton robbers still exist in our day, and they are not content with simply existing - they want everyone to "become acquainted with their secret works". They will accept any means necessary to push their agenda, which is that of the devil himself.
  7. I remember reading the following quote on my mission and thinking the same thing. I don't know how true the quote is, but it rang true for me then. The following link is the first place I was able to find it.'s_"Strength_of_the_Mormon_Position"_claim_regarding_a_Catholic_theologian%3F
  8. There are many fingers to point, and there are multiple sides of the argument, some of which I can see as religious. However, when it comes right down to it, they are the ones who signed their names on the dotted line, and agreed to pay those loans back. So they should.
  9. Sadly, the pressures of the world mob are intense for the youth, and all those without a firm foundation. Too many think that truth is relative rather than concrete - subjective rather than objective. I gave a lesson on truth to our youth on our last 5th Sunday. Some if them didn't seem to believe me when I told them the how the commandments apply to everyone. No one gets a pass because they may feel commandments or laws are "unfair" or "oppressive". For reasons unknown to me, the adversary's message is seductive to them. He makes his foul patterns seem more loving and inclusive while painting God's as hateful and exclusive.
  10. Every one K-5, and about 3/4 of middle and high.
  11. Context is key. That scripture was specific to those people at that time. It does not apply to us...because it was not about us. We are now in the last dispensation, and the work will continue to move forward until the end. Yes, our wickedness could at times slow progress, but it will not stop the church this time.
  12. Yep, sure do. One difference though is that the church is led by the Lord. Our country is not. Pres. Monson had his duties scaled back, and no major church policy decision/change was made when he was unable to sign off on them, even though many had been started by him beforehand. They were held off until a new prophet was put in his place to give a final approval.
  13. Any MD evaluation should include what is called a Review Of Systems, or ROS, in the medical record - a brief summary of a person's overall health status. A person's cognitive ability and/or mental health should be addressed in the Neurologic or Psychiatric sections of the exam. Even a specialist that does not practice in other areas should at least have a notation about what other types of health issues are going on. Maybe Biden does have dementia setting in, or maybe he doesn't...I have not read the report, nor ever interacted with him. But, if the mental health of the commander in chief was not listed or stated in said report, that is concerning. If he is fine, then why not say so?
  14. The past few years we have seen some examples of very poor judges (one wonders how they are still employed as such). We have also seen some great ones, and this is an example of the latter. Judges cannot mince words, and must not treat snowflakes as such. The words rang true, and were honest, not punitive. I believe the overall sentencing was also fair; not too harsh, and not too lenient.
  15. Nope, not joking...she is definitely worse than Barack Obama. (...that was a joke)
  16. An embarrasing lack of maturity and basic soft skills. I do not know of any president or vp in our country's history who has demonstrated their utter lack of knowledge and awareness like she has. She is truly clueless about how to properly conduct herself on the national and world stage with regards to common decorum. Unprepared and lazy. Her answers to questions are word salad, and her demeanor is that of a young girl in middle school.
  17. So sorry you feel that way. For me, the differentiation is quite clear.
  18. In certain areas yes. All sorts of things are discovered with more time. Almost every day new discoveries are made...a potentially big one just a few days ago regarding heart disease and diabetes. However, I have found that the latest best guess of the scientists is never as good as the the word of the Lord. He is the one that knows, and can lead anyone to, the truth.
  19. That's fine, I'm really not a debater myself. I sometimes enjoyed it on my mission, but found it never gets anyone anywhere. What I am though is a registered nurse that works for a health insurance company, and I am well versed in the APA and the DSM, WHO positions, multiple peer reviewed journals, etc... It is my job to review them to give guidance on what the company should and should not cover based off of medical facts and proven treatments...not opinions. The WHO and other associations are made up of people, and they, just like everyone else have opinions. I have no desire to, as you say, penetrate their bureaucracies...that has unfortunately been done already. Unfortunately, they have already been infiltrated with those who harbor an agenda or who desire influence and/or money. It is not a conspiracy theory; you just have to look at how they make decisions nowadays...their processes and standards in multiple areas have changed due to inward and outward pressures. They follow the crowd, not the true process of medical research. Just so you know, the literature they use to justify changing their positions and definitions are nothing more than opinion pieces. There is no real physiological data. No legitimate study that proves anything. None. Zero. And yet these agencies will run wild with the latest "theories" of the day as if they had been shown to a law. They will find one random genetic marker (that really has nothing to do with gender) and spin a fairy tale so convincing it would make the Brothers Grimm jealous. However, it is just that, a fairy tale; false personal opinions of those in the situation that follow what those funding the study want to hear. Their so called "studies" are so poor it is laughable anyone would even publish them...yet they do to further their agendas, and those who don't know any better believe all of the lies prostituted to them without giving it any critical thought themselves...because it's the easy way out. Those who are gaining prominence in the fields of mental health are the very ones with mental health issues, and they are too darn prideful, lazy, and/or mentally weak to admit it. So, they do all they can to fill their "studies" with the words, maybe, possibly, and suggests to make it seem like they actually have a basis for what they are talking about. They seek for validation rather than truth, and will do or say anything to get others to join their cause to mask their pain. Great evils are being spread throughout the world disguised as "love", equality, and acceptance. It seems odd (and concerning) to me that you would continue to push a narrative based off of, nothing really. You continue to say that you don't necessarily believe that what the Prophets and Apostles of our day teach is in line with that the Lord thinks. To be blunt, that is absurd, and very shaky ground to be standing on as a member of the Lord's church. You cannot sustain the Prophet while openly saying you do not believe his words. I will say no more on the subject, but I implore you to please follow the living Prophet. TImes worse than this are coming, and the Prophet will not lead you astray...the Lord would not allow it. Do not get swept up by the beat of babylon's drum, as it is surrounded with flaxen cords meant to stop your progression to the Lord. The so called "love" and acceptance that is popular in the world today will not bring you closer to Him. It is possible to love people without accepting and supporting their decisions. Wrong is wrong no matter how many people say it's right. "Vice is a monster of so frightful mien, as to be hated but need to be seen; yet seen to oft, familiar with her face, we first endure, then pity, then embrace." Alexander Pope's essay on man - often quoted by Thomas S Monson
  20. Could be Mimetic Desire, which eventually turns into a hedonic treadmill. Or, it could be just plain ol covetousness.
  21. Also, for what it's worth, going back to part of the original post about employment, this was just posted not long ago about changing careers. Ken Coleman who is next to Dave Ramsey in this video has a great youtube channel with all kinds of career advice. If you hate your job, I recommend you move. I cannot remember a time when the job market was this favorable to the employee in my lifetime. I know you said "time & energy to apply is really in short supply", but it sounds like most of your time and energy is being sapped away not from church, but from a job that you hate. Again, I've been there, and following the spiritual prompting to change careers is one of the best decisions I have ever 3 in my life. The grass isn't always greener on the other side, but sometimes it is, and you never know unless you look. I recommend you pray with an open heart and mind (perhaps you already have) and not let the fear of the unknown stop you from taking the next step in your life. Much of the time, that fear is based on nothing but our false perceptions.
  22. Maybe He intended for their bodies to be that way so that they could learn something only possible through experience. Or, perhaps God had nothing to do with it, and their bodies just didn't develop properly. Chance and randomness do exist in this world. Yes, God can control anything. But, if He did control everything, then true agency could not exist. If the body of a person did not develop properly in utero, whether it is genitalia, limbs, brain, muscles, etc..., then that would be a difficult trial indeed. What we do know is that there are no transgender spirits. Male and Female exist, and that's it. If a person's body does not accurately reflect that while in this mortal probation, I cannot imagine how hard that would be. The number of true transgender individuals (meaning their body was born with both male and female characteristics/genetics, and their parents/doctors chose the incorrect one) is very, very, very small. I do believe the majority are just mentally ill, and they will be in for a rude awakening when their resurrected body does not display what they have been told it was for much of their life. Thankfully I do not have to judge anyone...that is up to the Lord. Only He and they truly know. As a side note, if any church policy regarding transgender persons is applied to their detriment, I believe God will eventually make it right. Again, perhaps they (a very small number) needed to learn or experience something while here. This life is just a blip on the radar when compared to eternity.
  23. Yup. Although I wouldn't have placed at the olympics, if in High School I had said "I identify as a female", and ran against the girls, I would have been a state champion in every, single, race, and every, jumping, event. Maybe even some of the throwing events if I had learned good technique.