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  1. I'm not saying that they have to be carbon copies. What I'm saying is that it's surprising to me that if you really fully love and embrace your religion, you would want your kids to have that same joy and teach (not brainwash) them the tenants of your faith. I don't know, it just seems strange to me. I could be wrong, I don't know them personally and only an edited version.
  2. Jeannette Walls It an awesome book and a quick read.
  3. It was fun meeting ya'll. I have now been inspired to give it another go on the forums. ( My mom is havejoy! My dd had the surgery.)
  4. My hubby loves him some xbox and xbox live. It's his way to relax and hang with friends and I don't mind. However he doesn't spend long hours on there, and he will stop in the middle if me or the baby need him. I did tell him that we needed to cancel the subscription to WoW if he had an xbox live account as it was a waste of money. Pretty much the only games I like are the Lego's fun to break all the lego pieces and collect coins... I used to play Sims before I had a baby, and I always made myself clean for an hour, then I could play for an hour....clean for an for an hour...and I always got tired of playing and ended up cleaning more... It's all about moderation. My sister-in-law has a troubled marriage, because her husband and his whole family waste their lives on gaming. Which is a lesson to all that you should know someone longer than a month before you get married!
  5. Not having read all the posts, I just wanted to tell you to stop watching those shows. They are edited and they air the most dramatic births. I would encourage you to see The Business of Being Born. It's great and eyeopening. Have you done any research on Birthing Centers, Home Births, Midwives....? I have and as well as Hospitals and Doctors. I have found that most women who really do extensive research tend to go with a Midwife at home or in a Birthing Center. The women who only research pregnancy and all that can go wrong as well as hospital births, tend to avoid pregnancy or go to a hospital. Because the "Doctors know what's best!" I tend to disagree with that statement most of the time. As you said you have anxiety issues. You should definitely look into having a Doula. I've found that a lot of women have problems during labor due to unnecessary intervention by doctors. Something I've seen with my own eyes. Which is one reason we are seeing a Midwife and our baby will be born at a Birthing Center. Good luck!!
  6. Congrats all you Pregos! I'm due August 21 with our first baby. It's a girl, and we are stoked. We are having our baby at a Birthing Center with a CNM. We are starting our birthing classes soon. We have decided to go with the Bradley Method. My hubby is going to "catch" the baby!! Whoo hoo!!
  7. I would just reiterate what Alaskagain said. You should find out why he became scared in the first place. Did something happen recently? Talk to him about it. You may be able to get some clues from him. Goodluck.
  8. I think you should give your kids a multi-vitamin every day no matter what.
  9. Our baby girl is due in August and we are having a fun time finding a name. We think we have one picked. Aislin Rae. (Ace-Lyn Ray) My husband found it online and we both really like it. But we are not closing the book on names just yet. I live in Utah, so I have heard kids named Nephi all over the place. If you don't live in Utah, then I'd say it's ok to name him Nephi. If we were expecting a boy, we have Liam and Oliver on our list. Goodluck.
  10. I think this is the hardest part!! I am accepting all suggestions.
  11. I love Super Saturday!!! It's a great time to do lots of fun crafts even if you suck at doing crafts!! It's also fun to just hang out and socialize.
  12. That's so cool for your wife and daughter. As long as things continue this way, I hope to not be transferred to the hospital. I would love to have a home birth, but hubby is not comfortable with it. Thankfully if I do have to go to the hospital, the CNM will come with me as our advocate. I'm hoping to see the movie "The Bussiness of Being Born" soon that goes into how money is pushing the higher incidents of c-section and drugs and just everything else that just interferes with the natural process.
  13. LOL...these are great. We found out a few weeks ago that we are expecting a girl. I did the needle on thread thing over my hand (I think it's the same as the wedding band thing)and it said girl!! I also looked at the Chinese conception chart and it said boy. One right one wrong. A friend of mine has six kids and the needle has been right every time. I guess I will be going "Naturally drug free" seeing as how I'm delivering at a freestanding Birthing Center with a Midwife. I think the hardest part of the pregnancy so far is trying to find a name for this little girl.
  14. I absolutely loved her talk. It was inspiring and uplifting. I must admit that I did not read the entire thread.... However, I think with the deterioration of the family these days, there is a strong need for mothers and fathers to fulfill the roles assigned them. Read The Family, A Proclamation To the World. If there is something distracting you and taking away from your role, it needs to be reconsidered as a priority. This could mean different things for different families. I also think that many people need to figure out what is important. Does Mom have a second job to put food on the table, or is it some material thing? Does Mom need a second job to fulfill herself, or does it fulfill the whole family? Every situation is different. I am pregnant with my first baby and we are living off of my husbands meager salary. I haven't worked in about a year, and I can tell you that it gets seriously dull around here. I know that having kids will be a bit more exciting, but I also have friends that just do the same thing over and over and over, and it's mundane for them. I will be home with the kids until they are able to start school. I will then look into getting a fulfilling job. But if I want the joys of motherhood and the responsibility, then I need to make the sacrifice of myself. I don't care how anyone wants to justify it, but a mother in the home is way more beneficial to the children than sending them to a daycare or somewhere else. I guess I think, if you don't want to make the sacrifice, then you shouldn't have kids. As you can tell, I'm feeling a bit feisty right now. I don't mean to offend anyone, but this is just what I beleive. Take it or leave it!