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Found 9 results

  1. So end of July I get married to an amazing man. I wish I had an idealized body for him to enjoy, which I don't; stress has me eating things I normally would not, and my current knee sprain injury is making workouts difficult to nonexistent; I am nervous about becoming a stepmom to his wonderful kids; I fear not having enough money in the future, a fear I've had most of my life; I'm ADHD and organizing all the details and remembering everything to be done is dreadfully challenging for me; part of me wanted to elope and avoid all the planning and prep work; we will be moving out-of-state the day after the wedding, and trimming away unnecessary things is hard, knowing what to take and what to let go; I'm doing my parents' remodel's finish work, and I still have base boards, back splash, refinish the deck, caulking, and touch up painting to do; currently out of Claritin-D; my wedding plans by default cannot be finalized until my fiance and I receive a clearance letter for his first sealing. The stress and anxiety feels borderline paralyzing at times. Any words of wisdom, talks, articles, scriptures, mantras ?
  2. I'm feeling mopey right now, and was wondering if anyone had any advise to snap out of it, or ... maybe just to vent. My sister is getting married in the temple this summer- I'm very excited for her. But I'm feeling very left out of everything- which I know is self-centered. I'm not endowed, so I can't go to the sealing- which I'm fine with and I understand. She doesn't want me to be a bridesmaid so that his younger siblings can be bridesmaids (he's one of 8)- which ok, I can understand. She doesn't want to go dress shopping with me- which I understand, we live ~6 hours drive away. She doesn't want me to help planning any of the pre-wedding festivities because her mother-in-law to be has that under control-- which I understand. She doesn't want me to plan the reception, because my mother is in charge of that and we'll just argue- which I totally understand. She doesn't want my help planning post-wedding stuff because her husband's in charge of that-- which I totally understand. She doesn't really have time to talk to me about wedding stuff because she's super busy with her life and obsessed with the finance-- which I totally understand. So despite a bunch of understanding... I'm feeling really left out of everything. And admittedly having a bit of a self-pity party and probably need to snap out of....
  3. So I am about two months away from getting married, and I am struggling with figuring out what a ring ceremony should include/look like. I am the only member in my family, and my fiance is the only in his. We are being sealed, but I really want to have a ceremony for my family and his family. The one blessing out of this is how supportive my mom has been. Our current plan is to start our reception with the ceremony and then go into dinner and dancing. What have you seen typically done in a ring ceremony? Thanks in advance.
  4. Even those who completely support same-sex marriages ought to find this level of coziness between state government and advocacy groups disturbing. After all, what happens when the political winds change, and government decides to get cozy with conservative advocacy groups? Smaller government is looking better all the time.
  5. My husband and I were in active in the church for many years prior to meeting on LDSPlanet. We still were after we moved in together and got engaged. We started to go back as we prepared to get married, but since we didn't know how long it would take us to truly be ready for a temple sealing we decided to get married civilly. My father passed away during the planning and then my husband began nursing school so we ended up just having our Bishop (and two missionaries as witnesses)meet us at a local park to marry us. Ever since we both have been sad that we never got the full experience with sharing the day with family and friends. Plus, i never got to wear the dress my father saw me in (in pics) while he was in the hospital with Leukemia. I still have it ,tags attached and all, 4 years later. Since getting married in '09, my hubby graduated school, we had our son (now 15 mos), and we have moved back to Utah to be near my family. We are now talking with Bishop about preparing for the temple. In planning for it... Would it be weird to treat it as our "true wedding"? Having a small reception and me wearing my wedding dress etc?? My dress would have to be altered since its strapless and it would only be for after the temple as it is ivory and champagne. I would have to get a "temple dress" unless I sell the other and Just get one that's all white and temple ready. Any advice or suggestions??? My mind is reeling lol Plus, we want to make sure our son is included in whatever we do... Not like we would need a ring bearer so what to do? :/
  6. So it's been a while since I've posted here. Last time was over a year and a half ago and I have...thankfully...moved on to much better things in life. I do appreciate all the adivce I was given at that point. Now on to today's issue... I am engaged to be married to a wonderful man. I am also a graduate student, so until we are married I reside with my parents, as grad school and rent is expensive. I have mentioned to my fiance that I have been thinking about getting my ears pierced (I'm 28 and have never had it done) so that I could have the option of wearing earrings for our wedding. He has decided that is what my present is for Valentines Day...he's going to take me to get my ears pierced (though probably not tonight). I have no problems with this. The problem exists in my mother. I'm aware that I'm an adult and can make my own choices and all that stuff. I wanted my ears pierced as a little girl but when I asked my mom she always said no. She doesn't have hers pierced, my grandmother never had hers pierced, and so on. I mentioned it to her when I was about 22 and in college and she acted very disappointed. I know that it's been said over the pulpit that it's acceptable for women to have one set of piercings in their ears... but that doesn't seem to sit well with her either. So I guess my question is, what might be the best way to go about getting my ears pierced with minimal repercussions at home?I'd like my mom to be a large part of my wedding planning (since we are barely starting) and I'm afraid that this might make her upset or something. Advice? Sugestions? Sorry for rambling...
  7. I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum... I'm new here, this is my very first post. My husband and I have been married for 1 year, and are ready to be sealed in the temple! We live in Arizona, and our families live in Utah and California. We want to make a big deal about this (obviously its a big deal) and invite our families to join us in Hawaii. But I have never been there before and don't know where we should stay. Does anyone have any tips on where to stay and what to do??? Thanks in advance for any responses :)
  8. I am not active since my divorce but still getting church visits as i am in a domestic partnership with a difference she accepts that i don't wish sexual connections before marriage and other boundaries but she accepts my church values but does not accept them for herself how with non church members as her bridle party that we live but not sleep together and that i dont do strippers or anything alike ... thanks to all who comment
  9. I am helping my cousin plan her wedding. She is LDS, her fiance is LDS, all of her family is LDS, and her fiance's family is LDS. Everyone is LDS. However, they are not able to get married in the temple at this time. They are having their bishop officiate their ceremony, and I am just wondering--What type of ceremony is appropriate? Are there any specific guidelines? Especially pertaining to the exchanging of vows--are there specific vows for such occasions? Or would it be acceptable for them to write their own? Does the ceremony need to be traditional or do they have flexibility? Please let me know anything that you know about this type of ceremony! Thank you!