Please can I ask your advice on finding a church to attend with my girlfriend.


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1 hour ago, JohnsonJones said:

And in this, from a Baptist point of view, your heart would dissuade you from doing such things.  A Saved individual has their heart turned towards the things of heaven rather than the things of the world.

 You should probably do as you feel in your heart (as a Saved individual) rather than that where the world tells you.


Yes there is an onus to be where God wants you to be. I could go to a`bar instead of church on Sunday but that would be wrong to deny God's direction. 

1 hour ago, JohnsonJones said:

 You are still young though, so you still have a lot of time left in front of you for weighty decisions, no need to rush headlong into it.  Take time to make sure she is the right one, and that you and her share the right values that you want to have in a spouse.

I am going to slow down and seek the Lord's guidance rather than just go off of my own feelings. As fallen people our feelings can be deceiving.

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5 hours ago, AbramM said:

My mom came to visit me yesterday I guess her mom sense told her I was sad  because she surprised me. I actually feel a lot better now though :)

I'm am glad.

May His peace always be with you, even when life is really hard.

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8 hours ago, AbramM said:

...I wouldn't partake in rituals at a church that I find blasphemous or heretical such as a Catholic Mass.

It might surprise you then that Protestants and Catholics share beliefs, as in the Trinity. What you seem to see as heretical may just be a different style of worship (liturgy) or a misunderstanding of Catholic belief.


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This thread is getting long - perhaps longer than needed.  I am somewhat different than most.  I make my living as a scientist and engineer in the field of industrial automation, robotics and artificial intelligence.  I am very good at what I do even though I have been around a long time.  I am also a student of history and religion.  If it were not for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I think I would forgo any religious institution I have become familiar with.  Traditional Christianity has a horrible history - especially towards anyone that challenges their specific defination of the Trinity doctrine.  Historically Christians have been more likely to go to war than to love anyone with slightly different ideas about the interpretation of scripture.   500 years ago William Tyndale was burned at the stake for creating the first English Bible so that the common English speaking "Christian" could read and determine for themselves the meaning of sacred things.  

I realize humans are not perfect.  Jesus understood humanity and challenged traditions - especially those that taught it is note necessary to love those that disagree with your doctrine.  @prisonchaplain is for me a rare exception and someone I trust concerning sacred things and one of few I feel I can openly challenge and discuss important spiritual notions with that is not LDS.  Though I am not impressed with most religious institutions - I am quite impressed with many devout believers in anything I have encountered.  People I find inherently good and inclined towards truth.  It is institutions that seem to screw up so many things.

My advice to you is that if you cannot agree on religious things (as well as many other important things) you are not a good match.

I have not idea what you are really looking for - but there are a lot of people believing all kinds of things in this world - If you cannot fine a lady to agree with you concerning spiritual things - I feel sorry for you.  Though I hope the best for you - good luck


The Traveler

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