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  1. Both SS and Medicare didn't exist 50 years ago, and neither program is solvent, and in fact, SS was taxed beginning in the 80s, and they are still working on ways to keep it maintained. It's a tax disguised as a savings program. it should be abolished, or at least put into personal funds that are maintained by the recipient, rather than general fund.
  2. But much of Iraqi deaths were due to civil war, not US intervention.
  3. Well, you said military spending was 50% of the budget. But even your own source lists it as 15%. And if you look at historical numbers, military spending went down since WWII, whereas entitlement spending (or what you would call Social Security and Medicare, among others) went from zero to about (33% + 27%).
  4. Not really. WWII was high, but so was post WWII Communist rule both in China, Vietnam and Russia. But even still Vietnam was a blip in comparison, but looks like a mountain compared to the wars in the Middle East.
  5. I have attached a spending chart, and a chart on deaths from war. Here's the detailed video with the stats.
  6. They are entitlements, under the budgetary definitions of our government. And you are wrong on your budget numbers as well. Perhaps you are doing the old switcheroo by looking only at discretionary spending and not overall spending. And no, we aren't suddenly saving millions of lives on the battlefield. We just aren't killing as many people. And, no, the Middle East conflicts are not equating the numbers of Vietnam either. We can go over the numbers in detail if you want.
  7. Yes, but compare that to wars of the past. 10,000 is actually minor to the deaths of millions under Communist rule, in China, Russia, etc. And that's not even counting WWII.
  8. And yet, the numbers bear out that these actions actually save more lives than they take. Because of our inactions in the Middle East, for example, we saw the rise of ISIS, an organization that could easily have been stomped out, had we been paying more attention. Even in Iraq, it wasn't that we took out Sadam, but it was that we stopped policing the area.
  9. bytebear

    Veterans Day

    I think the poppy tradition varies from region to region. Here in Southern California, I have seen them being handed out outside shopping centers.
  10. Would it surprise you to learn that US military spending has continually gone down since WWII (as % of GDP), while entitlement spending has exploded in the same time period. No, our budget issues are not from having a strong military. Also, would it surprise you that we are in an era of unprecedented peace globally? That death from wars is almost non-existent.
  11. I work in fuzzy data every day. People are constantly wanting exact counts of things. Things that you think would be easy to count. It's not. Ballots are far more complex in terms of counting than what I count. Just getting a valid list of eligible voters is impossible.
  12. When I was a missionary in Boston (some 30 years ago) we had to have a few missionaries learn Cambodian and Laotian, due to the high number of immigrants.
  13. Federalist party, but no one would interpret it correctly. Just as the Democratic party is not particularly in favor of democracy.
  14. I would go up to Park City. The Olympic park and training center is at the turn off from the freeway, and has a lot to see. A small museum, and you can see the bobsled run, and the jumps. And then you continue to drive up to the city itself. Small mountain town ruined by a Hollywood film festival, but still a lot of historic mining things to see. And they have various activities, but a bit early for skiing. Still a fun place to check out. You can also visit Snowbird which is up a different canyon, and they have a tram and various activities as well. You just missed the leaves changing in the canyons, but the city should be turned nicely now. I was there a week ago, and it was hit or miss, some trees green, others vibrant red and orange. Of course, it's nothing compared to New England, so you probably won't be impressed. I would also consider a tour of the State Capitol. Pretty cool building. Drive around the University of Utah campus, and the surrounding neighborhoods (The Avenues) Most people go to the top of the Joseph Smith building for a view, but do the Church office building. That's absolutely spectacular. Tours are free of course. You can also do a Beehive house tour. They shortened it, sadly, and it's done by foreign sister missionaries, so not particularly historic and a bit preachy. But what can you do. The Lion house next door has a decent cafeteria. You might want to consider hiking up Ensign Peak. It was the place where Brigham Young and others laid out the plans for the valley, and they had some fairly substantial spiritual experiences, including visions of the future of the Salt Lake valley. Covenants were also made there, so it is holy ground. "This Is the Place" monument is a good stop for the tourist and history buff. Not sure if this link will work, but here's a map I made of the various activities we did a few years back.
  15. It's not about forgiving others, although that's important. it's about atoning for our sins. We could atone for our own sins, pay for them ourselves, but the pain and sorrow are too great for us to endure. Christ took that burden from us, and atoned for our sins, so we wouldn't have to endure the pain of atonement. And I don't even think of it as physical pain, but the emotional and spiritual toll. We, as imperfect beings, are simply incapable of doing it ourselves. Christ was perfect and as such, he alone could do it.
  16. What an opportunity. You get to meet and become a member of a while new ward, and still get to see and associate with your old ward family. Win-win.
  17. I was at the open house in the parking lot tent when the lightening struck the Oquirrh Mountain temple. I have before and after photos of the statue to prove it. The storm was so loud you couldn't hear the video presentation, or even talk to your neighbor. Inside the temple, it was quiet and peaceful. The Temple literally and figuratively is the calm within the storm.
  18. Open up an incognito (private) window in your browser and copy the url.
  19. But marriages can be performed by proxy for deceased ancestors, so everyone who is worthy will be given the opportunity for a sealed marriage.
  20. Rudy Field of Dreams Titanic (yes, I do like this film) Steel Magnolias Sound of Music Harry Potter I'm sure I'll think of some others.
  21. I wonder if God was telling him what He tells a lot of young men today. Don't get married, go on a mission. But that doesn't mean to never get married. Just that you have things to do first.
  22. Do you believe God has created worlds without end? If so, then how did God populate each world? How many Eves are there? And what's to assume that Heavenly Mother was the first of her planet? She may very well have been the Mary, or the Ruth. Lots of assumptions on Mormon (and non-Mormon) belief.
  23. Wait until she gets a European teacher, and then you have to deal with commas uses as periods and periods as commas and the minus sign is the backslash. Ugh, I hated that teacher.