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  1. Thanks for the info Pam, you have found what I could not.:) Iggy, I now have FOUR grandchildren. Two girls at the remarkable age of two. My first grandson was born late Feb., and my newest granddaughter was born Mid April. They are are Fabulous to me, and each is so unique! Quick update on my household. Late Aug 2011, we called 911 when we found Nick unconscious in our home. He came home early from work that day with a massive headache and went to bed to sleep it off. We found him three hours later when we went to see if he wanted some dinner, he was unresponsive. In the hospital they gave us the diagnosis... Severe Bacterial Meningitis! It was related to the accident in 2004,, a CSF Leak. He has been on constant antibiotics since then. I was fighting with the infectious disease doctor because he wanted to get Nick off the antibiotics but each time Nick went off he got sinus infection symptoms. It was a untreated sinus infection that lead to meningitis in the first place. Those who know me know how feisty I can be especially when my children are at risk. He sent us to a new ENT specialist. He said he could fix the csf leak with 98% accuracy. He pulled in a neuro-surgeon, and Nick has brain surgery again but this time to seal the csf leak. That surgery was late April 2012. It was a huge and necessary surgery. They found residual effects of the accident in 2004 which opened the door for meningitis. They cleared out all that had been trapped for almost eight years and put him back together. Four days later we took him home to a week of painful heads. Ten days after he was released he was readmitted into the ICU with a lumbar drain. He had an additional surgery that Friday. Then two more days in ICU before transferring him into Acute Care. The First day in Acute Care he came down with leg pain, then a headache and then came the fever. The Neuro resident came in and ordered tests for the cause and it was determined he had meningitis! It was a very rough night, we spent that night with him in the hospital. We watched Nick fight and we witnessed a miracle in front of us. By 4 AM the fever was down to 99.0 and Nick had relaxed. The meningitis was over. Nick was released two days later. The headaches have subsided. The csf leak is sealed. The meningitis had a silver-lining, it was insurance of the leak being sealed. We have witnessed many miracles with Nick. A few days ago I read some of the blogs I have written here over the years. It is amazing the love our Heavenly Father has extended to our family and especially Nick. We are so grateful.
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    Lakers? Really? Still news worthy??? How ya doin "T"?
  3. Hello! Does anyone know what happened to the Playlists posted on our profile pages? It now says you can only listen to them on When did that happen? How is everyone?
  4. WHAT!?!?!? I didn't even know the two of you were DATING!!!! I guess that's what happens when life at home becomes REALLY INTERESTING! Where can I go to catch up on the events that lead to marriage? Surely it's documented here somewhere? Happy to hear that you've found each other. :)
  5. WELCOME! We had awful winds near SLC yesterday! Today is sunny. :)
  6. You are all right. Thank you so much for taking the time to post. I really appreciate your words. Just in case this topic gets pulled up in the future, I found a few quotes that I would like to share. They were meaningful and brought some peace to me. "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." ~From a headstone in Ireland "When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight". ~Kahlil Gibran "To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die." ~Thomas Campbell, "Hallowed Ground" Thanks Again, SF
  7. Hello Friends, I have a dear friend who's little boy (who is in kindergarten) died yesterday. I am at a loss of something really good to say to her. I will see her soon, but I feel I need to support her more than just seeing her. I have had my share of grief and loss and maybe this is just too close to my heart... Looking for quotes, poems or some words of wisdom to share... Thanks in advance, SF
  8. I really loved the book Something Wicked this way Comes! Welcome to the site!
  9. Oh My Heck! Just when I thought things couldn't get any better I come here to a few surprises!!! I was remembered here at LDS.Net on my 7th Birthday! Thank You, Thank You, One and ALL!!! Love, LoVe, LOVE THE CARD ELPHIE!!!! Hugs for everyone!!! :bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug:
  10. Celica, You've have waited such a LONG TIME for this! I couldn't be happier for you!!!
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    Whoa "T", looks like you get this thread to yourself.... almost. I have just glanced over the last few pages and it makes me smile thinking of years gone by. I am happy to see you are still enjoying them. Back to you Dr. T.
  12. Today we have TWO special ladies sharing their BiRtHdAyS!!!:birthdaycake: Elphaba, Vanilla (41) A Cake for each of you and all my best for an AmAzInG YEAR AHEAD!!! :bighug::bighug:
  13. Iggy, That is great news! You do have a wonderful guy there too. Nothing like a project to get us out of a slump.
  14. Loving Wife, I hope you are doing a bit better. I have been thinking about you and this thread. I did read the book The Peacegiver by James L. Ferrell and now I am working on applying it to my life. I loved this book and it was very easy to adapt it to my life. I highly recommend it to everyone.
  15. Good thing I gave you your Birthday wish EARLY!!!!
  16. Whoa! That post above looks to similiar to a Elphaba post in length, I NEVER do that! haha
  17. I have been a YW Adviser for many years and have taught that the YW should actively encourage YM to go on missions and that they should do this because they should marry an RM. I think "should" carries quite a bit of weight when it is taught to you in this way. As I think about it I need to consider what else could the church do? We need missionaries to spread the gospel and we know what kind of persuasion females have upon males since the beginning of man, so it is needed. As I think about it a bit more, many of the youth of 1974 (With the "should talk" from Pres. Kimball) are now parents and they believe their children "should" be held by the same standard. Then fast forward to Oct 2002 with the "Raising of The Bar" Talk of 2002... - Ensign Article - The Greatest Generation of Missionaries Things changed and was even more laid out in a letter to the bishops and stake presidents. As I have written here before (in previous posts) the course of my family was changed with that new policy. I have been quite angry about it in the past, but for this post I will chose a more gentle approach. How I see it now, or at least today, what is done is done. One of my sons was not sure about about going, he had a sweet gf (who is now the mother of my grandchild) and didn't know if he could leave her. When they stressed the BOM and testimony of it, he saw that as his open window and he leapt. He married his gf a year or so later in the Temple. My second son was almost killed when he was injured at work when a tire and rim exploded and did a dance on his face and head before traveling up another 12 feet destroying the lighting and heating in the garage. He was just 17 when that happened and he still wanted to go on a mission when he turned 19. He was told he could not go. I had always been told that it is not the person who testifies the truth, it is "the spirit". I don't know many who holds a stronger spirit than my second son. Just in case anyone is wondering, he had the capability of fulfilling a mission but it was bc of what he had been through (the accident) that he could not go. Of course, there are more stronger feelings I am not sharing here right now. But the truth be known, we know my family wasn't, or will not be, the only family affected as shown here (this thread and others like it) and here.... Unintended consequence of church's 'raising the bar' - Salt Lake Tribune Shortly after my second son was told he could not go for "medical reasons" we have seen many young men who we know t of their "past" go on missions and I am struck.... I wonder if there has been another "new policy" come out? The last policy I head of was the raising of the bar in 2002. There must be a new policy because according the the 2002 policy and letter that followed (very specific) they would not quality. I guess here is another example that these things will be left for The Lord to figure out. I know with the way things have been laid out for the YM in the church there has been a clear division line and it happens at 19. The way I see it is a case of the "elite" being called on missions and those who don't measure up in one form or another being left behind. That division line might as well be posted on your forehead because it carries over in YSA or until you are married. Maybe a better way to put it is a crown of glory being bestowed on your head as a RM. It's not only the YW (who have been conditioned), but the YM themselves who wear the crown; they carry a certain air about them. I have personally witnessed other YM being oust because they had not served a two year mission for the church. It even passes onto the mother's of missionaries, and it's a "class" that some will never fit into.... well I guess that's life. I do feel for these young men who have not gone on missions and the struggles they feel within the church and dating. I know these are real situations and that going on missions doesn't necessarily make better husbands or fathers. I think if the truth be known most 19 year old YM don't souly go out to convert people to the gospel. They go for various reasons that I think might warrant a new thread. Many of the newly returned missionaries I see come home do so with a spirit of entitlement. Last week one of my good friends was telling me about her son's "Homecoming" (yes, they still do have the open houses here in Utah afterward) and how many YW were there. She mentioned how the YW lingered longer than the YM did and how she was excited to watch him fall in love bc he had so many to choose from. In the end mysticmorini, and those who also find yourself in this situation, I believe the we have a Loving and Just Heavenly Father and is Him whom we serve. Pray that you find a woman who will love YOU unconditionally. That is what is more important here than just the credentials of two years of your life. Also remember that the division line I mentioned earlier in this post will not hold from just serving a mission. Some of those "elite" at 19 will be on the other end of the division at 25. Life is ever changing just like new policies change things. This is such a difficult period of time in our lives (18-30) and this only ads to the pain that can be caused within the church. As it has been said, there are many righteous men and women who have NOT served two year young adult missions of the church. I hope to be able to serve my Heavenly Father every day of my life in one form or another. I know that the church is very concerned about the member of the church who are YSA and in this age group. I have been called to serve with them in my ward and I am excited to do so. I have began to rally some of the people I served when they were in YM and YW and as we meet I want it to be more on the end of fellowshipping these kids, so many get lost for the reasons mentioned here. The church is very concerned about what has happened to these kids and is now doing something about it. I pray things will change and by the time my grandchildren will be at this difficult age and involved in the church there will be a kinder, more gentile take on things. Try to to happy where you are right now and trust in The Lord to make things right in His time.
  18. First activity under my belt.:) We held a FHE in our home on Monday and it went well. I think we will do this on a monthly basis and try to do more fellowshipping. We will keep the topics on the lighter side bc there are many who might come if they didn't feel like we are force feeding them. We got email addys and cell numbers for texting.:)
  19. I loved reading through this thread again. lol With Valentines Day very near I decided to add something else I just discovered. I find it very romantic just to sit down and talk uninterrupted. I enjoy talking about this he remembers from early in our relationship. The longer we have been together the more I see how many things he thinks about but has never shared with me. It's amazing how stimulating the mind can be!
  20. Am I the only one who has never seen "boob pockets" in garments?
  21. Maybe I shouldn't have laughed but I have been doing it for so long (taking it all off), that to imagine an exam with my clothes on would be strange to say the least. Sometimes if I am unsure of how far to strip I will ask the nurse, and then repeat it back to her to make sure we are on the same page. This system has worked well for me.:)
  22. I love the Olympics too! I was a volunteer and got a picture taken with Mitt Romney and Steve Young in The 2002 Winter Olympics. It's one of the best things I have ever done!
  23. Jbs, Best of luck to you. Keep in touch.