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  1. Interesting stuff! (sorry nothing more to add. Just enjoying this topic.)
  2. Looks pretty interesting! I was all over the road before I came to the Church as well so I am definitely interested in your journey.
  3. This isn't terribly far from where we live. (we are right between tampa and orlando in the woods). I hate seeing what has been done to Florida-once I could drive down hwy 50 and see nothing between clermont and orlando but orange groves and pastureland. Now there is absolutely NO break between clermont and orlando and the groves and pastures are gone. And yes, I hate Disney and Universal for what they have turned FL into. Now because of developers the area and surroudning towns where I live has been or is in the process of being rezoned NON agricultural. Understand that this used to be the green bean capital of the world out here-more peppers and peas and cuckes and melons came out of this area and shipped out of the packing houses on trains into the early 90's. No longer since developers moved in. Now, my family on my dad's side have been farmers and ranchers since before FL was a state-and now the lands out here are being bought up because the farmers and ranchers can no longer afford the taxes because everything was re calssified non agricultural...and subsequently there is more housing developments. THere is a big housing boom going on here now...really big, and very few can afford to farm. That being said-if this boom has to happen I at least am glad the Church will be a strong presence. I am holding on to the hope that the Church will continue the ranching and groves and such and treat the land and aquifer with respect as they build the city that is planned. I guess I just liked the old swampy and woodsy Florida best. :)
  4. Absolutely. And before this I was all about feeling free and unhinged by any religion. (I have studied religion just about my whole life) yet now...it's exactly as you say. I am happiest now since joining the church than on my worst day-than my happiest back then. Overall I find it ironic that I feel more free now by being in the church. Great stuff. :)
  5. First thing I did when I got baptised was start importing my already existing Ancestry account to familysearch and start preparing to start doing the Temple work for my family. I was really very happy to think about havin my son do my grandfather's work. My grandfather passed less than 15 years ago at the time and my son actually shares his birthdate. I quickly found out someone else did the work-and should not have as there are no relatives that anyone knows of who are in the church, (other than myself and husband and children). A recent convert cousin of mine found the same thing with HIS grandfather-same person who won't respond to emails. Ironically, on my mother's paternal side-the one with many LDS relatives in Utah and Iowa-there's a lot of Temple work left to be done! It was a little painful, so yeah the same thing has happened here.
  6. I've been a stay at home mom to my 6 well...forever, haha! Seriously-we have 6 ages 21(and newly married) 19, 17,15,7 and 2. The biggest thing I have learned is that the dishes will keep, and childhood is a short season. Go easy on yourself and have fun. Yes, housework needs to get done but it can be made fun with little ones. It really can. :) I'd also say to get the little one involved in some (age appropriate) crafts that require some time to do-clay, sewing, loom crafting. Keeps the hands and mind busy. I have been known as the craft mom for years-when things get nuts out comes the clay and glitter and glue, etc.
  7. Resurrecting this thread but I am about half way through this book and just have to say so far it is stunning and just what I needed to confirm so much of what I am thinking and feeling.
  8. Another voice to the chorus saying to go with your gut and give this time, his actions aren't just cold feet or 'normal'. That being said I don't believe 'once a cheater always a cheater'-but honestly there needs to be such a level of transparency and openess that needs to happen in order to regain trust. Is this happening? Any 'questionable' moments" that he can't explain? Any hiding of the cell phone or anything? That's not transparency, and that is a major red flag. Anyway, yeah, listen to your Bishop and good luck.
  9. It was read in 3rd hr here but I had to leave early so didn't get to hear-but have all ideas everything was pretty issue free.
  10. Thanks for all the help! I ordered the first two of the 'Work and the Glory' series and also downloaded the Church history in the fullness of times...I'm sure I will get to all the recommendations eventually. Right now I am reading 'The God who Weeps' by Givens. Anyone have any opinions about that one? (I know it's not historical-just ran across it and it looked interesting.)
  11. Morning all- Basically I would like to learn more about the early pioneers (before the handcarts). My (5g)grandfather and his family were Baptised early on in the church and helped build the first Temples and I would love to know more about that period in Mormon history. I don't mind if it is Non FIction or historical fiction-just basically would like to know more about my heritage in the church. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!
  12. Very thought provoking. Genealogy is one of my favortie passtimes and I often find myself identifying as 'this much Irish or this much German or this much N.A.' etc. It is good to read something like this. It's good to know where you come from and I believe one can gain insight into their own nature by knowing their background (not saying you are dismissing heritage) but yeah, it's important to think on what you have posted. Thanks. :)