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  1. But you are not your father. Did you inherit his genes? Sure. But you are not him. If you feel like you are acting in a way that is similar to how your father acted, then write down those traits/characteristics you're seeing that you don't like. Visualize them, and then work to improve upon them. We all are flawed, but we can continue to work to be better each day. You can be better than your own father was. You have the motivation to do so--you said it yourself. You want to be a good father. And so you will. It just takes work and effort.
  2. @tjutah2016 That doesn't sound like the Lord is mocking you in my opinion. You got the impression to save money--you thought it was for college. Well, the Lord saw something different. He saw that you'd have to pay some serious medical bills in the future. So He told you to save. And you did, and you were blessed because of it. You got the impression to save money again--and again you thought it was for college. Well, the Lord saw something different. He saw you would use your agency to accidentally break something (not on purpose), and thus would need that money to replace that item. You were blessed by saving money through following the Lord's promptings. This is a matter of giving your will over to the Lord. You have expressed your needs and desires in this post, as I'm sure you have expressed to The Father. But what you're missing is your willingness to let go of your will and follow the Lord's plan for your life. You've been doing it in your actions (by following promptings) but you need to do it with your heart as well (by not being upset when things don't go the way you wanted them to). He is looking out for you--that can't be denied because you've seen it! He blessed you in so many circumstances. Maybe not the ones you were hoping for, but He has blessed you. Have the faith that He will grant you the desires you seek, but continue to accept His will for your life.
  3. That wasn’t your child though. It is a completely different bond/relationship when it is your own flesh and blood. You can keep telling yourself you're not cut out to raise a kid and guess what? You’ll prove yourself right cause you’re not letting yourself be anything different. But if you ACTUALLY want to try to be a good dad, let go of these foolish notions and ideas of not being cut out for it. Go to the Lord. Ask for His help. Dont just assume what is best for your child. Let the Lord guide your actions.
  4. @SpiritDragon So I think I might have found something relevant, but I'm not entirely sure. The June lesson is: Priesthood and Priesthood Keys. The related questions are: "How can I participate effectively in councils in the Church?", "How do women and priesthood holders work together to build the kingdom of God?", "Why is it important to follow the counsel given by priesthood leaders?", "How can using scripture study skills help me learn more about the priesthood?", "how can I use stories to teach others about the priesthood?" I can take screenshots of specific questions and the related content if needed.
  5. It is terrifying, you're definitely right there. And that's a completely valid feeling. But you're judging your ability to be a good father before you've even become one (I know it's soon cause your wife is pregnant). If you approach this new life responsibility as something you're not going to like and not going to be good at before it has even started, then you're dooming yourself for failure. But if you approach it by saying: "I'm scared. I feel inadequate. I feel like I won't be good enough. BUT I will try to be adequate, I will try to be good enough. I will try to love my child the best way I know how. " It's okay to feel inadequate, but you have to keep trying to be better each day (in regards to anything in this life--but in this scenario, being a father). I see why you're saying children are a burden--at least I think I do. Your life is not your own anymore once they enter this world. And before they do, that can seem burdensome. There is a lot of research that shows mothers bond with their babies before they are born, and fathers bond with their babies once they are born. So it's not uncommon to feel like you don't really want this child/don't feel connected to it/love it just yet. But don't hold those feelings in your heart as your "end all be all" with how you're going to view this child. Give yourself the chance to love it, care for it, and nurture it. You do have the ability to be a great father because you are made in the image of our Heavenly Father.
  6. Why do you think that? That you're not ready to share your life with another person? From what I've read, you're married. You're sharing your life with your wife, aren't you? Why do you think you won't be ready to share your life with that child?
  7. Who is shaming you? Remember that the context of this forum is through messages, and emotions can be misinterpreted.
  8. Yes, there was a lot of symbolic doctrine to take in, which we continually go back to relearn. The garment instructions are laid out first so it can be clearly listened to, but if you forget them they're in handbook 2 which was conveniently referenced by @zil, as I said earlier. And like @omegaseamaster75 said, now you know.
  9. There were specific instructions given to you prior to the endowment session the first time you went through. @zil has posted the handbook 2 reference regarding what those instructions were like. They are not up for interpretation, and are very black and white. Hopefully that helps with the question you have, or any others regarding how to wear the garment.
  10. I have so many frustrated thoughts about this, and am extremely disappointed in this interview. So many false assumptions and statements. This does not represent the Church nor our beliefs. But what's sad is how many LDS friends I have who think this way and would agree with everything he said. I wish we could talk more about the LGBTQ youth who are members and address the real problems about identity within the Church, but this is not the way to go about it. Not while representing Mormon beliefs.
  11. Maybe narrow because it was only applying to this specific baker, and not a more wider ruling regarding all businesses?
  12. @MormonGator, agreed!! I recently chatted with a man who said he refused to take women out on first dates if he isn't good friends with them beforehand. He's willing to "chill" with these girls he doesn't know, with his "bros". But he won't go on a first date with them because "getting to know them is so boring in a date setting". I was just like....*facepalm*. That's the whole point of the date! And you're doing it wrong if you think it's boring. @ericdav, don't take dating so seriously. Don't approach it as this quest to finding "the one". Approach it with enjoying getting to know these women, seeing if they have qualities you like, and if there's one that seems to stand out from the others then start to more seriously date her. Then start bringing in The Lord as you start contemplating serious courtship and marriage. The Lord has prepared many women to be a future wife and mother.
  13. Ugh...I wish more men thought like this. My generation is really screwed up with this whole dating thing.
  14. I mean, date as many as you want. You'll know when you find the right one. But you can't find her unless you're going on dates with women.
  15. Awesome! You could go in so many directions with that. I mean you could just brag about your skills as a Father 😆
  16. You'll do great!! Just know that if you have a prayer in your heart to have the Spirit with you while you speak, that the Spirit will convey your message better than you could even imagine. What is your topic on?
  17. What a beautiful celebration, I loved everything about it.
  18. Again...bring it up to the Person who created the law.
  19. I'd bring that up with the Lord. Since you know...He's the one who instated that law (per the LDS doctrine).
  20. That was a frustrating game on my end. Holtby did amazing for you guys. We have to prove ourselves if we wanna win the whole thing! Excited for this game on Saturday.
  21. We're just super smart LDS members with nothing else to do other than bother people who come on this forum trying to outdo our smartness. Obviously.
  22. Where else are we supposed to utilize these big brains of ours?
  23. You may think it's clear what happened, but clearly he is confused as to what you were talking about. (I don't even really understand the context of the comment you made. The "scraping" one.) Just a simple clarification I think is all that is needed due to some miscommunication. Easily happens with talking via this format.