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  1. I looked over those and I can't believe it is a real site. You sure it isn't a landoverbaptist type thing?
  2. My wife and I got married in our last year of college and after a few months we realised we would be going to different grad schools that were miles apart and we would have to live separately for a year. It wasn't ideal but we saw each other once a month for a few days. There were challenges of living apart I missed my wife very much and when we moved back in together after a year it felt strange for a while. Whilst it is doable I would try to convince your fiancee to at least trial living in England with you for 6 months after you are married.
  3. Lee

    World Cup

    To my shame I forgot the Danish were at the World Cup I will be supporting Denmark as well as England.
  4. Some parents don't even discipline their kids for hitting other kids. If a kid hit my child and their parent didn't tell them off then I would go crazy at the parent.
  5. Some of the children I had no patience with. One boy pushed over my adorable niece and if my child did that I would explode at him but this boy's mom didn't even blink she told him to leave his cousin alone and that was it. I am so confused as to what parenting actually is.
  6. I played with my 18 month old niece today and she is the most adorable baby girl. I wanted to take her with me. Although, some of the other kids on my wife's side of the family I could not deal with.
  7. Yep I basically lived in my school gym to avoid my father.
  8. I assure you my name is not Bruce. Maybe if I have a son I will name him Bruce so his name is Bruce Lee. No I know I wouldn't do that, I would never hit a child. I know that I have intimidated my nephew before and I hate myself for that. I never want my child to lay in bed scared or be constantly worried about spilling a drink or asking for more food.
  9. I don't know what any of this means. Do you think my name is Bruce? He was violent and intimidating from when I was 3 until I moved out at 17. He was cruel in general though even without the violence he wasn't a good father.
  10. I suppose it is assumed I am paying a full tithe. I have never been asked for proof of my earnings. I meet my base salary tithing so it is only overtime I don't tithe on and I guess the bishop doesn't know that.
  11. I am sorry bro. You must have had a good relationship with your dad, when I was 9 I was praying for my father to die.
  12. To be honest my wife and I are terrible at tithing I don't think either of us have paid a full tithe in 5 years and we have never been pulled up on it.
  13. My wife doesn't recognise it either. Are you sure it is authentic?
  14. My wife is from Hawaii and I have been many times, what is that ?
  15. I'm a pescatarian can't remember the last time I ate any of that food
  16. I probably could talk to a couple of my bros but it feels weird it is more natural to have a DMC with a woman.
  17. Yeah I have the guys from my soccer team, few bros at work, couple people from high school live near me, few people at church. Guys don't talk about emotional things with each other. I am not lonely because I am not hanging out with people it is because I can't talk to anyone about my problems because all my favourite women are unavailable.
  18. Bro she is just fulfilling her calling and having a friend. So what she has an emotional bond with a man, that doesn't mean she is having an emotional affair. Sorry man I think you should get some counselling for paranoia. Unless there is more to this I advise you to trust your wife.
  19. I would like to speak to my wife but she is stressed and I don't want to add to it right now. I can't speak to my mother because it will upset her. Those are the 2 women or people I usually speak to. Or my sister in law but she is recovering from cancer. I guess as well as being nervous I am a little lonely at the moment. I actually don't have any pain from my childhood I forgave my father about 5 years ago so that I could have a close relationship with my mother.
  20. I want to be a good father. I had a very loving relationship with my mother when I was growing up but not with my father. I hated him and he ruined my childhood, I used to wish he would just disappear or leave. Now I can see my father in me sometimes when I am handling my nephew and I hate it. I know that being a father means putting my child first and even though I always want to live with my wife and child I will leave if it is better for my child.
  21. I am sure that you are all perfect husbands, fathers and church members 😀😀😀
  22. Now I am solely being judged for my approach to my family.
  23. My family is important to me so obviously I will try everything to stick to plan A but if necessary than I have a way to still support my family whilst living separately. I am sure you and your wife have back up or contingency plans incase you lose your job. This is the same thing. I am confident that I won't have to use plan B though, I have had my nephew living with me for 6 months and we have coped as a family. Even though, I have failed before to help care for a baby I think I have a better chance of succeeding now.
  24. Lee

    World Cup

    Cool I will dm you the league code. Will they roast me for being American?