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  1. Yes because I can still provide financially and visit often. It wouldn't be ideal that is why it is plan b.
  2. It is a plan b if it doesn't work out then I can still be a husband and a father just remotely
  3. I didn't say anything wrong or that I will regret saying. My wife is very lucky to have me I am the best husband possible to her. My child will be blessed to have me as his father too Everyone has their opinion though and I know how important family is so I see why you may think these things about me.
  4. I didn't mean that I don't care about the reason. I meant I don't judge them for it.
  5. Lee

    World Cup

    Got one bro Want to join my league? It's me and some bros? or at the end of the tournament we can compare our scores.
  6. My only advice would be to reach out to the people who love you and the people you love.
  7. I don't care why someone commits suicide it is there choice I just don't like your post
  8. I didn't think that your post covered mental health problems in a sensitive way
  9. I never said that. My wife is of course my priority.
  10. My brother killed himself the day his son was born, he didn't have any addictions, he had a good job, he was active in the church and he seemed happy. You assume that it is only or predominantly people who have a bad life that are tempted to commit suicide or perhaps people who are doing something wrong.
  11. I am a great husband. Just because it was easy for you to be a good father doesn't mean it is for everyone.
  12. When my wife and I married I wasn't opposed to kids I just wanted to plan it properly, it is only since I found out she is pregnant that I feel this way.
  13. I love my nephew like he is my son, I am also his god father. I am going to try to be there for my wife and child.
  14. My mother is one of my best friends. Are you trying to say I am a psycho ?
  15. My brother took his own life almost 9 years ago and there is a lot I disagree with in your post.
  16. Lee

    World Cup

    No way Portugal can win the World Cup they may get to the quarter finals but no further. Argentina made the final last year and they could do well but they constantly choke in finals.
  17. I have cared for a child before, when my nephew was born I was in the delivery room and I lived with my sister in law to help her care for him. I found it too hard and even though she needed my help I left. I loved my sister in law and nephew but I couldn't do it. My nephew lives with me now he is 8 and I still find it hard to care for him. I know I'm not ready to be a parent and I'd rather leave than mess up my child's life.
  18. I was misinterpreted I'm sure you acknowledge your marriage is reversible. Who but you says I can't love my mother the most? can a blessing not carry some burden? i agree it is better to be a full time parent. I'm just saying I have a plan to be a part time father if it doesn't work out so I can still be a father and husband.
  19. Lee

    World Cup

    I love soccer I played pro soccer in Denmark for 2 years. I think Brazil or France will win the tournament. I will be supporting England as the USA aren't in it and my mother is English. I think England will make the quarter finals and Costa Rica will make the first knockout stage
  20. I am nervous because I don't want to mess up my child's life. How did your children give your life more purpose?
  21. I don't believe that my marriage is disposable I can't stop loving my mother just because I am married I am sure you agree that children are a burden, not saying there aren't benefits of having children but there is a burden involved It is better to be a distant father and husband then to be completely absent
  22. I share my life with lots of people, my parents, my wife, my friends, my nephew etc. It is the intensity of sharing my life with a child that I don't want to do. The magnitude of having to care for and worry about this child at least until they are 18 but likely the rest of my life. It is terrifying