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  1. Kshuller

    We are so right!

    Kosher has nothing to do with halal. The Law of Kosher was given to Moses on Mount Sinai by God to teach the Israelites to obey Him. halal is a muslim invention of Muhammad who worshiped false gods and became a false prophet. As the mother of children whose father is Jewish, I understand this differently than those whose knowledge of the Jew comes from a book. Food for thought. Were would the world be if the Jews had not recorded their communications with God so that we have a Bible and a Book of Mormon? They were chosen before they were born to do this job and Satan has tortured them non stop from day one. Without THEIR scriptures we would know nothing of God or Satan. Could you have endured what the Jew has been through? They love God. Their lives revolve around worshiping God. WE have been grafted into the House of Israel. The tribe of Judah is Jesus biological family. He will personally save them. . Both the Word of Widsom and the Law of Kosher are God given commandments in different dispensations for the exact same purpose, to teach man to obey God without question.
  2. Kshuller

    We are so right!

    If you are diabetic and HUGE numbers of people world wide are, the dietary part of the WOW is impossible to follow unless you want to starve to death. No wheat rice sugar bread AKA simple carbohydrates. No fruit juice or other high sugar drinks. Bible says those who forbid to eat meat are not of God and the WOW says to eat it at times of extreme hunger. Does that mean starvation OR does it mean your blood sugar has dropped into dangerous levels? If you live on a high carbohydrate diet and are diabetic you will die a nasty death. Yes I am diabetic. I am the 8th generation and my son is the ninth in my family with diabetes and none of us ate ourselves into it. It is genetic in my family. I do not eat a lot of meat. I don't eat a lot of food. My dad died at age 58 from out of control diabetes. I am 70 and still alive. My diabetic son had a near fatal heart attack at age 42. High carb diets kill. So what do you tell a diabetic about the WOW? Alcohol is absolutely unsafe for a diabetic but so is food. If all diabetic drugs disappeared from the market today, what is a diabetic to do to survive? How do they design a food storage that is not wheat. grain or sugar based? I was diagnosed 18 years ago and I am no closer to finding an answer than when I started trying to find one.
  3. Kshuller

    We are so right!

    the WOW is our Law of Kosher designed to teach us obedience to the simplest of laws. It does not matter if alcohol is good or bad. It matters that we promised we would not use it. It is all about the oath.
  4. Kshuller

    Grandma baptized without permission

    in family search go to your gramma's record and click ordinances. The person who reserved them should show. If not then you will see which temple is involved. If multiple temples are shown their name has been released to the temple by a relative. Contact FS and ask them if they can identify that person.
  5. Kshuller

    Sharing with temple

    Women get done a lot faster than men. Women attend the temple a lot more than men do. Men do men and women do women. I have men that have been waiting over 10 years for their endowment.
  6. Kshuller

    Family History Research Novice

    Find your mother's birth certificate. It should contain her parent's name and exactly where they lived when she was born.
  7. Kshuller

    Sealing Children Born Out of Wedlock

    May have been the Church extraction program. I find the worst mistakes when they get involved. I spend a lot of time fixing mistakes.
  8. Kshuller

    Sealing Children Born Out of Wedlock

    All sealings are voluntarily accepted by the individual. They choose to accept or reject it. We just make the option available. We do not know how many reject temple ordinances but I feel it won't be as few as we hope. "there will be gaps in some families"
  9. Thanks for the welcome
  10. very true. I was told the only reason they would contact the person you identified as giving permission would be if another family member filed a demand to delete temple work for their ancestor. The reason it was decided to freeze access for temple work to 110 years after a person's birth was to ensure they were dead and to avoid problems with living immediate family members. This is a recent change so when you find your ancestors work done check to see when by clicking on Ordinances. Old temple work was not under the restrictions that you deal with today. WHY members decided it was a good idea to baptize everyone on the list of Holocaust victims has never been published. This is why the changes were made. How Jewish families found out about that temple work is also not known but someone in that temple went to these families with this information. If you know Jewish people and I do you understand their outrage. In their opinion Hitler killed them and Mormons stole their Jewish heritage from them. A worse decision could not have been made. Also consider the immense difficulty in canceling temple work when a deceased person accepted it. I sincerely doubt that can be done but there will be no record of it in Church records. That will be fixed during the Millennium. The system as is stands today allows unrighteous living to hinder the righteous dead but it is what it is. Someone in South America made a very bad decision.
  11. NOPE. You have to provide a way to contact the person you say gave you permission. Name address and phone number is required now. I went through this with my mother in law who is Jewish. Things have changed.
  12. 110 years from birth anyone can do temple work. Before that only close relatives if they are alive. I had a second cousin who was an only child who died soon after returning from WW2. I was given permission to arrange his temple work. I am his only living relative. The time limit for reserving temple work is two years. If it is not done either you renew your claim on it or it goes back to available. Too many people reserved individuals and then passed away leaving those people waiting forever. Temple work is not about YOU it is all about them. Try to remember that. You are helping them return home. Sealings are only for your own spouse and children. The more distant your ancestor is the more relatives they have and they are entitled to that ancestor as much as you are. I am so far back on so many I am related to only by marriage. I input all necessary document to qualify them for temple work but leave it alone for at least a year so closer relatives can do their work. When I first began genealogy I found my grandfather's work done by someone I did not know and he was NOT related. Rules have changed due to the victims of the Holocaust being done without permission by a temple in South America. Caused a MAJOR issue with their living relatives who demanded their temple work be undone. How they did that I have no clue. So now there is a warning when you reserve any Holocaust victim that you can not do their work without the permission of their immediate family and that means ALL of them. For others you have to get permission from ONE immediate family member just in case someone files a complaint. This information came from Family Search. Hope this clarifies things a bit.
  13. Of course. Satan will stop at nothing to stop you from rescuing your ancestors. Learn to rebuke him. I do. Always remember he can only slow you down. If he can stop you it is you. You are stronger than he is. Fight back. Be strong. Keep going.