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    How is the Economy?

    Ok, I'll bite too. Define wealthiest. What is true You say the conservative states are the poorest...well define poor then as well. The cost of living in many of those states is much cheaper, and just because the states are the poorest doesn't actually make the people "poor". Someone in Kansas making 45-50k is likely better off than someone in san fran making over 100k. Even then, you can't define the prosperity, happiness, and success of a state and it's people by how much money they make. Wealth does not equate to success in life. As for which leftist policies have led to the debacle, there are too many, but for starters just go and read the san fran city council minutes. Look at how they continually dismiss average joe's that try to raise complaints and offer solutions. Look at how they decide to hire a "poop patrol" with each member having a 6 figure salary to manage the symptoms of homelessness and drug addiction without actually addressing the real problem...(they can't do that because asking homeless people to clean themselves up is a trigger and now a form of violence). They have to increase housing fees to be in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act...which they helped pass. They passed an ordinance allocating over 25 million dollars to give people free syringe access and disposal services. They worry about how large the signage needs to be for the harvey milk terminal at the airport so everyone can see his name...they passed an ordinance requiring a minimum size for the sign. There is more an economy than money - the complete social structure of the bay area and most of california in general is falling apart. They do not address problems, their focus is severely blurred, and the city is going to crumble under the weight of it's own baggage. Rome didn't fall in a day, and neither will san fran...but it will fall.
  2. scottyg

    The next life

    Yes, a bit too literal.
  3. Well, then you won't meet the worthiness requirement. Just because you say that you can't stop this behavior doesn't mean that the rules will no longer apply to you. The fact that you are now refusing to keep trying and continue changing shows that you no longer want to repent. Why would you want to even take the Sacrament then? The Bishop not allowing you to partake of the Sacrament is actually a blessing in disguise. It is meant for those who want to draw closer to the Savior and become more like repent. If you are thinking that you will never be able to stop this behavior then the adversary has already won...don't let him.
  4. scottyg

    Help! Clearing my own bias

    For me the answer to that is humility. We should never have preconceived notions of what we should be doing, or what calling we should have...because the calling we do have is what we should have. It doesn't matter if the thought of something different comes from us or from another. We should never refuse a call to serve. If something is standing in the way of effective service, those concerns should be brought up to the authority extending the call, but we should never refuse because we want something "better" or different. We should be willing to accept what the Lord wants of us, and trust in his better judgement. Wanting to be right isn't bias, it is pride.
  5. scottyg

    Help! Clearing my own bias

    Agreed. Often, those who want to be in a leadership position are those who have never done it before. These callings are tough, and oftentimes lonely. I have only ever seen 1 person released form a calling because they were doing a poor job...and it was more because they just couldn't find the time to serve due to a change in work schedule. I have always grown from every calling I have ever been in...and 2 of the last 3 have been ones that I wanted to say no to.
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    Help! Clearing my own bias

    For me as a youth, I needed a leader who was blunt and to the point. Someone who was always "sunshine and daises" and who beat around the bush wouldn't have helped me grow and desire to repent. All kids are different, but for me, I needed a kick in the pants and to be told to "buck up"...otherwise I wouldn't have. Regardless of the situation, the best course of action is for the Elder's Quorum president to fast and pray, and to them inform the Ward and Stake leaders of his decision...he holds Priesthood Keys and is entitled to revelation. Although he makes recommendations for his counselors (in consultation with the Bishop), the final say is between the Stake presidency and high council. They will determine if the call remains extended or is recalled.
  7. Yep, my wife and I struggled to have children at first. I also once made the mistake of asking that question to someone who had also been trying for years to have a child. I felt terrible, and I will never ask it to anyone again.
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    This is even happening in the U.S. Many insurance plans now cover "transition surgery" for "gender dysphoria", and all you really need to get it covered are letters from medical providers and/or social workers saying that it is "medically necessary" for the individual's overall well-being. Methinks not, since the suicide rate for individuals after trans surgery is no different than those who identify as trans but do not undertake the surgery. The people and politicians who are pushing for this child to make these changes will one day be held accountable. The following is an article worth reading sometime.
  9. scottyg

    Here’s a tough one!!

    Personally I do not see this as a religious/church matter at all, but more of a family and community one. Why should the Bishop get the final say in whether or not the home is reported? His keys have nothing to do with something like this. The LDS culture places too many things on the shoulders of ecclesiastical leaders that they really have nothing to do with. This is a public health issue and the home should be reported ASAP. If individuals in the ward want to help, that's great, but it should ultimately fall on the homeowners and their family. No one should be living in those circumstances, and the fact that the home is in such disrepair shows that those individuals cannot take care of themselves. I would have called the police as soon as I saw what was inside.
  10. scottyg

    Does God Manipulate His Children?

    "I had such a test decades ago when one of my medical faculty colleagues chastised me for failing to separate my professional knowledge from my religious convictions. He demanded that I not combine the two. How could I do that? Truth is truth! It is not divisible, and any part of it cannot be set aside. Whether truth emerges from a scientific laboratory or through revelation, all truth emanates from God. All truth is part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet I was being asked to hide my faith. I did not comply with my colleague’s request. I let my faith show! In all professional endeavors, rigorous standards of accuracy are required. Scholars cherish their freedom of expression. But full freedom cannot be experienced if part of one’s knowledge is ruled “out-of-bounds” by edicts of men. ...Spiritual truth cannot be ignored—especially divine commandments. Keeping divine commandments brings blessings, every time! Breaking divine commandments brings a loss of blessings, every time!" Russell M. Nelson, April 2014 General Conference
  11. scottyg

    Poll AC/DC vs Michael Bolton

    Ah, Michael Bolton...or as I like to call him "the screaming Baritone". I actually like a fair amount of his music. With regards to Van Halen I usually change the station...they aren't my cup of tea.
  12. scottyg

    Altering Garments

    Agreed. Next time you go to the temple call ahead if you can and see if the matron would have a few minutes to speak with you. My thoughts are that it would be appropriate...but I would still seek a second opinion.
  13. scottyg

    Sealed unworthily...

    I am an exec sec, and this is just how it goes. He truly has seen this before, and there is zero judgement passed on anyone. The main responsibility of his calling is to be the father of the ward, and he does this by assisting in the repentance process. The Temple is where you need to be. Trust me, you will feel better after you speak to him...he may actually feel bad knowing that you have carried this burden on your own for so long.
  14. scottyg

    Coffee Makers?

    Hopefully this comment doesn't sound like a rant. I would not be drinking it. All I think about when I see coffee is the liquid that is drained out of cans of beans before you cook them. I would rather drink something that actually tastes good on it's own rather than having to add creamers and sugar/flavorings to it. Maybe this is a stereotype, but I don't like "coffee people"...they are always cranky, and have a one track mind until they get their fix in the mornings. They can't function without their good ol cup of joe. I don't even like the smell. I just don't understand how it became such a cultural norm almost everywhere.
  15. If it wasn't April Fools Day I would be all for this. Someone should put it on kickstarter or something.
  16. I am simply stating what is in the church handbook.
  17. This is true. The Church strongly discourages in-vitro fertilization when using semen from anyone but the husband, or an egg from anyone but the wife. However, as Alia said, this is between her and the Lord. Also, children are meant to be reared by a father and a mother. Being a single parent, especially of a newborn is very tough and time consuming. Another thing to consider since she is LDS, is that if she conceived, she would be unable to have the child sealed to her...children can only be sealed to both a father and a mother, not just 1. If she eventually got married, and wanted a sealing, she would need to seek permission from the actual father of the would get very messy, complicated, and difficult. I would recommend against it - it is difficult, but better to wait upon the Lord.
  18. I do both. I am typically spending 3 days a week on the CFM material, and 4 days on my personal study, which is currently in the Old Testament. It is not the norm, as most people I talk to are exclusively studying CFM every day. Many of those people were not doing any kind of study before, so that is just fine. CFM has been an amazing way to get some families to finally meet together and talk about the Gospel and have a family home evening that they never had. We already did all of that, so we are continuing on in our personal study, and supplementing it with CFM. It is working great so far, and I think it is a great program meant to support home centered study and learning.
  19. The main reason behind this change is to increase the likelihood that Gospel discussion will occur in the home. For some parents it will be easier to talk to their children about seminary because they know what is being studied, and it helps the kids learn and see different sides of the instruction from different individuals...themselves, parents/family, Sunday School teachers, YM and YW teachers, and now Seminary teachers. The material in the curriculum is what we need at this time. Everyone now knows what everyone is learning, and the discussions and education need to take place in the home. Church education will be changing more in the future. This is more preparation to fortify us and our youth from what is to come in the world.
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    My personal view and understanding of Lucifer's plan in removing our agency was not about removing our ability to make personal choices, but removing any consequence of those choices. We would still have the ability to make choices every day, but there would be no negative consequences from evil acts. This would also remove any positive outcomes from good choices, and effectively nullify good and evil altogether. In his plan, one person could be righteous his entire life, while another could lie, kill, cheat, and steal...and both would be given the same reward, because we would not be agents unto ourselves - Lucifer would be our agent. However, as he presented it, this plan of his was impossible. To some it sounded great, but without agency, and the ability to learn from consequences, eternal life would not be possible, because there would be no room for growth. Since we would all be given the same "reward" by default, it would hinder our potential to progress, and without progression, our reward wouldn't actually be anything meaningful...just a state of being, which is in another manner of speaking, damnation. We would not be able to progress. His plan was a great lie. With regard to Jonah, he still had to make the choice to preach repentance. God will at times guide and direct us in his paths, but we will never be forced to act. Also, I do believe that the people on Earth today have the same opportunity of those of Ninevah. If we truly feel sorrow for our sin, and choose to change, we can be forgiven as they were. I am sure that not every single person in the city chose to repent...just the majority, and that majority prevented destruction. Repentance of an entire city is possible I guess, but would be remarkable.
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    Hopefully this is along the lines of what you are looking for. I believe Jonah exercised his agency when he refused to go and preach to the people of Ninevah, and left. God knew that those people would change if called to repentance, but because Jonah disliked the people in that area, he chose to disobey, and at that point would be held accountable in part for the destruction that would soon befall the people. His sin was in that he refused to sacrifice and help put the Lord's will before his own. Those who would be destroyed in Ninevah would be held responsible for their own wicked actions, but Jonah would also be responsible for not raising a warning voice and preaching the gospel to them when he had the chance. Thankfully, Jonah did go and preach to them, but he was also angry that they were spared because he still did not believe that those people were worthy of being spared. Eve though he gave them a great gift, he did it grudgingly, and so it profited him nothing without a real desire for their welfare. Later however, he was taught another lesson from the Lord, and hopefully his heart softened at that point. I think it did, and that his repentance would then be complete because he not only chose to obey his command, but began to actually view the people of Ninevah as precious children of God. His agency would then allow him to grow from this experience and partake of future blessings associated with his obedience.
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    Well, "we believe that man will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam's transgression". Whether or not we understand that an action is a sin, it will still distance us from God nonetheless. For example, those who choose to participate in immoral behavior or commit adultery, may say that they "didn't know" it was wrong. Even if that is true, they will still need the Atonement to become clean, even if they do not believe their acts are wrong. Sin is sin, and one composed of it cannot be in the presence of God without the cleansing power of Christ's Atonement. We all have been given the light of Christ, and at approximately the age of 8 years old, we are expected to begin learning how to fix mistakes we make in life.
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    To me, agency isn't so much the ability for one to make choices, but rather the capacity to be held responsible for them.
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    I do believe that mistakes are okay. I see no reason for a lawsuit, nor do I see this as "stepping" on someones constitutional right. The teacher did not know any better, plain and simple ignorance. Now that things have been explained, the boy was able to wear the cross and the teacher, nor the school has any problem with it. Now, if the school persisted in not allowing the cross to be worn that is another story. But, since the boy and teacher both expressed regret and forgiveness was given, it is time to move on. We do not need legal vindication when we have been wronged, but more forgiveness and patience with one another. The founding fathers did not intend for the american people to sue each other left and right. There should be no need for the school to fix any legal blunder...because a blunder is a mistake...a 1 time thing. No long term damage has been done here. In fact, more positives have come out on both sides. We all should simply forgive and forget. That is what the Lord does when we repent. We should follow his example like this young boy has.