Married brothers on church dating sites

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11 hours ago, Latter-Day Marriage said:



I mean, don't get me wrong, of course you are correct.  LDS-based dating sites should take steps to make it worthy of LDS standards.  It's just that the site owner must decide on priorities for their for-profit dating site.    The OP's story doesn't surprise me one bit, and it serves as a cautionary tale for anyone placing themselves in the dating scene, LDS-friendly or not.

Also, if you're gay and LDS, a good place to meet other gay LDS folk, are the church-run SSA recovery groups.  You are right again - folks shouldn't use them as places to hook up.

If you're still not sufficiently educated in worldly realities, ask me what's special about a gym with a section of the locker room set aside for people over 18.

Hey, don't look at me, I just know things.  


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