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  1. 55 minutes ago, Vort said:

    I confess I'm hesitant about joining a discussion group where a prominently featured contributor calls himself "Curelom". Looks very much like soft anti-Mormonism. Please tell me I'm wrong.

    You're wrong. (that was fun! I, too, am on that forum and the anti line is very clear and cleaned up quickly). 

  2. I had someone very, very close to me accuse me of being a sheep when it comes to the church. And I confirmed that accusation. I am a sheep. A free thinking and free to choose sheep, but a sheep, nonetheless. 

    I understand that there are people in the church who feel marginalized because they feel differently, think differently, struggle differently than what they perceive others to feel, think, or struggle. And I will always try to be loving, kind, and thoughtful to them. But, we are warned time and time again to be very careful with our criticisms of the prophets--and the members of the First Presidency and 12 Apostles are prophets, seers, and revelators. 

    Are they fallible, mortal men? Of course. But, any criticism I might feel, I'm very careful to either share with a trusted, faithful friend to work out my feelings/thoughts or I keep it to myself. While that may be construed as sheep-like following, I'm ok with it. Christ thinks of me as His sheep, so I embrace that name calling. 

    Put me in the camp of not appreciating the beginning of this article. I understand the overall thought and even agree with it. But, I do think it could have been approached differently. I am really ok with being accused of being a TBM (or is that now a TBLDS?) and a sheep. That's exactly who I want to be. I wish others were just as ok with being a sheep (which now appears to be a curse word or awful accusation). 

  3. I'm doing well so far. Not perfect by any way, but better. I've had a truckload of stress this month and haven't gone too nutso except for a couple of days. I really am trying to focus one day at a time. We are going out for pizza tomorrow night so that has helped me to focus on eating healthy in the days leading up to pizza night. My struggle will be to go right back to healthy eating and not use this as an excuse to choose more unhealthy foods. 

    One thing I've been doing to help is watching youtube videos on making healthy choices. Not only are these videos giving me knowledge and tools, they are inspiring and keeps me focused on my goals and WHY I want to choose health. 

  4. 31 minutes ago, anatess2 said:

    I am a sucker for good shoes.  And that's because, when I'm sad, shoes always picks me up.  Because it doesn't matter how much ice-cream I eat, all my shoes still fit.

    I lost nearly 50# in the last year. One thing that surprised me the most was that my shoe size went down. I went from an 8.5 to 7.5 and in some shoes I even fit into a 6.5! I've never, ever been able to wear anything less than a 7.5! Sadly, I had to get rid of some of my shoes since I was literally walking out of them.

  5. On 1/26/2019 at 1:45 AM, SpiritDragon said:

    @beefche Keep up the good work with the water. Can you explain what eating 5 and 1 means?


    It's a program I'm doing. Essentially, I eat 6 times a day -- about every 2-3 hrs. And they are small meals but nutritionally healthy. When I stick to the program, I feel better and am losing weight. 

  6. I am only going to weigh in every other week. I allow that dang scale too much control over my inner thoughts and emotions. And weight loss isn't SOLELY about a number on the scale. These Non Scale Victories (NSV) are ways to focus on other benefits of weight loss/healthier living. So, some NSV for me this week: my jeans aren't as snug; I actually wore boots (to the knee boots that I can easily zip over my calves); I went out to eat and had a yummy burger but special ordered it to be healthier for me. Yay!

  7. I work in the Nursery. As expected, these kiddos have the attention span of, well, a 2 year old. Are there any places where I can 1) find out physical activities we can do (I'd like to have at least 1 or 2 things that are more organized for the kiddos); 2) places I can download pictures to color; and 3) other ideas for Nursery leaders.

    Anything will help! Thanks!

  8. 11 hours ago, NeuroTypical said:

    Ok - today is "fighting despondence and cravings Tuesday".  Yesterday I was 2 lbs away.  I ate 400 calories less than allowed, and today I'm still 2 lbs away.  This geared me up for a pity-party-poor-me-I'm-a-woeful-victim fast food binge fest.  Not going to happen.  If I end up having to splurge, I have a fridge full of chicken chunks, apples, and carrots.  I walked past the free bag of seasoned peanuts in the break room.  Won't be going by the donut pile today.

    Head down, don't give in to temptation.  Stop by here to summon the motivation of peer pressure.  Do my work, healthy lunch, then to my evening activites, drive past the drive-throughs.  Home after dinner tonight - gotta go geared to not eat at home.  

    Ugh.  I know it gets easier than this.  This will just be a hard day.

    Oh, dude. I get that. Sometimes, I have fight snacking on unhealthy things on a minute by minute basis. 

    One thing to keep in mind, your body fluctuates weight on a daily basis--even an hourly. So, not losing 2 lbs in one day is perfectly normal. Be consistent in your behaviors and you will see the weight come off. Just be patient (I know! easier said than done!).

  9. 11 minutes ago, NeuroTypical said:

    Dreaded weekend is here.  Here are the lies spawned from lucifer's bloated belly:
    "I'm all driving around after helping someone move, and might as well do taco bell because it'll be too late for lunch when I get back, and the good people say it's important to not skip meals."
    "I only lost one lb yesterday, it's not worth it, I've spent my whole life around this weight and it ain't like I'm having health problems or anything."

    So I had lunch early, and I'll bring carrots to the move with me.  And checking in here to get dat good ol' peer pressure motivation going.  I am not gonna blow my diet today when I'm driving around, nor when I get home.

    Good job on being prepared, NT! Weekends are always the most difficult. Stay focused on WHY you want to be healthy. 

    I'm fighting my snacking monster today. I want a big ol' bucket of buttered popcorn, but I'm kinda stuck inside (we got a bunch of snow dumped on us and staying off the roads is a good idea). But being stuck is good as we don't have popcorn in the house. I will splurge a bit and have a diet soda (in addition to my water intake). 

    Stay strong!

  10. Yes, my husband got it at our local grocery store, Meijer. I don't know where in the store it was. I'll have to ask him (he's out with the guys tonight).

    I was very impressed by the low sodium. Most can/bottles contain a truckload of sodium, but this is just 125 mg per serving. 

  11. It's not loose like a relish. I'm sure one could eat it room temperature or cold, but warming it up loosens it and allows it to coat the rice or noodles (in my case, spaghetti squash). I think it loosens due to the coconut milk (almost like it's got an oil in it). I think it's closer in texture with a pesto.

  12. My husband found this and I thought I would share. This is so yummy! Full of flavor but very healthy. I used 2 tablespoons with 2 cups cooked spaghetti squash and shrimp (just warmed everything in the microwave). My husband mixed some with brown rice. This one is spicy. There is also an Italian one and Mexican one that we are going to try to find. 



  13. @unixknight amazing suit! Seriously, that is so dang cool! But, I want you to lose weight to not only be healthier but to see what other suits you'd come up with!

    Random thought: there was a Time Out for Women (run by Deseret Book and with lots of LDS speakers) at the convention center at the same time ComiCon was going on. So many people in costume. I was taking pics surreptitiously. Now I think I should have just asked them--I'm sure they would have said yes and have been proud to show off their talents! I was kinda funny to see some women walk by dressed so virtuous looking outfits next to a bunch of church ladies dressed for church. LOL!

  14. 3 hours ago, unixknight said:


    Breakfast: Lunchmeat turkey and cheese sammich with a cup of beef broth

    Lunch: Leftover tacos.  Only used two of the shells and at the meat/cheese/lettuce with a fork with the remaining two shells crunched up in it instead

    Dinner: Lasagna (1 cup) and green beans (1/4 cup)

    Later: soup made from 2 packs of Ramen (I know) 

    Normally I don't do the Ramen but I'm struggling to get over a nasty cold/sinus infection and I wanted the soup.  (I know.  Ramen is horrible crap food but the pho places were all closed.)  

    Still no new sodas since that one over the weekend

    Made the effort to drink the gallon.  Not sure if I made it or not, but I was trying.  Between the broth, lemon water and straight water I'm sure I at least got close. 

    Haven't exercised much due to being sick... I'd do it anyway but I just feel so exhausted all the time over the last several days.  

    I am a ramen lover! I wish, wish, WISH there was some way to make it healthy. I've wanted to try a restaurant that makes fresh ramen because if I love the crud that comes from the local 7/11, I can only imagine how much better fresh would be!

    Hope you feel better. Drink those fluids and rest. Don't stress about exercise until you are better.

  15. 5 hours ago, NeuroTypical said:

    I totally get the notion of a cheat meal being poison to some folks, something to be avoided at all costs.  And yes, I've yo-yoed from a stable occasional cheat day situation lasting months, to abandoning all rationality and just making every day a cheat day, several times in the last 5 years.  But for me, the cheat day is a blessing and until X happens, I have a track record of maintaining.  My X is not cheat day related.   My X is more deep-seated psyche related stuff, losing motivation because I get despondent or stressed or something.

    I've considered the analogy above, and while I can see it being quite valid for some folks, I'm not adopting it.   I think it's a matter of where the heart's compass is pointed.  Surely, our bodies are temples, and how we treat them reflects on our level of discipleship.  But for me, occasional self-care, is not sinful or an abuse of my temple.  The Sabbath comes once every 7 days, where we renew and gear up to face a new week.  I find a measured rewarding splurge motivating.  But for me to not be full of crap, I have to be able to say this, in this thread, 6 months from now, then a year from now, then 18 months from now.  Cross your fingers for me!

    Oh, yeah, I get that doesn't work for everyone. My husband gave me the stink eye when I told him this. He thoroughly disagrees with it. And, hey! It works for him to have his cheat days. He's lost a lot of weight doing so.

    I just have to change my way of thinking of food. I certainly don't ban unhealthy foods, I just have to limit them or try to make them healthier (I still have a brownie or cookie, but the ones I choose are so much healthier than Betty makes or that Mrs. Fields chick). I have a tradition on Superbowl Sunday to eat snack foods or make a decent meal with dessert--I'll probably do the same just make it a healthy meal with a small splurge rather than the day long splurge fest I normally would do.

  16. Today is Day 3 for me. Doing really well! So far, I've lost 4#. I don't officially weigh in until Sunday morning, but I wanted to see how much a difference it can be when I'm 100%. Pretty significant! 

    Reading of everyone's success, not so much success, and suggestions help me. I appreciate everyone being so open on here! And thanks, SpiritDragon, for making great suggestions/advice. BTW, I'm someone who shortens people's names. Why is it I wanted to shorten yours to Spit? LOL!

  17. My husband does the same thing, NT. He eats within a certain amount of calories (no matter what the calories--which means he can eat donuts everyday as long as he's within his calorie count). Then he has a cheat day. His problem was sometimes those cheat days kept extending. He's now trying a cheat meal vs. a whole cheat day.

    Me? I can't do cheat days. I have a very unhealthy relationship with food (who doesn't?) and if I do a cheat day, then it eventually turns into cheat years. Someone once described a cheat meal/day as "so, it's ok to be in a healthy marriage 6 days a week, but 1 day you can cheat on your spouse? does that make sense? why choose to do that with your health?" That really resonated with me. Now I have changed my vocabulary. Instead of a cheat meal, I choose to eat this meal even if it isn't as healthy as other choices. For whatever reason, that helps me to look at my choices and make primarily healthy ones.


  18. @anatess2 girl, you need to eat (I understand while sick, eating takes a back seat). When you are healthy again, you have got to give your body food on a regular basis. Food is fuel--you are basically running your car on a nearly empty tank. By not eating regularly, you are sabotaging your health--even if you eat healthy, going without food for such long periods deteriorates your health.