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  1. The Great Wall and it was meh okay. It was action packed enough that you didn't get bored but the plot just rang hollow, mostly. I would recommend waiting until it's on RedBox or Netflix or something of that nature.
  2. Just wanted to post some successful milestones that my son and I have achieved in his first year and in 2017. He's 14 months and I'm still cosleeping and breastfeeding him. This is something that I hadn't done or limitedly did with my daughter who is 5 now. My personal goal was to breastfeed to a minimal of 6 months which tends to be the recommended age for babies. We achieved 8 months of exclusively breastfeeding before introducing him to solids, which has reduced a lot of food allergies and the reflex to spit up or push out food with his tongue. Now well on his way to being a toddler, he still receives the beneficial nutrients from breast milk and is also a champion eater. He literally out eats my 5-year old! As for cosleeping, due to societal and family member pressure, I felt that stuffing my first child into a crib was the answer. She was extremely colicky. With my son I decided to cosleep with him and allow him to nurse as he needed through the night. Surprisingly, both my husband and I get great sleep in comparison to our first experience with child #1. If you're wondering about intimacy, we haven't had any problems getting our 1-1 time in, either. So mamas, if you're on the fence about cosleeping and extended breastfeeding, I would say to you, GO FOR IT I recommend it.
  3. As an ex-Mormon, I don't much care what the Mormon Tabernacle does and honestly, I'm not all that surprised. I do not like Trump but I'll survive the next four years, sadly, unlike some. I really like Bernie.
  4. There's no magical age but if you're feeling conflicted, that's a pretty strong sign that you ought to wait and only tie the knot when you feel in your gut that you're ready. I married as a teen and from my own experience, I would not recommend it, I think one has a lot of growing up and maturing to do. I might even say the same thing about 20-something year olds
  5. Yeh he's a little tornado but loving it
  6. I am good Just been busy with life and whatnot... Turns out little boys keep a mama on her toes...
  7. Don't know if this has been said but if you are not willing to fight for your marriage, then you shouldn't be in it. Plain and simple.
  8. Answering the thread title. For me, overall it amounted to deciding I preferred facts over faith. I identified as agnostic for a few months while I slowly registered stuff, and as things became clearer to me and my inner-self found peace, I was atheist.
  9. Backroads, life is too short not to convey your feelings and or concerns to loved ones. I would make a single effort to bring to my parents' attention that there are things I'd like to share with them about my child and with the focus just on my child. Be as direct as needs be, and if they don't understand, perhaps those special milestones ought to be shared with someone else that can appreciate them. Best of luck.
  10. Responding solely to the thread title and have not read the pages of responses. Who is to blame for hate crimes? Ignorance. It's too often a generational disease that plagues family after family.
  11. The last movie I saw was Split and while I enjoyed it overall, there were parts that I felt were a bit silly and a far stretch from reality.
  12. I know emergency kits aren't new things but what about emergency protocols for the neighbourhood? Do any of your wards do this? And does it extend outside of your membership? I have more questions but I'll start here.
  13. Excellent. And for the record, I call them "boobs". It's not correct terminology but I do use the phrase at home when nursing. I'll say, "Looks like baby wants booby."
  14. Breastfeeding shaming is real. Whether you've seen it or not. It is very real. If you're really interested in learning not just about breastfeeding but the very real trials that come with it, checkout "Breastfeeding Mama Talk" on Facebook, as it's a group that educates public on the benefits of BFing and it's a forum where mothers can receive support (especially after experiencing shaming). They are also affiliated with other well known groups like La Leche League. I am an exclusively breastfeeding mother. This means that I don't use pumped bottles and must latch my son whenever he's hungry - privately or publicly - I feed him then and there. I also don't use a cover, fortunately I'm not large chested but that's beside the point, my son doesn't like his head covered when nursing and being able to see his face allows me to easily and comfortably adjust latch as needed. I plan to feed him minimally to a year but would love to go to at least two years. Checkout La Leche League and you will learn that the *average* age for BFing around the world is 4! If that's not for you, fine. But to shame a mother doing what is natural is horrible. Just horrible.
  15. Dragon Quest on PS4, if you like RPGs. I'll throw this out there for adult gamers, Fallout 4 is fantastic, I'd recommend it.
  16. Alright, I'm caught up on the topic at hand. It sounds like there's an overwhelming amount of dysfunction going on here, on your husband's side, and on your side. So your son is the victim here. I suppose it's one thing to choose to stick around and be belittled by a spouse, but the moment that crap starts on the children, you got to make a hard and fast decision in whether that's the life you want for them. Edit: I would also add to consider birth control in the future, if you plan to remain intimate with this man. It's simply not fair to bring children into toxic relationships like this.
  17. Truth. If you don't have children or aren't around them, you probably think little kids just aren't all that aware - but they are! I remember my daughter not even being a year old and reacting to my husband playfully tackling me. She'd get these big eyes and start rattling the bars of her crib very upset and wailing. After this had happened a few times, we knew the horseplay was just too much for her. No doubt children that are a couple years old and toddler age understand plenty! They may not comprehend big fancy words but they read and sense body language like experts. They know when they are loved.
  18. I've had time to reflect on all of this. I'm less bothered now. I think some of them are simply in denial, to be honest. Though to be fair, I know everyone grieves in their own way. His funeral was not done until after Christmas, as his wife didn't want to put that burden on the living, our her own family (she and her sons). I didn't attend, I couldn't. From what I understand, only those in California attended and everyone else did not go. Thanks for the condolences.
  19. I don't know what policy is but from what I remember, yes, converts are discouraged from wearing crosses or doing the sign of the cross but my own opinion is that if it's done because it brings that person comfort and a sense of being closer to God, so be it. I don't think a piece of jewelry or the motion of one's hand is all that relevant in the grandness of things.
  20. It looks platinum blonde but it's not really. It's more of that cotton candy hue. And thank you! As for the pumping situation, long story super short, I ended up exclusively breastfeeding shortly after I made this thread. (No more pumping or bottles.) So post my son's 2.5 week milestone, he's only had mama's breast, and while I thought it'd be super challenging to commit to - it's been a great experience for us :)
  21. I like to think both babies were/are good babies. But a first time mum dealing with PPD with a colicky baby was the worse setup! I am grateful the second go around has been much gentler on both of us :)