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  1. I think it's sometimes a way for people to make a statement (something they believe in, even if they'd omit a certain word or two) without having a face to face. I know this sort of thing opens up speculation and discussion all the time on my FB feed.
  2. Hi, Classylady! Thank you for thinking about me and checking up. This time around has been a dream! My little boy is such an easygoing little guy which is the polar opposite from my daughter who was super colicky. On top of this, I am not dealing with depression this go around, so life has been much much easier all together :)
  3. She has told you why she is the way she is. She has point blank said that marriage and family is not something she desires right now. Until she receives the help she needs, you cannot change the circumstances, but you can continue to be a friend and continue to live your life. In my opinion, you are very very VERY young, and there's lots for you to still learn about yourself. Experience life, meet new people, travel, and get to know yourself more.
  4. I haven't read the comments, but truthfully, probably too much. In my defense, the majority of my daughter's activities on electronic devices are educational, and some really have taught her things. But if we're to be honest, nothing quite beats 1-1 time with a parent who can give real teaching moments. I do allow her to watch certain "fun" shows on her iPad, like Dora (which arguably is debatable lol), and Tinkerbell series. My DD is 4!
  5. I must have been naive to think I could chime in with my personal beliefs without being dinged. I'm pretty sure I haven't called any Conservatives out on what they believe. Hmm.
  6. Sorry you don't fancy my choice of wording. I do feel it to represent the more moral side of things and there is plenty of "history" (past events and their facts) to support the sprouting of Liberal beliefs and goals. I'm perfectly content with where I stand, whether others stand with me, or I stand alone. That's all I have to say.
  7. I'm a Lefty and I'm passionate in what we stand for; equality for LGBT, ethnic groups, and women - also - I like our environmental viewpoint. I'm very happy and feel good inside with my affiliations.
  8. This man is talent and not too bad on the eyes! I've seen all his stuff to date, except for, Shame and Slow West.
  9. I agree that you can't take Paul Blart movies seriously, not seriously enough to diss on it because it's not-that-good, of course it's not! It's meant to be pretty dang ridiculous. I still got a good handful of laughs out of it.
  10. Centurion with Michael Fassbender. It's pretty good. I'd watch it again.
  11. Can't speak on Mormon counsel but I agree completely that the decision to plan for a family, start a family, and decide when one's family is complete is the business of the couple - period! Personally, I think a whole lot more "planning" should be involved before starting on making babies, but that's my opinion. My husband and I decided long ago, even when I was LDS, that we would only have as many children as we felt we were able to nurture and care for - that includes not just having enough time for the child but be financially stable, as well. We have two children, a girl and a boy, and we are DONE.
  12. I have held my tongue and will continue to do so. I also agree about opening discussion up on depression and substance abuse. My grandfather was a drinker and I know other siblings have dealt with depression.
  13. A few years ago I made a post about my uncle who attempted suicide. This week he successfully took his life. I won't get into too much of a backstory, but in short, he had a long history of depression and alcohol abuse. Anyway, despite reality, family does not acknowledge that his death was suicide. Instead, they are telling people what happened was an accident. For some reason this really bothers me. I'm all for remembering the good things about him, and I realise that withholding certain details are not uncommon for this kind of death, but it still doesn't feel right.
  14. I just realised that I have this movie and have never watched it. I understand it to have some superb acting and is well worth the watch, but I'm wondering just how difficult it is to watch, especially with the subject being what it is. Will I come away feeling totally bummed out?
  15. Depends on what the stress is. I usually find a way to deal with it.
  16. Soley depends on the topic at hand. Oh. And how thick your skin is.
  17. I am just now learning about Freecycle... I didn't see a lot of action though for my area...
  18. Happy Thanksgiving :) My family hasn't always celebrated Thanksgiving but that's due to us not actually being American. As the years progressed, the festivities started feeling more natural to us, and certainly there were times we hit a nice restaurant for good food. But I would say more often than not, when the parentals did Thanksgiving, they planned for it and cooked up a feast. My little family is keeping things super simple but mainly because I don't want to take my 3 week old newborn anywhere... Too much going around for one! So we're doing home cooked food and other than the pumpkin/pecan pie and stuffing, none of it will be typical Thanksgiving menu.
  19. I saw this circulating FB, too, and enjoyed the read.
  20. We gave our newest family addition a Biblical name. I'm sure my family was surprised of our choice, especially, since I subscribe as agnostic. In any case, it's a great name and it has a good origin.