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  1. Tarnished you make some good points. I married as a college student. I had my last semester's tuition in the bank, and my wife was on a full ride scholarship. That sounds good, and we knew each other over a year, BUT the environment in 20/20 hidsight was totally artificial. Neither of us had any significant responsibilities such as having to go to work, and we lived away from our families so never really got to know that aspect of each other's lives. It never occured to me how bad my wife was with money, because she never needed any going to school. Everything was taken care of. And a lot of other things as well................Frankly as I look back I'm surprised we survived!!!!
  2. The guy was a jerk before you married him, but of course it's easy to overlook the signs.
  3. I continue to be married because I'm stubborn enough to see the downside of divorce. My wife and I have a workable relationship that also includes love. But we've had some serious problems over the years (almost 40). The giddy feelings of infatuation are soon over in any marraige, and one must then focus on the fact that hopefully the person you picked is fundamentally good, and trying to do the right things. We focus on that, and a lot of the petty annoyances get put aside. If I had to do it over again, I would not have married my wife because of certain problems that she had in her past. She's on page 168 of one of Dr Laura's books. The red flags were there, but I was simply too young, and hadn't the knowledge to see them. Knowing what I know now, I'm not sure I could take the plunge again!!!!!
  4. Divorce can be a positive in lives, if a bad situation is avoided. I have a very good friend now on his 3rd marraige. After his 2d divorce, he was perceptive enough to realize that maybe some of his problems in relationships were his. He sought counselling, and reformed certain aspects of his life that were not right. His third marraige will be his last, it's 25+ years, and running strong. He has an excellent wife and a very loving relationship with her.
  5. I don't know whether he was wrong or not, but I agree with this post. He judged on the basis of facts and perceptions he had at the time. FWIW I'm agnostic as to evolution, tending towards not believing in it. Although not being a religion, can one believe or not in it?? Call it a working hypothesis.
  6. The chart is nice but only reflects US AVERAGES. Real Estate is very area specific. That chart does not apply at all in the SF Bay Area of California where I live. Due to a variety of factors, property here has appreciated way beyond any inflation, and for most of us has been a good long term investment. I'd challenge anyone to buy a house in any sort of non slum here for $175K. Also, one must never forget the tax benefits of home ownership here in the US. From that point of view, it almost never makes any sort of sense to rent. So you need to understand the area you live in. I'd recommend you get in touch with a good Realtor.
  7. Double negatives are common in Spanish and are good grammar.:)
  8. I've seen it spelled both ways. Not sure if it's a real word, but it certainly describes a lot of persons on a lot of fora.
  9. You can imagine it, but it doesn't make it so.
  10. Well, thanks for this reference. I see no one has quoted any scripture Re: Walking back to Missouri. Frankly, I see the second coming in much more prosaic terms than the average person I talk to.
  11. A lot of the confusion seems to me revolves around the idea(myth?) that the garment should be worn at "all times", and that it offers some sort of physical protection. Common sense needs to prevail. We cannot be told everything, but some people seem to want just that. The whole thing about the garment is to remind us of our covenant with the Lord. Period. It's the covenant that protects us from the World, and doing wrong, not the garment itself. Let's not fall into the trap the ancient Jewish leaders did, and get all about the trappings, and not about what is really going on. There's not a day in my life that I've started without putting on the garment. But I've certainly taken it off for various activities in which it would be inapproprate. I didn't ask for "revelation" on whether it would be a good idea or not. It was just common sense.
  12. Not to hijack the thread, but who is walking back to Missouri? Is this doctrinal? I've never heard of any scripture that refers to this. I was in Missouri last June, and frankly felt it was lucky the Mormons were kicked out. Climate was hot and muggy, and apparently doesn't change much all summer!!! 'Course I'm from California, the real God's Country. I know it's the center of the future New Jersalem, but is anyone really walking?????
  13. You should buy what suits you best for now. Interest rates are at historic lows, and you may never have the opportunity to lock that in again in your lifetime. You don't state what area of the country you're in, so I can't give you specific advice, but in general prices on good city property hold up and begin appreciating before country property. I have a real estate license, so know a little about these things, and also live in one of the two or three most expensive areas in the US. In addition, I can lend 40 years of marraige experience to your decision as well: no matter what you choose, your wife will have a different opinion.
  14. You are more active than most that actually go to church. You are a good LDS person, because God is in your heart.
  15. Back in the 50s the church had all the authorities and missionaries wear a white shirt and tie. This was appropriate dress for the day, and all IBM salesmen dressed that way too. But times have changed. I don't even own a white shirt, and haven't worn a tie to work in over 10 years. I'm down to one suit (which I bought when my daughter was married last fall), and only wear a tie under duress as stated above. Now I do think that the authorities and missionaries should dress appropriate to their positions of authority, and that the rest of us should wear nice clothing to church, but that definition has changed a lot in my lifetime. I doubt if you were inappropriately dressed.
  16. The Lord doesn't care about your piercings or flip flops. You can go to the temple even with piercings and tattoos, my friends. Some of the people in the ward are judgemental and rude. Talk to the relief society president. I hope she will encourage you, and set those other people straight. You don't need to take the discussions again to be baptized AFAIK. Of course after your baptism your relationship with the missionaries will change, as their main goal is to spent time with non members, and convert them. But I have seen many relationships where people have kept in touch with the missionaries all their lives, and developed very good friendships. Heck, I've met a lot of converts and missionaries that have MARRIED each other!!! I'm not a dress code guy, and unless I'm doing something in the ward, I don't wear a tie.
  17. I can't answer why this is happening, but you should not stay based on the information you have provided.
  18. I was just in Alaska, and apparently it's just a myth that ALL glaciers are receding. Near Juneau, there are two glaciers. One is receding, and the other is expanding. A lot of these documentaries are agenda driven as in trying to max out on MORE government grants. Here in CA it was significantly cooler this summer, per my A/C bills.
  19. I'm a BMW guy, but there are a lot of other fora besides this one for this interest. I also own a LR3 and there is a great forum out of England
  20. I've been a member all my life (I'm 62) and have never really related with very many members of the church on a personal level. All my best friends are non-members. I'm talking about people I (actually my wife and I) go to dinner with, travel with etc. My wife has a lot of friends in the church, and I do piggy-back on that. I think the reason is that many of the activities in the church don't really interest me. I have a lot of outside interests, and while I've never been inactive, things like temple work, home teaching, genealogy etc. don't attract my attention. I don't appreciate leaders of the church trying to "guilt" me into doing something that I don't care to do. In the final analysis, going to church and participating in the activities is like anything else in life: it becomes personal. Luckily for my eternal salvation I found a good woman who I CAN relate to, and she helps me a lot.
  21. I know many people who have 6 months of $$ in the bank, and other resources as well. Low debt is a corollary to money in the bank. Have you ever noticed people that have no debt have money in the bank? The Church advocates NO debt. It's in the pamphlet, which apparently none of you have read. I'll reiterate: 72 hour food supply is your basic. Go for that. It will help you until someone can come to bail you out of whatever emergency happens. Major food storage is all fine and dandy, but the reality is that for the majority of us who live in urban areas, the real limiting factor in survival is water. Who stores two years of that? And where?? All foods have a shelf life, no matter how they are packaged. Which means that unless you are disciplined enough to rotate your storage it will rot. And if you are that disciplined, why aren't you saving money???? I'd lay very long odds that malted milk has a very short shelf life.
  22. Sorry to burst your bubble MOE, but most private schools have some sort of standards the the students agree to before admission is granted. Sometimes very politically correct.
  23. As a BYU graduate I can say: It depends! BYU in general has a good reputation scholastically, and also has the cachet of being a private institution. However some programs are better than others. So I would look at what you want to study, and decide if BYU best meets those needs. If you are single there is the added benefit of meeting many members of the opposite sex that Probably belong to the same religion as yourself assuming you're a Mormon. They don't call it BY Woo for nothing.
  24. Short answer: Don't start food storage until you have six months living expenses in the bank. That's your first line of defense against bad times. The intent of the Church preparedness program is not to have some schlub sell you a bunch of food that will rot somewhere in your home. It's much more than that. The Church has a pamphlet on preparedness, and food storage is only a small part of the plan. 72hr emergency is a better way to start, and more practical too.