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    NeedleinA reacted to mordorbund in Happy Independence day weekend!   
    I have to thank Justice Scalia for explaining why this particular structure ensures the freedoms promised in the Bill of Rights.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Vort in BYU athletes can’t endorse these products   
    Good for BYU for doing what they very obviously should have done.
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    I'll add my part!

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    I'll add my part!

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    NeedleinA reacted to Jedi_Nephite in Critical Race Theory - Someone (liberal) please explain   
    Here’s what this guy had to say about CRT:
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    NeedleinA reacted to NeuroTypical in Happy Independence day weekend!   
    (I'm roughly paraphrasing Oaks' April GC talk here, so sue me.)   The US Constitution is the oldest written constitution still in force today. It contains the doctrine of moral agency. Meaning, folks should have the maximum freedom to act according to their individual choices. And also meaning that it is wrong for citizens to have no voice in the selection of our rulers or the making of our laws. It provided a framework that would allow it to grow and evolve. Amendments that abolished slavery, and gave women the right to vote, couldn't be included in the original, they had to come later.   Five cool principles found in the US Constitution: - The source of government power is the people. Quite a revolutionary idea when it was signed - most folks figured sovereign power came from the 'divine right of kings' or military power. - Division of delegated power between the nation and it's states. Basically, all government powers rest in the hands of the states or the people, except for the powers specifically granted the national government. - Separation of powers. Not a new idea, but a very good one. Courts, the legislature, and the executive - they don't answer to each other - they only have stewardship over their own functions. Human nature seems to dictate that we want more and more power, consolodated in fewer and fewer places. Checks and balances helps us keep that from happening. - Specific vital guarantees of individual rights, and specific limits on govt authority. Useful against the always-renewing slew of idealistic worldchangers and problemfixers. Sorry friend, it doesn't matter how good your solution is, if it interferes with this or that right enshrined in the bill of rights, then you don't get to have it. - Coolest principle: We are to be governed by law, and not by individuals. We pledge allegiance to a symbol, not a person. Our oaths are sworn to protect and preserve the constitution, not this or that party or office holder. Everyone gets equal protection, and equal treatment, under the law. Imperfect, agenda-driven, biased, error-prone, fallible, sinful, fallen humans will always pick ways to rule each other. I'm glad the US picked the Constitution. Happy Independence Day weekend y'all!  
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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in Satan's little ironies   
    You say you disagree, then you show that you actually agree.  You have a funny way of expressing yourself.  A perfect study of self-contradiction.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from NeuroTypical in Lame Jokes, the Sequel   
    After years of watching this thread, this is my lame contribution.
    This is how racism will finally meet it's end.  Thanks David Guetta!
    If this video doesn't make you smile... well heck you are a racist OR European.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in Speak when NOT moved upon by the Holy Ghost   
    There are two ways to look at this.
    1) The Lord leads this Church.  The membership does not lead the Lord around by the nose.
    If it was revelation that people are protesting, the protests will have nothing to do with any change in policy.  One can imagine a monkey in a cage raging at the noise a passing airplane makes.  Then feels mighty that the airplane flew away because of the monkey's raging. If it was a mistake, then the Apostles figured it out somehow.  Was it because of the raging of malcontents?  Probably not.  But if there are genuine concerns that are brought up, then, yes, those concerns are heard and considered.  Then changes will be made to address those concerns if the Lord wills it so. 2) The Samuel Principle
    Remember that whenever this is invoked, it is not license for the membership of the Church to do whatever they want as long as they protest enough. This is the Lord simply reminding people of free agency.  The consequences are still there.  They should still be obeying a higher law.  But if they won't do it, then they won't do it.  It doesn't make their course of action right.  It is mitigating damage from the wrong course of action.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from NeuroTypical in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    I feel I did the thread a disservice by using the example of Tithing inside a thread about 'efficiency at Church'.
    I am already very aware of the widows mite, Timmy's tithing, sacred funds, etc. etc.
    I should have gone with an easier administration example and dodged such a sensitive subject 😉
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    NeedleinA reacted to LDSGator in Bishop rent assistance   
    All bishops do the work of the Lord of course, but bishops like the ones you described are spectacular. To minister to the homeless is the epitome of the love of Christ. 
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from Grunt in Bishop rent assistance   
    In addition to being a Bishop, some Bishops have one other assignment stacked on top of that, kind of like a (Bishop +1).
    Transient Bishop is one. Agent Bishop is another.
    Church handbook 👍
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from Grunt in Bishop rent assistance   
    In addition to being a Bishop, some Bishops have one other assignment stacked on top of that, kind of like a (Bishop +1).
    Transient Bishop is one. Agent Bishop is another.
    Church handbook 👍
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    NeedleinA reacted to Grunt in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    We're pretty much back to normal.  Missionaries still can't come to dinner, but that's about it.
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    NeedleinA reacted to mikbone in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    Jethro’s advice to Moses in Exodus 18 also comes to mind.   Especially:
    “The thing that thou doest is not good.
    18 Thou wilt surely wear away, both thou, and this people that is with thee: for this thing is too heavy for thee; thou art not able to perform it thyself alone.”
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    NeedleinA reacted to LDSGator in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    You did nothing of the sort bro-we all know you and trust your intentions. Don’t worry about it. 
    You want a sensitive subject? Ask @mirkwood how he feels about Van Halen and Van Hagar. 
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    NeedleinA reacted to LDSGator in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    As you should. It’s not like you are doing anything blasphemous or something. 
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from LDSGator in Efficiency is good, but not at Church?   
    I agree with you when it comes to the actual 'ministering' portion of the church's mission.
    However, when it comes to the repetitive items of 'administering' I'll probably stand my ground that efficiency, is actually a form of ministering to those who would otherwise be stuck in endless hours of administration.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Vort in Fauci's Two Americas   
    If the non-vaccine people have a higher death rate, it will be because they are monsters who deny plain science.
    If the vaccine people have a higher death rate, it will be because they are victims of being urban dwellers.
    Heads I win, tails you lose.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Carborendum in Fauci's Two Americas
    So, Fauci sees that there is a disparity of areas where the ratio of vaccinated vs unvaccinated people is quite extreme in either direction.  That may be true.
    Time will tell if these "Two Americas" will result in severely differing infection, hospitalization, and death rates.  I guess it depends on who is gathering the statistics.
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    NeedleinA got a reaction from NeuroTypical in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    Unvaccinated member of the Copperas Cove branch 😉

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    NeedleinA reacted to Anddenex in Speak when NOT moved upon by the Holy Ghost   
    What is our responsibility and what is the appropriate response to policies or statements made by the church that we may disagree with?
    The first disagreement from scripture, that we are aware of, is that of Satan. Lucifer knew better than anyone else, even the Father, as to how the plan should work. The tactics the Adversary used then are the same tactics being used now against the Church. What tactics were used by Satan:
    1) Sophistry
    2) Slander
    3) Pride. I know better. My way or the highway. My way is right. Your way is wrong. I feel really really strong about this.
    4) Force
    5) Gathering of public opinion and turning others away from the truth
    Our responsibility is to be like Christ. The individuals who "fight" against the Church, similar to Satan, would also fight against Christ -- if he were leading the Church now -- which is the greatest of all ironies as those people profess they are following -- the truth (their own truth)! We can disagree while moving forward in unity. This is spoken plainly and clearly in our scriptures.
    Is the church to be our source of truth and we are to wait on them for further revelation on important church/worldwide matters?
    The Church isn't the "source" of truth. The Holy Spirit and Christ (who is the way, the truth, and the life) are the source of truth. The Church is the Lord's kingdom upon the earth. We can learn all we want. The Lord can reveal as much truth as we are willing and able to receive; although, we don't have the permission to reveal any truth that is not yet known. If the Lord wants something done with his Church he will reveal his will to his servants the prophets. The Lord will not go to some lay member and reveal his will to them (although we can learn ahead of time changes which are to come) pertaining to his Church, his kingdom. This is spoken plainly and clearly in scripture.
    Are those that protested the priesthood ban peacefully to be seen as doing the right thing, the wrong thing, or an appropriate thing to do when feeling like the church made a misstep? Same question for those that opposed the 2015 LGBTQ policy? What about the LGBTQ ban on temple sealings?
    What do you mean by peaceably? If they did anything similar to Satan, and his rebellion, then obviously they did the wrong thing no matter how accurate or correct their protest may be. If they simply said, "I don't agree with this, and I look forward to the day of change," and happily served the Lord and his Church -- how is there anything wrong with this?
    My mission president was the bishop over a ward when the announcement came to the Church in 1978. These were faithful brethren who peaceably disagreed and hoped for a change. Their patriarchal blessings talked about the change to come. They served faithfully. They loved their fellowmen. They humbly and patiently waited for the hand of the Lord to be revealed. They weren't like the adversary (and our modern day antagonists: John Dehlin, Jeremy Runnells, Kate Kelly, etc...) who used slander, sophistry, pride, force, nor gathering of public opinion (turning others away from the truth). What better example could their be of what it means to be like Christ, especially when the policy directly affected them?
    I disagreed with the Church's decision to continue with Scouts (after the Scouts decision), but that didn't stop me from fulfilling my priesthood duties. I didn't create my own site and try to draw attention to myself and "my" desires. I didn't slander. I did have questions for sure. I'm pretty sure my disagreement (public and private) didn't hurt anyone's testimony.
    These things are spoken plainly and clearly in scripture.
    If it isn't appropriate to protest these matters, do you believe revelation would have been sought on these matters had there been on concern for them?
    Was it appropriate for people to protest "The Law of Moses" when it was first introduced by Moses? How did the Lord respond to those who protested the will of the Lord to Moses? In some ways it would be nice if the Lord treated these questions in the same manner, and in more ways I am glad he does not. But surely, the way the Lord initially dealt with "protest" sure made it very clear on the Lord's stance and how he felt about Moses and all of Moses's weaknesses.
    Are their policies that can be brought into question, and are their truths that shouldn't be brought into question (because they are simply true)? Would it have mattered to our Father in heaven, if more questions and concerns were brought up about his plan? No, because it is true. Policies can change, doctrinal truths do not (i.e. agency and its importance, who Christ is and how he is the only name under heaven by which we can be saved, gender being an essential characteristic). No matter the protest. No matter the disagreement. No matter the questions, somethings won't change, and those who continue their protests, their questions, their disagreements (in these matters) are only fulfilling the will of Satan -- desiring the eternal misery of others because he himself is also miserable.
    Questions regarding the priesthood would have eventually ended without the protest and questions. I am a little different though, in thought, because I don't believe -- personally -- if Joseph Smith wasn't martyred that a priesthood ban would have been given.
    The great aspect of this is that these things -- by examples -- are clearly and plainly taught in scripture. We already know the answers if we are carefully studying the revealed word -- both modern and past.
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    NeedleinA reacted to Ironhold in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    The building here in Cove has four congregations:
    Cove I Ward
    Cove II Ward
    Killeen 4th Ward
    Clear Creek YSA Branch
    Even though I've aged out of the YSA branch, they're so short-handed some weeks they don't even have the people to do the sacrament if I'm not there. 
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    NeedleinA reacted to NeuroTypical in Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?   
    Free red libertarianism runs strong in my ward.  Two or three of us never wore masks to start with.  We started broadcasting early, and show no sign of stopping.  Our peak online was around 30 logins, maybe 60 total folks.  Recent weeks and that has dropped to a dozen or so - often we see online visitors as people invite remote family and friends to see this or that person speak.
    About a week before the CDC/President's big "fully vaccinated people CAN STOP wearing masks" deal hit, I saw my bishop had removed his mask in sacrament meeting.  I took mine off a minute later.  Within a couple of weeks, the bishop announced stake policy (vax folks can stop, unvaxxed folks are encouraged to wear masks, we are not going to ask anyone or make anyone prove anything, don't be stupid people, be respectful of individual choices.)   Now perhaps maybe 2-5% of folks at church are wearing masks.  (That's true of Colorado Springs in general, I'd say.)
    In my own family, youngest daughter was the longest holdout.  2020 did a number on her in some ways, and she was being a good citizen by wearing a mask, resigned to living with us heathens.  But she eventually stopped too, after realizing she was literally the only person at the Home Depot wearing one.  
    Now, back at work, I've turned one cube wall into a trophy display case: