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  1. They said the same thing about Abortion. I would support limited Abortion (not the free range it had become, but more of a medical doctor's provision to use as a tool as needed for the health of the mother...etc) far more than the Gay Marriage push and Transgender indoctrination on young children that we have today. I would have thought that the righteous in the nation would have fought far harder and quicker against that attack against our children than they have, instead they choose to go after abortion in it's totality. I believe in America and that it is a Republic built on freedom. It is a nation where no one religion is the law, and where religion and government are separated. Thus, one can have the beliefs they want without fear of persecution. Because of this... I support the idea that those who believe in a manner can act in that manner as long as it does not harm others. If one wants to practice polyandry and it does not hurt others in that relationship, I do not think they should be persecuted. I felt the same way towards those that wanted to have homosexual relationships. However, when they started pushing indoctrination into children's films and such (and just recently Disney just released a children's film with a main factor of it being a child/teen/young adult pursuing a Gay relationship from what I understand) that IS NOT OKAY by me. This is how you turn those who would support your freedoms to be those who are against allowing you to keep doing these things.
  2. I thought he only paid 44 Billion, not 55 Billion. My daughter says that one of the languages needed is Scala, and while there are those who know it, it is harder to find those who are really familiar with it. Firing those with the experience of the framework (or laying them off or them just quitting) means that the likelihood of them losing vital information to keep the framework going is extremely high. Of course, if they want a "twitter 2.0" which uses a completely different framework, then that something that could be done with an entirely different group of employees after firing the old ones. Of course, then it is banking on the name recognition and name brand rather than the product, and that's a very risky endeavor to go as it is literally something else under the same name. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm not sure anyone knows what Musk is planning...Musk included at this point. PS: One other thing to add, burning it to the ground and replacing it with another program is even riskier according to her because it takes time to program something. It isn't just like snapping your fingers or putting together a model. It can take months (though more likely years) to get a successful program working for something as big as twitter is now. If done extremely quickly you'd still be looking at weeks down the road in which time they could lose most of the customer base if the original stops working.
  3. I have heard a rumor that was 88% of the Twitter Employees, including almost all of the software engineering department except for those with the H1B visas. I have also heard the rumor that Musk called a meeting trying to figure out if there were anyone left who could code at all and called an emergency meeting that people had to show up yesterday, then revised it because he found there were those who weren't able to make it (after he had told everyone the offices were closed until Monday) and started making revisions to his demand they all show up to the point that he hoped they would show up today or tomorrow if possible, and if not and had an excuse such as were not able to get to the office, they could meet otherwise via electronic means. From the same rumor, apparently security is still working, or some of them, as they were there to let at least one software engineer into the building who responded to Musks call for a meeting yesterday. With that the rumor is he's pretty crazy over there right now and those who can get out of it...are getting out of it as they see a ship sinking. The H1B's can't, but many of them are trying to find other jobs in the interim so that they don't have to worry (which could be hard considering Meta and Amazon just announced a lot of layoffs themselves). Even they want to get out of there, but can't without risking being kicked out of the nation and it's not worth them. The rumor is NONE of them think he knows what he is doing currently, it's a wild ride. I suppose if you consider that 88% of the employees as leftist crybabies leaving the playground as a good thing...that's good for your hopes. Not sure it's a wise idea for a corporation to shed that much of it's knowledge base and experience in such a short time, perhaps that's just me. Just rumors though. I don't know what will happen with Twitter (was never a user myself). It seems to me that it could be in trouble, but maybe Musk has some surefire way to turn it into a Billion dollar profit maker a year in the near future. I don't know how that would be if the rumors are true or even partially true at this point...but as I said, I've never been one to really follow twitter that closely so I'm not terribly familiar with the ins and outs of it. The rumors have made for an interesting item to read recently though.
  4. Most of that generation has passed on (due to old age). The ones that I know that are still alive today were children at the time. It was rather brutal on children in those places. All the ones I know in the United States are VERY PROUD to be United States Citizens today, and are very proud of the United States itself. They are pretty patriotic. Interestingly enough, most of them (not all of them) that I know from the United States personally are also Democrats. That probably is an interesting facet in regards to the make up of the Latter-day Saints in the U.S.
  5. I am torn on the issue. While I initially supported those who wanted to allow "Gay Marriage" I did not expect them to be so aggressive at attacking our morality or our children, and in doing so they have slowly turned me to be opposed to such sentiments. FAR before they brought abortion to the Supreme Court, I would have felt those who truly were on the Lord's side would have tackled the issue of Gay Marriage in the nation in regards to how far and how much it should be enabled in relation or comparison to what they now call "Traditional Marriage" in the public consumption. The fact that BOTH parties now seem to be in support of such things and we have widespread acceptance just shows how far the abomination spoken of in the New Testament and the rest of the Bible has gained ground among our World today. It is interesting that we are as the Nephites and the Lamanites, for as in the Book of Mormon, as the Nephites grew more wicked the Lamanites grew righteous in comparison. In many nations which we have conquered or opposed in the past in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East where they are not Christian but of other religions, their laws regarding morality have become more moral while ours have become less moral. While I am happy to promote freedom for all, I am less happy to hand weapons which others will use to try to attack the morality and morals of my grandchildren and eventually great grandchildren and beyond. Thus, I am torn on the issue. If the Church supports such a bill though, far from it for me to disagree. Instead, it is better for me to stay silent on my actual thoughts (which would be a much longer post...if you know me) regarding the Bill itself and say I support the Church's statement from here on out and hope that such actions will help mend fences and relationships among us and our brothers and sister.
  6. Overall, we have far more freedom than others. HOWEVER, there are areas we have lost (and others where we have gained) freedom of expression in the past century (or more accurately, the past 70 years). Many would consider these good areas to have shortened people's freedom to do things, others probably consider them terrible. Ironically, the CHURCH itself supports some of the areas where these freedoms have been lost. The BIG area for loss of freedom is the ability to choose who you want to employ and who you want to sell to. We lost the ability to discriminate against other people in regards to employment or in publicly selling retail. This means that we cannot discriminate against someone on the basis of sex, religion, race, and various other factors (such as, when it applies, disability for example. Is this a good abridgment? There are MANY who feel this IS a good abridgment of freedom. Is this the sign that you are talking about where we are heading down the path of the 1920s Germany? Historically speaking, it stems from the opposite end of the spectrum so that would be ironic. More likely, those who wish to enable discrimination more blatantly including areas of employment tend to exhibit the signs of facism far more than those who are on the opposite end of the spectrum. That doesn't mean we should label any of these groups which are composed of the majority of Americans as Facist or heading in that direction though. Doing so normally weakens an argument unless there is legitimate comparisons that facts and HISTORY agree with. Most who try to say these things are lacking in their historical accuracy in many instances and wish instead to exaggerate to try to make a political point. Laws to disable discrimination in these factors normally go counter to the discrimination that abounded during the regimes that existed in Germany and other portions of Europe during the 1930s. They also normally are somewhat counter to the Communist government's actual actions during the 1950s and 60s where discrimination against certain groups were especially high. That said, we have also gained many freedoms of expression (not that I would actually think these are good things, but if you are pro free speech without boundaries, you may). Ironically again, the CHURCH has actually opposed many of these. The expressions that deal with immoral actions, portrayals, and what would been seen as extremely offensive morally in the past are now allowed to be shown with almost no barriers in the United States and Europe today. The freedom to express such things in media came about from such individuals such as Larry Flynt (sp?) and others who challenged our communities standards of morality in expressing such things. As a result, today we see things in R-Rated, PG-13, and even PG movies that would have been highly censored or outright banned when I was a child. Is this a good thing? There is a fine balance between what is good and what is evil and what should or should not be allowed in our expression and our free expression of things as well as what we are allowed or not allowed to do. This balance has changed over the past 100 years. If we go back 100 years, Kyrie Irving would have simply not been employed in most cases, at least in the sports he plays. He may have had trouble finding a job that would employ him period, as employers were MUCH more free to employ who they wanted and take their own discrimination as a factor. Today, due to laws that said we could not do certain things, the landscape has changed. Businesses try to use these to cater to what they feel will bring the most money. In that regard, one of the aspects which is still attractive for businesses in the Western World is the freedom to ACT as THEY CHOOSE (instead of what the government mandates what they do, as many businesses found out to their detriment in Russia recently). They still try to cater to audiences in ways they feel will bring them the most money. When an employee decides to impact that in a negative way, there are MANY instances (not just the NBA, many businesses just fire people who do this) where the business will take action against that employee. This means that when certain things may be stated and become widely public, and a business deems that will turn off many of their audience, they will take action. If we disagree with how much influence one group of the public has over business decisions, then the best way to counter that is to get a group that has more money and SPENDS more money to have a BIGGER impact to change the way that business operates. A business CAN dictate what an employee says or acts when that employee is being seen as representative of that business. They are not a government, and as long as they are part of the Western World and we still have freedom of speech, they will still be protected in their ability to do such things in most instances. It is wonderful to live in the Free World. It is wonderful to enjoy the blessings thereof. However, when we talk about what freedoms we have had abridged and what freedoms we gain, it is good to see exactly what freedoms we really have lost (for example, the freedom to discriminate in business, which I don't know a ton of people that are against this, but...there you go) as well as the freedoms we have gained (we have gained the ability to be much more graphic in our expressions and portrayals regarding language, violence and immorality due to what some deem as art taking precedence over community standards of morality for example). Many may not realize that by calling for the abridgment of expression and speech from businesses, we are ALSO CALLING for OUR OWN ABRIDGMENT of expression, though many do not realize that this would be the end result if we try to push these things to their logical conclusion.
  7. AS far as current events, this one is perhaps the most dangerous now. I do not know what actions NATO will take. I do not think they can simply let it slide, and since as of right now Russia seems to not be taking responsibility, it seems that something should need to be done in order to show that this is unacceptable. If it is a Russian feint, they must be shown that we aren't going to put up for such a thing. The danger is that this could lead to an escalation, the end of which escalations could eventually lead to a bigger confrontation or even war. Such a war could be nuclear. I don't know where this is going, but I cannot see that we can simply shrug our shoulders and ignore it. Update: It appears President Biden has said it is unlikely it came from Russia and could be that it was part of the anti-missile defense that Ukraine shot, meaning it was part of the weaponry used by Ukraine when trying to shoot Russian missiles down. Obviously, they missed and it hit Poland and killed two people there.
  8. You realize the NBA is NOT a government entity. It is a business. Right? The great thing about the US is that PEOPLE (including BUSINESSES that are OWNED by people) have more freedom to do what they want, rather than be dictated what they have to do. I see MANY who WANT the government to dictate to people who own businesses what they MUST do. There is a BIG difference between a business and the people who own it doing what they WANT to do (including telling an employee [who can quite if they wish rather than being put in prison or executed] to stop doing something or if that employee wants to stay as an employee or be hired what they must do to remain so) and being DICTATED what they MUST do by a government. It still happens in the US, but to compare it to N. Korea or other places is not something that is really logical. I see there are many out there that are confused WHY businesses can actually DO things that they WANT to do. Many of these people want to take away the FREEDOM of these businessmen in ORDER to force them to do certain things. Freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom from consequences, but freedom to say what you want without the government coming and killing you or giving you long lengthy prison sentences. Kyrie can stop playing basketball anytime he wants without fear of being executed or a life long stay in prison. This is one of the wonderful things about the United States that many places do not have. In addition, the business owner can set limitations on their employees in a freer manner than almost anywhere else in the world (limitations normally revolve around safety and discrimination) without fear of being executed (such as what happens in China when business owners don't do what the government tells them, perhaps Kyrie would feel more at home there...of course...he wouldn't have the freedom to say what he wants either...but he could get the business owners executed if they wanted to do what they do here as well) or sent to long prison sentences (also China). Why is it that you stand for trying to say Irving is being persecuted, but seem to want to do so by abridging the rights of a LOT of other citizens in the United States. The United States is a nation which allows a LOT of freedom, and it is NOT just limited to a certain group of people. If I start a business and then make it a corporation, I have a LOT more freedom to say and do what I want with that business than many other places around the world. That is because such actions are protected in the United States. Even when people do not like my actions and call for my freedom to be abridged, luckily I would still be able to do as I WANT with MY business, even if it is a corporation in which I only own a majority of stock. However, it does not mean people have to buy what I am producing, or making. Freedom allows them to choose as well. IF WE force the abridgment of other's freedoms to do what they want with their businesses, eventually it will funnel back into where WE, individually, ALSO may lose freedoms. PS: When posting items from Yeonmi Park, why not use HER youtube channel instead of a anti-science organization that has rejected that smoking was bad for health as well as working hand in hand with tobacco companies in the few decades to promote smoking as healthy and reject the science behind showing smoking causes cancer in second hand smoke and other such items in the past? In the video it appears she is addressing the "woke" ideas that are perpetuating in the university/education systems today. This is not necessarily businesses, though it obviously is applicable seeing that Columbia university is a private university and not a government run institute. Her youtube channel is located (if I got the link correct) here. Voice of North Korea This would be her Youtube channel. In that regards, once again, when wondering WHY businesses may cater to such groups as the "Woke" crowd...the same freedoms apply again. The consequences of NOT catering may be more costly than catering to them. Freedom to choose does not mean freedom from consequence. By choosing NOT to cater to them it could mean lost sales and less money. Just as a business is free to make choices and decisions, so are customers. They can choose to buy, support, or spend their money how they like. Why... Because this is America, and we have more freedom here than most places in the world. People get confused between freedom of speech and action, and freedom of consequences all the time. Freedom of speech means that the government cannot go and punish you for making or dong things. It cannot force you to say or do things in that same manner. However, that freedom is not just for one person or one class, it applies to everyone. That includes businessmen as well as employees, employers as well as employees. We DO have limitations set on businesses and those who own them so they are not as free as others in the nation already (they are not allowed to discriminate for example), but they STILL have many freedoms that we probably should not abridge lest we start down that dark path towards the abridgment of everyone's freedoms.
  9. I'm not positive, but I think part of it may be dependent on WHY you are homeless. Some who are medically sick and disabled may not be able to hold a job. That may be why they lost a job and ability for stability in the first place. Medical debt is the number 1 reason for bankruptcy in the US from what I hear, and a major reason for people also becoming homeless. If you are sick and unable to get better it can be hard to work on other things. Some may have made poor choices and gotten addicted to drugs (alcohol also being a drug). With so much of their attention stuck on their addiction, without help it may be hard or impossible for them to focus on something better. Some may just enjoy BEING homeless. No ties to keep them down. I think situations vary between different people.
  10. I would say the #1 reason is costs. The costs would be the cost to repair things. You have many different people that are homeless and many different types of people. Unfortunately, it is normally the worst of people that make it hard for everyone else. Homeless communities are notorious for tearing things up and destroying things. While I expect a great majority of the Homeless to be grateful should we ever house homeless in our chapels, a small contingent of them would probably steal anything not locked down, and break a LOT of the furniture, bathroom, utilities, and even walls. Those costs skyrocket incredibly fast without a LOT of supervision to ensure it doesn't happen. The Church does not have three or four people at each chapel 24 hours a day. I've seen buildings be destroyed in a week, be repaired, and then a week later destroyed again as soon as the homeless population came in again. Repeatedly having Chapels destroyed like that is not something I think the Church could actually afford, and they probably don't have the funds to pay for the manpower to secure it enough to not have it occur.
  11. Well, point blank, most of the Republicans did nothing but show their ignorance. They complained about the economy and blamed Biden for it showing they have NO IDEA what is going on outside of the United States and how World global economics actually affect the US economy as well. It is also a reason the US dollar has been unusually strong over the past year in regards to the Euro and various other currencies. The US is actually weathering the inflation and other economic impacts MUCH BETTER than many others, and it shows. Rather than doing any actions to try to help, the Republicans have tried to hinder helping the American Public the entire way over the past few months. They THOUGHT that it would reflect badly on the Democrats...the problem...people are NOT SO ignorant as they believed. We can SEE the votes and SEE them hijacking and trying to stop things that would why would we blame the Democrats normally? It doesn't mean all Republicans are in this boat. I am glad Kemp won in Georgia for example. It means that they need to look at others beyond their own party. They are catering to their base, but if you only cater to your base it doesn't win you Congress or the Presidency. BUT the TWO biggest whammies in this election which I think hurt Republicans... By being anti-mask and anti-vaccine more Republicans have died than Democrats. That probably effected the numbers. It is hypothesized that this is ONE MAJOR reason Georgia Democrats have made such major inroads over the past few years...because those narrow numbers suddenly are even more narrow now. I couldn't believe Georgia was purple...but a recent radio show I heard while driving actually went into this aspect and it made sense. The numbers who have passed from Covid and the numbers related to the elections and how close they've suddenly become in certain places in Georgia seem strikingly related. If more Republicans die than Democrats...than yes, the numbers are closer. And number two...and the BIGGEST reason the Republicans won, but won smaller than expected in my opinion... A great majority of the Republican base today are an older group of individuals. The Republican plan to kill or reduce Social Security and to kill or reduce Medicare came to light. Telling your base that you want to take away money and healthcare is NOT a good way to win their support. That seemed like one of the dumbest political moves I've ever seen. It's a miracle the Republicans didn't get murdered at the mid-terms with that strategy. Best way to NOT lose the next Presidential election if you are the Republican party... #1 - Find a way to help keep SS matter what. You do NOT want to make your base REALLY just start not voting for you. If they don't want to vote against you, but also not for you so they don't show up...that's...well...that's a lot of what probably happened this go around. Instead...State that this plan of yours to kill Social security was stupid and you aren't going to do such things...because...when half your base is over 65...telling them that the funds they paid into SS for their entire life was futile...probably NOT a good idea. #2 - Instead of simply blaming the Democrats as your main platform...come up with a platform which actually is constructive and people can see that it could be helpful...or at least a good idea. For that matter, perhaps coming up with a platform...any platform stronger than...Democrats are bad...could probably do wonders.
  12. Didn't make it very far into this, but language seemed rather...not my type of language. Perhaps an edited version?
  13. Of interest, it DIDN'T stop plural marriage. It should be noted that Woodrow Wilson never FORBIDS Plural Marriage in the Declaration. In fact, what he strongly does in regards to Church policy is to ADVISE us to refrain from contracting any marriage forbidden by the law of the land. In that same light, we were advised not to drink hot drinks at the time nor drink alcoholic beverages. The Saints still did so. The wording is very interesting in what it DOES NOT say, vs. what it says, a precise wording of it could be seen to side step several items. Even though it SOUNDS specific, by being so specific it actually makes several items extremely vague, especially considering what happened later in that decade. He denies teaching it or authorizing it, but he does not strictly say that it is something the Church teaches is wrong or is against. Now, the question came into being on whether someone was authorizing these new marriages, which it appears WERE occurring. That said, both Wilford Woodruff was adamant he was not pursuing them in the territory and later, in the State of Utah. Lorenzo Snow also was thought to have been adamant in NOT allowing new marriages. However, somewhere in that period the policies were relaxed and some plural marriages occurred. Some think it was Joseph F. Smith that relaxed the policy (others actually say it was from those before him, using his actual harder crackdown on it as evidence that he was not the primary one responsible). In either case, it was actually under Joseph F. Smith that the rules against plural marriage got teeth and were enforced vigorously. This is when we see the fracture which gave rise to some fundamentalist sects because finally they had no place to escape within the church. Under Joseph F. Smith he made it an excommunicatable offense. It is under Joseph F. Smith where it finally comes out as the Church being STRONGLY against plural marriage and it being taught against publically and often. It is here where you see several leaders of the church, upset with this course of action, start their own splinter groups (claiming authority by various means, most being rather dubious). That said, in relation to the original manifesto, one reason that it was given, or a reasoning, was given by George Q. Cannon. When plural marriage was originally given in strong effect, Utah was not yet part of the States. It came under the States shortly thereafter, but as a territory, and at some points, under the control of the Prophet. This gave leeway to the Saints in the participation of the laws pertaining to this effect. However, after the Civil War and later as the Church faced increased scrutiny, it became harder for the Saints to continue the practice. In addition, it gave a difficult conflict for they were commanded to obey the laws of the land on the one hand, and on the other, by obeying the laws of heaven, to disobey the very laws of the land they were called to follow. It WAS a great sacrifice and a great proving ground of the Saints. From this sacrifice many blessings have come. The children of these Saints were faithful for GENERATIONS. There have been three or four generations of faithfulness (much like the Nephites in the Book of Mormon after the Lord's visitation and after their great trials after his death, those surviving being the more righteous who then, refined, became a more perfect people themselves) among those descendants of those who underwent these trials and sacrifices. They have grown the Church several times over, and then beyond that. If we had that type of obedience and sacrifice today, who knows how strong the church would grow to be!
  14. Let's take it another direction. Should a private corporation or company or even individual be FORCED to pay someone they don't want to pay. Should they be FORCED to retain someone they want to fire. If they are going to be forced to hire and keep someone who they cannot fire, even if they have various rules that would say they could fire them from the company, what reason does that company have to even stay in business. When the government takes so much control as to say laws that only apply to the government now must apply to the business to the point the government can dicate to the business who is to be hired, who is to be fired, and what they must or must not allow their employee to do...what reason does the business owner even have to stay in business. Yet, here...we are saying that the government should dictate to a business that is NOT a government entity, but combines other business entities with OWNERS what they can or cannot do, who they must hire, who they can't fire, and how they SHOULD handle their own employees to the point that we will dictate every move. There are some areas which the US dictates these things today, but thus far it hasn't gone THAT far where we dictate every move a company has to make or make it illegal for them to put an employee on a PIP if they feel they need to do so. In your above example, in an at-will state, a business or company could fire both individuals just because they feel like it and it is a bad match and won't have to even say why. One could try to prove that it was for discrimination, but in most cases good luck with that. In states with more protections, they may have problems as research would show there could be a possible connection where a business is unable to discriminate due to sex, gender, religion, race, or other aspects of employment law. The firing is already illegal, though PIPs or other things are not in many cases. The best bet is if you are religious and are employed by a company hostile to your religion, it may be a good idea to start searching for a job elsewhere if in the US. A smart company would start looking for reasons to fire for cause (rather than discrimination) and document such things to try to say they had a reason to fire you, even if we all knew the REAL reason was due to race/religion/sex or gender/etc.... These cases can be won, but they tend to be harder to prove at times unless the employer was flagrant about it or just didn't know enough to hide their tracks.
  15. I'm confused about what you thought can't be put into an envelope. White powder? You don't think someone can put white powder in an envelope? What type of envelopes are you used to? Powder is easily put in envelopes if the envelopes are sealable. That's what caused the Anthrax scares a little over a decade ago, people mailing powder in an envelope to various individuals and saying it was anthrax. Anyways... I can't say I've heard about the reports about Kari Lake. It may be where I am located that this news hasn't gotten to me, or it may be I just haven't caught the news at the right time. I heard about the attack on Nancy Pelosi's residence. That was pretty vile. That's the only BIG news about an attack that I've heard on a US politician recently though. I could be out of the loop. Edit: So I looked this up, since you seem to think it is some sort of conspiracy from the "Liberal news" network. This is what I found...NOT from CNN, but from Foxnews. Kari Lake on suspicious items in the mail From the article... It looks like she is using it to turn it into a campaign promotion or something. It looks like there have been other actual attacks as well, one on a Republican, two others on Democrats (one of which I mentioned already). I expect they'll find it was flour or some other substance, though if it turns out it was something like Anthrax I expect a general alarm to be sounded and a much more vigorous hunt on whoever sent it. If it's flour though or something similar...probably still looking for the person but probably not as big a search.
  16. It's far easier than many realize, especially in the past 2 years. My home has jumped in valued by about 3.5X of what it was worth a mere 3 years ago. There are many who are suddenly millionaires simply because the property they own is suddenly worth a lot more. I am not sure WHY people always want their property values to rise. For those who plan on LIVING in their homes, it's a real pain. Suddenly you can owe a LOT more in property taxes simply for living in the same place. Your wages don't go up as quickly, your ability to pay doesn't really either, but suddenly you owe a LOT MORE taxes simply because of how quickly your property values rose. People consider the rise of property value a good thing...I do not know where they get this idea unless they are looking at it from the perspective of being greedy and using property as investments rather than someplace to live.
  17. The irony is that he is personally censoring a LOT of people on twitter if they say anything that isn't inline with whatever his current agenda is, or so it seems. No Free speech there! The COO didn't even say anything offensive, simply stated why they weren't putting as many ads on Twitter at the moment and he gets kicked! That's not free speech, that's a say what I like or I'll ban you type thing! So the COO said something that wasn't all happy cheering for Musk and was a little critical of the situation in order to explain their concerns. Rather than address the concerns at all...Musk just tries to give them a black eye. I may only be a History Professor, but I don't think that's how business is supposed to work when you are trying to get people to give you money. I don't even think that's how you promote free speech! His actions are saying the exact opposite of what he may think he is saying otherwise. The advertisers are not avoiding it because they feel that there is little moderation and very little control in a downward spiraling situation. It could be flushing money down the drain depending on Musk's mood rather than being stable and reliable at the moment. Rather than listen to their concerns and address them... Musk does another kick... Where in the world of free speech, of even sensible common sense of listening to the guys you want money from, does this match up? Edit: From the viewpoint that Musk is trying to run a business to make money, it literally makes no sense to me what he is doing right now. It seems he is going to try to run twitter to the ground rather than build it up. A dead twitter doesn't help promote free speech either, but could be used as an icon of the dangers of trying what Musk is doing.
  18. That's what I understand as well. Instead of catering to the people who advertise though, he seems to be targeting them on purpose to make them upset and angry at him. I'm not sure what his angle is on this or why he is doing it, but from the outside it seems insane. It's so insane I am starting to wonder if it is on purpose to destroy twitter for some financial reason that is still unclear. With his $8 a day idea he MIGHT be able to go the other way if he got 3 Million to pay, but he seems to be targeting and kicking off some of those key people who were commenting on the pay scheme already. We'll know this week on how successful his idea is (perhaps). IF we get information it could show whether twitter will die a financial calamity or have enough willing to pay a fee to least for the meantime. On the otherhand if we get no information but Musk goes into a further meltdown mode, it could indicate that it was unsuccessful and not enough subscribed when the program starts this week (I think it is supposed to start this week at least).
  19. I don't know why Musk is doing what he is doing, though word is that even prior to Musk taking over Twitter was losing 200 M a year. It could be Musk is trying to see if there is any way to turn a profit OR going crazy because he's bought a sinking ship and can only see it sinking fast or slow. He doesn't seem to be catering to anyone who he would need to cater to make it more successful currently. The COO of a major advertising company responded on why he was hesitant (though he framed it as advertisers in general) to do advertisements on twitter currently. They said they were uncertain of where twitter was going currently and thus it was an unreliable platform (currently, nothing he said was that it would not be, just that they were watching to see what happened) for their ads right now. They normally like to have some moderation regarding their ads and appearance of ads. It appeared to them that Musk had just gotten rid of 75% of the moderators. That was very concerning to them. They had drawn back to see it's effects and where this was going before committing more. Musk blocked him (I think that's all, or it was he got kicked off twitter...). That seems a rather foolish move to do to people you are trying to get to pay YOU to use your platform. It's such a drastic move I am beginning to wonder if Musk is doing this on purpose. I'm wondering at this point with some of Musks moves if he is doing this purposefully in order to get some tax write-offs. Do it like Romney used to where they burn it to the ground and then sell of the remains. It eventually leads to a profit but kills the company. The only problem I see in that is Romney's tactics normally used companies with a lot more hard assetts so were able to leverage those to make money whereas twitter doesn't have that many hard assets.
  20. There was an article recently that said Marjorie Taylor Greene had been swatted six times! I don't care what you think of someone politically, that's just evil to do to someone.
  21. I looked into this today after reading your post. It does not appear that he is being suspended because of his apology, but because he doubled down on his original statement. Originally he supported an anti-Semitic film about the people of African ancestry being the true Jews with the others being fake. That those we call Jews today culturally appropriated the term and are not really Jews. It called the Jews various racist items and said that they were conspiring to put Black people down and other such things. It also had holocaust denial and various other items which are extremely distasteful. After Kyrie Irving expressed this statement, he was talked about and asked on whether this was or was not something he actually believed. In an interview he refused to disavow any of it. He issued a semi apology saying he was an Omnist and was NOT suspended. However, Charles Barkley (who is Conservative from what I understand) complained about this as well as his cohost Shaquille O'Neill. This occurred on Nov. 1. ON Novemeber 2 the Nets issued the following He was finally suspended in response to an interview done on November 3rd. In it asking about the items that he had stated in the past and if he supported those types of items which were clearly anti-semitic he answered... This was the point which the Commission and the Nets had enough and decided that he was going to support his original statements with out any remorse. Their response... It was the suspension that apparently finally had him at least acknowledge that he may have hurt people. ONLY AFTER the suspension did he finally say this morning... It seems that the anti-defamation league was so horrified by his actions and statements that his 500K "donation" was refused. I do not know where he has/is donating that 500K next, or at least attempting to. The Reason they rejected his donation was stated as As his suspension goes it appears that this is what it contains... Part of that is to actually meet with some of the Jewish leaders and see who they are and how they really are in person. Edit: I should also add that it appears that the NETS ALSO paid out 500K in part for their responsibility as Irving is their player. It does not say that their payment was rejected. They ALSO are working with the ADL as they had originally expected Irving to do with them to show their responsibility in all of it as he was playing for them, or so it appears.
  22. It's not a battle I wish to fight in our house, I did make my desires known. Then again, we also have several Xboxes and Playstation 4s and Switches for the grandkids to enjoy when they are over. There ARE things I enjoy on Disney, their older animation and older movies that came out decades ago. However, there is a LOT of trash on Disney+ these days, much of it the newer stuff they have made which I have no desire to support. I do not understand how my children do not see this (they are adults and should realize this). At least I can set limits on what they watch in my home (some of the movies I have requested they not watch unless they get approval from my wife, which she has not given for those specific movies thus far). The older animated movies are good. I think if Walt was alive today he would be very upset with how Disney is going about things today (Disney was a pretty hardcore conservative). I think Roy was a bastion against this type of political messaging (though they occasionally snuck a thing through, especially as he got older) that is with Disney today, and wanted to keep things relatively focused on families and family values. With both of them gone I think Corporate Disney has started moving in directions they would have been solidly against if they were still alive.
  23. I don't know if it's just the older generations. As for me, I dislike most of the new Disney items, but my family over rides all of my desires. I would kill our Disney+ subscription and opt for some other Amusement Park (perhaps one that is cheaper and has more Shows that appeal to older people like me, ones where I can sit down for an hour or two an watch instead of trying to stand in line). My family LOVE Disney still, though. I don't see eye to eye with them on this. With that stated, not many of my grandkids actually like the new Star Wars Trilogy of films. They found them...not so great. They DO seem to like the Mandalorian and other new Stars Wars stuff on Disney+ though. I've heard that the new series Andor has some very questionable items though and have a few items that are trying to push a pro Gay narrative. Their parents seem to let them all watch it though. If it were not for my family, I'd cut Disney+ though.
  24. Very off-topic... But, went to Disney World with some of my Kids and Grand Kids recently. The Rise of the Resistance Ride had 115 minute wait one day, and a 4 hour wait the next (that's right, 4 hours...part of that was because it broke down for half of the day though). Smuggler's Run I think had a 70 to 80 minute wait time. I did not go to the Lightsaber shop, but there was a waiting line there just like for a ride. I'm not sure why there was such a long line. That Star Wars Land was quite popular. I need an amusement park with more shows and other items I think. The grand kids loved it though, even with the wait. I was annoyed that you have to schedule your meals with the restaurants these days via an app on your phone. I did not know their Star Wars Hotel was a Bust. I was told it was sold out. Disney World is terribly expensive all around. To take the kids and Grand Kids there cost me almost 12K in total. That was an expensive trip. When my kids were young it was a LOT cheaper.
  25. This may be true...but to go back to my teaching analogy (because that is what I am familiar with)... If I give a student a book about the Revolutionary War and ask them to learn about it and the principles behind it, 95% of the time it's a lost cause. They aren't going to study it on their own. That's why I'm there. If I give them general items to look at and study, 90% of the time they aren't really going to learn anything. If I test them, 90% of them would fail. This is why we have lectures to focus on specifics. If I tell them specifics and focus on specific items for them to learn and study for the test I will have a majority able to at least learn the MAJOR points of the Revolutionary War. They may not have a deep understanding that those 5% would have in the first example, or even a decent comprehension of the material the 10% would in the second example, but they WILL AT LEAST know the basics. 70% knowing WHAT the Revolutionary War was and why it was important is better to me than having 5% having a deep understanding of the motivations, impacts, and intricacies. If only 5% pass, and 95% remain ignorant after a general elective History class, that is a MASSIVE failure. I know we all HOPE that our young students (or youth in this case) will be as excited by the subject matter as we may be, but the truth is, most of them are not going to be as involved as our high hopes may wish they were. It's like what I see with Energy drinks among the Young adults in the college who are LDS now. Previously, when Caffeinated drinks were too at least be avoided (and at the time, it was NOT simply because they were caffeine as many try to argue, BUT because Caffeine is an addictive drug, and as per President Kimball, we were to avoid all addictive substances and drugs that were not beneficial to our system, as that was a violation of the Word of item that is STILL looked at today by some church leaders as a guide in regards to illegal drug use today) students overall (that I knew) didn't really drink energy drinks or other coffee like substances. Now, I see students drinking energy drinks, cold GREEN tea drinks (despite the adage against coffee, or tea, they claim as it's a cold beverage it's the same as any other caffeinated drink now that pepsi and coke are allowed), and various other items related to coffee or tea. They go to the coffee shops regularly (not to get coffee, but to get other things from them). Previously, we were told to avoid even the appearance of evil, so going to a coffee shop simply just seems counter to this. We may have high hopes for youth to capture the "spirit" of things, but in my experience, normally this will not happen without being specific in telling the youth what is or is not expected. The "Spirit" of the Law utilized by some is an excuse to break the commandments. When I served as a Church leader several years ago I had the refrain that you cannot keep the Spirit of the Law if you do not keep the Letter of the Law. You must first obey the Commandments in order to exceed them. In otherwords, the Spirit of the Law comes from an understanding of the Commandments and then not only obeying them, but since you understand their source and reasons, you are able to also obey further. A prime example is the Lower to the Higher law. In the Law you should not commit adultery. You should not fornicate. You should not do Homosexual acts. One who understood this law would then be able to keep these commandments and follow the HIGHER law and ideal which the Lord put forth which is you should not even LOOK upon a woman (or any object of lust which could also include men) to lust upon her, even in your heart. You would be keeping the Lower law by default and with the Higher law, have cleaner thoughts and a purer heart if you had the Spirit of the Law which you were keeping, even in the days of Moses. As I said, I have only guesses as to the moves they are making in the rewrite of the program. I don't know the reasons why. I DO know from experiences with College age students that trying to HOPE that they will get a deeper understanding from giving them general ideas is normally NOT a winning proposition, so I don't know exactly where the Youth Leadership of the church is going with these ideas.