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    Coming Back to the Church

    I did exactly what you are proposing! Walked into the building and greeted with enthusiasm and love by my new ward. Records transferred quickly and now feel like part of the furniture and as if I was never away. Best foot forward
  2. KScience

    A New Roost

    Hello and Welcome
  3. Pam you need a big "I told you so" with a side order of smug Any predictions for the pm session....or do we need time to calm down again?
  4. Will be watching in the chapel (our ward is the stake centre and so travelling not an issue). RS having a breakfast and looks like a fiar number of sisters attending. I am giving lifts to a number of singletons to the chapel so we don't all sit home alone. I would invite people over but dont have entertaining space and we would struggle to watch from my laptop. Think I may have to go shopping for a picnic so we can have a nice lunch together
  5. KScience

    Bingo Hall

    @SilentOne I feel honoured to get mentioned...... will happily join your BINGO (Once I figure out the UK timings)
  6. KScience

    Online LDS religion courses

    Online Institute would be rather fab!! Where do you get online seminary??
  7. KScience

    Thinking About Coming Back

    Hi, from one who has returned I can say it was a whole lot easier than I expected. I am older than you and had been inactive for a while longer than you, but was very much welcomed into my new ward and feel very much at home. I never lost my testimony of the gospel, but lost faith in my ability to live according to my covenants; which now sounds rather daft. The hardest part was walking back into a chapel and forgiving myself. Best of luck and if you need some virtual hand holding I am here for you.
  8. KScience

    Unexpected Interests

    You wouldn't be the first or last to have done exactly this!! The student who tried to deposit the loot down the sink when I noticed half my sample was missing, (and no one was leaving without a bag search ) had not paid close enough attention to my demo, or not thought through the consequences of their actions!! Also had to keep close tabs on the Magnesium ribbon.
  9. KScience

    Unexpected Interests

    My love of dressage is both weird and unexpected having grown up in a non horsey household. But my first job out of school was with horses and I have been in and out of the industry for years. I have owned a horse and competed for the last 10 years and last year I passed an MSc in Equine Behaviour, Performance and Training and now am a lecturer in Equine studies! I am also a science nerd. I went back to school as a mature student and single mum and ended up in science classes and found out I was quite good at it. Followed up with a degree in molecular biology (Dolly the sheep was headline grabbing news at this time - so it was a new and sexy science) and worked for a pharmaceutical company. Ended up as a science teacher as it worked better with raising my son. Found out I was better at physics and chemistry and loved blowing stuff up (in a responsible and controlled manner, of course). Love the teaching but not the paperwork so a career change was in order but still use the scientific method in my research and apply it to my teaching...and still read up on new research and watch science based documentaries....love learning about the phenomenal world around us - which is all science actually is.
  10. KScience

    Spread too thin?

    Our ward has lost its missionaries last week; the Elders moved out and there was no one to take their place. The Bishop was shocked when the Elders told him the news, as was the Stake President who had no knowledge of this. A conversation with the Mission President brought to light that there are 4 wards in the mission without fill time missionaries. This is despite the recent reorganisation of the missions in England due to falling missionary numbers. So as a ward we are going to have to up our game on the missionary front and maybe some creative thinking on our part will be in order. Does anyone have any similar experiences or ideas they would care to share? Baring in mind we have a ward of where average attendance is about 35 adult members and a good day is about 50. I was also wondering how prevalent this was? Is this something that we will need to factor into the future; have we become complacent about the blessing of having full time missionaries in a ward?
  11. Thanks, I think different areas are more rigid. I also think it makes a difference with the number of YSA that need to be accommodated. As a YSA in a university rich area we would often have 40 -50 in attendance; in this stake 10 is a good turn out, and our ward only has one active YSA (hence she gets stuck with me on the road trip to institute). I have no experience of the older retired people institute - I have a few years in me before I need to start looking; especially with our every changing retirement age. We have one YSA ward in this country so I find it odd that they are so prevalent in other places. I can see a demand for them, but we just expect YSA's to integrate into wards.
  12. KScience

    Spread too thin?

    We don't have a share situation as far as the ward mission leader or the bishop know - I just happened to be in the middle of this conversation and it expanded to a number of members in the ward. We are not beating ourselves up but I think that this has been good motivation for us to look at ourselves and how we can be better member missionaries. There were a couple of conversations on Sunday about how we can best fill the void; especially with regard to carrying on with teaching investigators.
  13. Picking up on the temple marriage theme... how about other countries will now allow temple sealings to be recognised as marriages? Wont happen in the UK as it contradicts current laws but there could be other countries. No more missions served in the USA; all missionaries to serve elsewhere Utah to become independent of the USA LDS colleges outside of the USA to be established Adult institute classes to allow "old" singles to join Arranged marriages, because the brethren are so fed up with repeating talks advising people to get married Anyone up for making a predictions BINGO card? I think they would stay rather blank!!
  14. KScience

    Stirring the pot at church

    I had not explored the chat.... will have to go and explore. Thank you
  15. KScience

    Stirring the pot at church

    I am a bit of a hobo and in my experience this happens too often, and it can feel awkward to have a wall of silence if you are teaching and challenge the "sunday school answers" with follow ups of "what does than mean on a day to day basis?" or " what does that look like in your life?" or if as a participant the questioning is so narrow that the specific answer is reached and then the discussion moved on (usually because of the awkward silence waiting for a response). I also think my professional life a as a teacher a lecturer may skew my view on superficial or stock answers and it is my nature/ habit to delve further and can make people feel awkward...which I try very hard not to do. Its much easier to dig deeper with primary kids and youth IME
  16. KScience

    Stirring the pot at church

    Sunday 21, I am not bored by Sunday school as I am in primary. I have only ever had short periods in Gospel Doctrine or Relief Society so not sat through the same manuals year after year. I have used the manuals for personal study and love the availability we have of online resources now. I have always been a nerd and invested in books and FARMS resources before the internet took off in the way it has. What I do miss is discussion and other peoples perspectives challenging my own narrow views. I do lurk on forums and get some of this, but the written word lacks the tone and you cant read expression. I also think I have interpreted the OP differently. I am not talking about particularly deep topics, just open discussion and exploring basic gospel principles in a more than superficial manner and being able to apply the principles in meaningful ways that people can learn from and broaden their experience.
  17. KScience

    Stirring the pot at church

    I don't see members except for at church. Usually that is on a Sunday (although the stake managed a Saturday activity too this week). I am new to the ward but even in wards I have been more established in I very rarely saw members other than on a Sunday unless I was serving in YW or a YSA attending institute. I could count on a monthly visit from HT or VT most of the time and had a great relationship with my last HT and we had some great discussions, but this was not always the case. I am starting to get to know the sisters I minister to, so maybe in time we could grow towards this sort of relationship, at the moment they are flattered when I phone as I have noticed they have missed sacrament and check if they are OK. I assume this a cultural difference between wards in the UK and in Utah. Most members don't have family to ask. If I had grown up in a ward or not moved as often maybe I would have these relationships. I study alone, I can ask strangers on the internet - but I don't know how to validate the opinions they are giving me; and that was my point really.
  18. KScience

    Stirring the pot at church

    SO coming back to the original topic....... If we dont ask the awkward questions in Sunday School where do we ask them? If members can't probe and question sincerely they will look to other sources. Personally when I am teaching I am quick to say "I don't know" or usually "great question, I have never thought of it that way". I find it much harder to lead discussion that just ends with the "standard" Sunday school answers and probes no further. Probably why I much prefer teaching in primary
  19. Its really interesting to see all of the different perspectives about the length of time at church and I would like to add to the discussion and offer my own. I would miss the time at church because it's about the only time I get to see other members, even though I currently spend 2 of those hours in primary (which BTW I LOVE). I am single and dont have family members to share the gospel with. My only opportunity in the week to discuss when I have been independently studying during the week or listen to the experiences of others is at church. Sharing this experience is something which helps me to feel less lonely. Sunday afternoons can also be a lonely time for singles. I can't distract myself with work, I have limited opportunities to visit with other members as they are having family time and I would not feel comfortable encroaching on this time (and this thread reinforces that idea). I study and nap but it a personal struggle for me - just an alternative perspective I don't expect any solutions. I also wonder if there is a geographical difference in perspectives. Being in the UK members are few and far between and the only opportunities for us to meet as saints is at organised meetings/events.
  20. KScience

    Lady fitness/accountability thread

    Well done you. I am still in the procrastination bandwagon. My excuse being that after summer break I am back at work teaching and its MANIC. Just about keeping my head above water but give it a couple of weeks (she says optimistically) and I will make time
  21. KScience

    Being Single in a Family Ward

    Its normal for us singletons to attend family wards everywhere else in the world...we only have family wards. Much easier all round
  22. VelvetShadow I can understand your desire to learn about the church before making a full commitment and have taken your questioning as a demonstartion of the importance that this decision is to you. If you want some of your questions answered I can recommend a great book The House of the Lord By James E. Talmage available on GoogleBooks: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=mX4zCgAAQBAJ I hope this answers some of your questions and helps you come to a decision.
  23. KScience

    Pineapples on Pizza?

    Sorry guys have to disagree with the majority and say no to the pineapple. But then again I am used to being in the minority...including the love of anchovies.
  24. Just wanted to say thank you to those who gave me supportive messages and add a quick update. I am feeling much more positive about everything. And I know I have ended up in the right place for me to continue to grow spiritually. Lovely welcoming ward, who are inclusive but not intrusive. I am looking forward to serving with these people and getting to know them better. My RS president came to visit this week and we discussed my having not been to church is a long time. She was surprised from my interactions in RS class and said to just carry on as I have been, but to not be worried to say no to anything I wasn't feeling up to. I have had some productive meetings with my Bishop and plans are afoot. So thank you chaps