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  1. Is there any way that you could consider IVF treatment? I'm sorry for your situation and wish you all the best in finding a solution.
  2. The funny thing is, people think nothing of saying Thank Goodness, which is really only another way of saying Thank God..I would have thought that you would only ever really use that phrase when you were especially grateful for a good outcome to a situation..perhaps it is more of a mini prayer than a taking of the name in vain?
  3. Thanks again for all the replies, they've been a great help to me. Thanks for the link to the Jan 09 Ensign article too. I wrote an email to my Bishop and RS President, explaining the problem but without naming names, and asked if they could arrange the 5th Sunday joint class around the topic. Unfortunately, the Bishop guessed straight away who I was talking about, and just forwarded my email to that person, who then replied to me saying 'Not me, that I'm aware of. I have more important things to worry about'. Now I feel worse because I could be seen to be stirring trouble for people when I just should have ignored the situation and got on with my life..trying not to hold the person's comments against them. Oh well, I'll see what happens on Sunday at the chapel.
  4. I just looked at the link and spotted an interior shot of the John Rylands library in Manchester, UK, which is one of the libraries I wish to visit at some point. Here's a link to images of the Bolton Library/Museum/Aquarium: Bolton Museum, Library, Art Gallery and Aquarium Here's a link to information about the Burnley library which I've just discovered isn't a Victorian building afterall, it was built in the 1930's! Unfortunately there is only an outside view of the library.. lcl -
  5. Ahh, I recall this happening now and again in my local ward, I didn't realise that was the reason for doing it...thanks :)
  6. Btw, I've never heard anyone refer to the 5th Sunday in the Church calendar..is this an occasional 'spare' Sunday in which the Bishopric can choose their own particular theme to talk about in the various Sunday classes?
  7. Thank you Mirium, I know how difficult it can be to explain your own particular 'brand' of depression to anyone, I find it especially difficult to explain to my psychiatrist, funnily enough, because I see him as an authority figure who is trying to downplay how I feel, maybe I just interpret his comments in a negative way rather than gaining hope from them..My original GP, when I was depressed at age 17 told my mum I had an inferiority complex..he just prescribed anti depressants to deal with it rather than sending me to counselling, which I've had since in my 40's..oh to have had the opportunity to explain my feelings all those years ago, and to have been offered a different way of perceiving things about myself and those around me..I could have had such a better time in my twenties and thirties.
  8. Elphie, thanks for reprinting your original post on this topic..I recall it well. Having always been a bookworm, my idea of the Food Storage programme is to cram as many bookcases and books into my home as possible, so I'll never have nothing to read, lol :) There are a couple of interesting (I believe) libraries in Manchester, UK, but I haven't had the pleasure of visiting them yet..one holds original copies of books that are ancient..100's of years old, I would love to spend a day inside that place..I need to ask my friend to take me there with her sometime. In Bolton, UK, there is a combined library/museum/aquarium! That is a great place to visit too, it's an old, Victorian building and is great to explore. The library in my hometown of Burnley is also an old, victorian building..inside it's been modernised recently so it doesn't have quite the effect that it had years ago, but it's still an interesting place to visit. I wish the town I lived in now still had its Victorian library, the old library building is still around, it's quite small and is currently up for sale as offices. The replacement is a typical 1960's glass and metal afair which is quite uninspiring to be honest. When my kids leave home I've already made plans to convert their bedrooms into joint Food Storage/Library spaces..I can't wait, lol, poor kids!
  9. I wasn't suggesting that this person, or anyone else, should have deep, in-depth knowledge of different kinds of mental illnesses, but that he should be 'educated' enough not to make sweeping statements that my friend who may have Bi Polar is just immature because he has mood swings..he has been on medication from his GP in the past for the mood swings, or that I spend all day at my computer on Facebook, which isn't what I do anyway..when I'm feeling a little okay I go to college classes and when I'm in the depths of my depression I stay in bed and avoid the world..sometimes I use Facebook recently as my only way of conversing with anyone. A little compassion and losing the deprecating remarks would be a good start for this man to regain my respect.
  10. Thanks for the further replies everyone. The suggestion of speaking to my Home/Visiting teachers is a good idea, because obviously I wouldn't want to single out this guy just because, I do feel that it would be more constructive to educate the whole of the congregation and hope that the message is received and taken on board by this particular guy and any who think the same as he does. Thanks for the Ensign article too, LM, that is a good idea, to let him receive a copy anonymously..perhaps if I don't confront the issue soon enough I may be angry enough to throw that brick too! LOL :) Coping, you're right, there is still a big stigma attached to mental illness and until somebody has grown close to a person going thru problems, it can be difficult to sympathise or empathise with their situation. My sister used to resent the classes I could go to, distraction classes I called them as they were designed to get me out of the house and to stop me brooding about my depressive thoughts, as she was working and I wasn't, she told me one day that she wished she could be diagnosed with a mental illness so that she could get all these benefits! Since then she has become a Community Midwife and has come across women in all walks of life who've been suffering with one form of depression or mental illness or another during their pregnancies, she's seen the way the illness has impacted on their lives and how similar some are to my situation..now she is much more compassionate about it. Unfortunately you are also correct that many people will never fully understand the illnesses which is very sad.
  11. Thanks Zookeeper, I suppose I agree with you that I and my friend should move on, however I wouldn't like to keep on moving on and still hear that this man is making similar or the same comments forever more..I think the situation might call for some action at a later date if this was the case.
  12. I've been told tonight, and at another time, by a friend of mine who's investigating the church, that one particular member of our ward does not seem to understand or appreciate mental health/illness and the way it impacts on the person's life. My friend has mood swings which may be down to him having Bi Polar Disorder, although he hasn't had a diagnosis of this yet, and I have Recurrent Depressive Disorder. My friend has had comments made to him about his mood swings and lack of work (he's on sickness benefit from the state), in which he has been told he is just immature and that he spends his time just hanging around (not the exact phrase used, but I can't remember the exact word, sorry!!). My friend confided in me about his lack of a Testimony of the Church a while ago, and I tried to advise him of how he should proceed re baptism, ie. that he ought not to get baptised until he has gained a testimony and is going to be happy to follow all the requirements of being a Latter Day Saint. He told the guy that I'd been advising him in this way and, apparently, the guy said to him 'how can she advise you about the Church, how can she advise you about anything, what does she do at home all day, just hang out on Facebook?' I thought that his comments about me and about my friend were totally inappropriate and out of order. I'm not sure if he knows that I have depression, I cannot remember telling him about it unless I once mentioned it in passing in a car journey, but he does know about my friend's problems with his mental well being. What would you suggest we do about this person's attitude to our illnesses? I feel that he needs educating regarding depression and mood swings, but I'm not sure of the best way of doing so..I thought about writing him an email and linking to any GA talks regarding mental health and the way in which members should view it, but my daughter thinks that he would just ignore it..I'm beginning to resent this person because of his apparent ignorance on this subject, and just wondered what anyone else would do if this was happening to them or a friend at church. My friend asked me not to repeat to the guy what he'd said in relation to me, so obviously I haven't gone to the guy and questioned him about it..but it bothers me that he is making assumptions without knowing the full facts. Of course, I am also aware that my friend is interpreting a conversation he had with this guy in this particular way, and that it is only hearsay as far as I'm concerned, so if I did approach the guy in an accusatory manner, I might end up eating humble pie..
  13. Regarding the clothing store video..I don't have sound on my pc at the moment, so not sure if there was a soundtrack with the video, so could you explain whether the guy had already been issued a credit card with the RFID chip in order for the chain of ID events in that shop to proceed? If not, how does the tracking chip work within the clothing itself? Will it be that the chip can be activated once it is in your home, and then the government will be able to see at what address the item of clothing is? Or am I misunderstanding this somewhere?
  14. pushka

    Bye all

    Have a wonderful holiday and a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Hope you found a good home for your cats whilst you're away :)
  15. I was traumatised at 15 when I watched Watership Down at the cinema..I cried for the full 20 minutes or so journey home on the bus! Prior to that, when I was probz aged 11 or so, I cried watching The Last Of The Curlews, or summat like that..I remember sitting on the settee with a teatowel to wipe away my tears, and my family standing around laughing at me I also have a vaguely disturbing feeling when I recall the Childcatcher in the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang film too..
  16. Iggy, we sang this at church today, and all I could think of was this thread! I must admit that the lyrics at first seem quite depressing, but the overall message is good. I gotta hand it to the guys who first replied, however..their humour/reactions to your choice of carols was superb!!
  17. Are any of our answers correct up to now?
  18. it's just managing to get out of bed that day, doing the washing or something..anything that you do is an achievement and deserves acknowledgement. Please contact me privately if you wanna talk about your feelings in depth. All the best, and hope to hear from you soon :)
  19. Hi Mirium, I'm really sorry to hear how down you feel, I recognise the feelings because I've had them myself so many times. If you haven't tried medication from your GP so far, it is worth having a chat with your GP and seeing if he/she agrees it may be helpful for you in the short term. It is difficult being the only member of the church in your close circle of friends/relatives, as it's so common for those who aren't members to blame your beliefs on your mood..I recall being asked to go out and get drunk at Christmas, from my GP, when I was only 17 and too young to drink anyway, when I was depressed and attending the church!! I didn't have much faith in that doctor from then on.. Instead of focusing on your perceived failures for the next few days, try to focus on just doing at least 1 positive thing per day, each day..even if it'
  20. 8. Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen sat one morning in the window-bay of their father's house in Beldover, working and talking. Women In Love, DH Lawrence?
  21. I once had a man suggest I move in with him and his 3 children after we'd only been dating 3 weeks..it was very uncomfortable and after another 3 weeks I had to call it a day. It's great to have reciprocated love for one another, and to be able to make plans accordingly, but if it's too early then it smacks of being insincere, even if you don't think it is. Good Luck with other relationships..take them slow and steady :)
  22. Maybe a compromise, to begin with, would help..perhaps arrange a surprise holiday for you both, to a place of particular political or historical interest to your husband? It may make him feel a little more secure and appreciative of your efforts?
  23. Thanks HiJolly, you've just answered part of another question I had. Why is it that most spirit guides that I've heard referred to are either Red Indian or Chinamen?
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    We now have 5 cats, no recent pix stored on this computer, unfortunately: Pushka (as in the profile pic), now aged 6 years (will be 7 in February) Kitty, now aged 3 years and 4 months Suki, now aged 1 year and 1 month Socks, Suki's kitten, now aged 6 months and Squealer, Suki's other kitten, now aged 6 months
  25. Yep, definitely Lancashire vs Yorkshire or Mancunian. Have you been watching the X Factor? Diane Vickers is from Accrington (or Blackburn) and she speaks a lot like we do..unfortunately, lol! I love the scouse accent..My ex said I viewed Liverpool and all people from there thru rosy coloured specs cos I spent a month in hospital there when I was 8, but that didn't really have anything to do with it..I just love most regional accents..not so keen on Somerset tho :)