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  1. Wow! That is sad...some people you think are gonna be around forever I just read that article and didn't know of all his humanitarian works, a good guy :)
  2. Hi Laura, welcome to the site :)
  3. Hi Andrew, welcome to the site, hope you stick around and enjoy yourself on here! :)
  4. Yay!! Glad to hear you're feeling better..try to contact us as soon as you feel low next time, perhaps we can help you get over it a little quicker :)
  5. Hoosier Guy, I haven't posted much to you in the past but I still remember reading thru your first thread, about how you wanted to start coming to church, your first meeting with the Missionaries etc. I was just returning to the church at that time and I was so impressed by how well you were doing with reading the scriptures and what not. I hope that you can overcome whatever sadness has caused you to feel so down and unloved, I hope that your family, friends, people you meet at church and on this site can help you to overcome those feelings..as others have said, we all have a need to vent sometimes, we all have times when we feel down, isolated or other bad feelings, share them with us and give us a chance to help heal you..
  6. Hi Tina, thanks for joining the site, I hope you enjoy your stay here, lol :)
  7. Hi Winnie, I just want to say how pleased I am to see you on the site again!! I would imagine there would be a push towards marrying quickly in a religion which stresses the 'no sex before marriage' so firmly.. I would hope that my own kids would be sensible about their future, career and marriage wise...
  8. Hi Skywishes, great to hear from you too!! The convention was very good, but I was too tired to go on any of the excursions on Saturday afternoon, the weather was atrocious too so I took the easy option and stayed in bed, lol! So you're from Leeds, that's not too difficult to reach from where I'm living..Nelson, next door to Burnley, Lancashire, would a get together be out of the question? Maybe at one of the Multi Stake events again? I'd love to be able to meet all the UK peeps on this site, I'm envious of those people from the States who get together pretty frequently
  9. Did you use the same username at LDSTalk? It does look familiar..I was on LDSTalk from 2003 till it merged with this site not long ago..when were you last on the site?
  10. Thanks for the tip regarding zip codes Checker. I managed to sign up and started to edit my profile but when I entered the info. I kept getting a message saying there was a syntax error..so it won't let me login now or anything Looks like somebody doesn't want me to join that site, lol!! I'll try another day and see if I have any more luck..
  11. Thanks for all the replies to my request for a comparison list..sorry I took the thread slightly off topic there Strawberry, thanks for your comments about my posts in general :) I used to work for British Telecom when I was 17, it was just a training job for 6 months but we were taught all the rules of having a telephone manner and whatnot. I later worked for 5 years as a telephone enquiry clerk. Some of the customers were not at all pleasant while you were either taking their order or dealing with an enquiry on their account. I once got a bloke on the line who sounded french, he kept insisting that the catalogue company ought to have placed Summer clothing etc. in the Spring/Summer catalogue, and Winter clothing etc. in the Autumn/Winter catalogue...I tried to explain to him that the catalogues were produced before the season so that you could purchase items in time for the season, but he just kept on arguing his point over and over again, he also criticised the quality of the goods and anything else he could think of. We were only supposed to spend a couple of minutes per telephone call, and it was all monitored by computers, so I was under pressure to end the call, I managed to do so eventually and kept my cool with the customer, but afterwards I was shaking so badly that I had to go to the rest area for a break! Fortunately those kinds of calls were few and far between, if customers had a valid complaint against the company, or were struggling with payments etc. I always made time for them to explain the situation fully, I was complimented too, lots of times which made me feel like the extra effort was worthwhile... :)
  12. Checker, could I possibly borrow a US post code from you? It doesn't have to be your own?
  13. Hi mtnbikemom, Welcome to the site, I hope you stick around and have lots of fun! :)
  14. Eeek! It's not letting me join because I don't have a US zip code, even tho I've chosen the option of living in the UK
  15. Ceeboo, LOL!!! Thank you for your post, hilarious!! Iggy, thanks for the useful info. re: LDSHearts, I will create a profile there now :) Rameupton, great idea, setting up a dating forum on here..with the added advantage of already knowing some people's posting history here too :) Checkers, sorry I can't lend you the $15, lol :)
  16. Was there a soundtrack to go with that 1st chapter? According to the screen I had my volume set at maximum, but didn't hear anything..I'm using a laptop which appears to have a selective volume control, lol :) Ignore that remark, I just noticed somebody had muted the overall volume control again!!
  17. Checker, I'm in just the opposite situation to you..I made myself a member of LDSPlanet but haven't taken out a paid subscription either, I now have 2 messages sitting in my inbox and I can't read them or see who sent them to me...I'm very curious but paying a monthly fee puts me off. On CTRmatch I got to pay just a one off fee of around £10 which is valid until I meet and marry somebody, I think that's much fairer to those of us who aren't rich, lol :) So, I'd like to ask if anyone would care to sneak a peek at my account (password protected of course, so I'd really have to trust you), and let me know the contents of the messages I've got. I've recently received a few messages from somebody on the CTRmatch site, but I'm not sure if anything will come of it all..each time I ask him to post a photo of himself, or ask for him to give more details about himself on his profile he just repeats much of the same info that he sent me in his first message to me, and some of his phrases are a little ott..similar to some of the stuff you get in those scam love letter emails we see occasionally...oh well Checker, since we're both tight a$$ed, perhaps we're a perfect match? LOL :)
  18. Thank you Checker :) Would you care, or anybody else for that matter, to compile a comparison list of English shopping jargon and USA shopping jargon for me? I believe you say cart instead of trolley, but can't think what the others may be... It freaked me out when I heard that Kool Aid is a drink you have to make yourself with powder, sugar and water..so inconvenient, apparently you don't have cordial in the States?
  19. My parents believed that I would be whisked off to Utah when I used to attend church first time around, sometimes I wish I had been when I see old friends from my ward who are now living over there The cynic inside me sometimes wonders whether the church has shares in the Coca Cola company, and wonders if that is the reason why members are now allowed to drink it...ooh I feel so evil when I wonder about that!!
  20. Last week I went late night shopping with my daughter at our local Tesco store. They only had 2 checkouts open when I came to ring my items thru, the 2 open checkouts were for 10 or less items so didn't have room for me to place all my purchases onto the counter top. I was already frazzled and felt even more so when the checkout operator tried to help me by just counting how many of each item I had (I had multiples of most items) and ring them thru once...I just didn't have enough room to pack the items away as she was moving onto counting how many I had of another item..then we had the price query..I bought 2 items for £3 which were £1.94 each if purchased separately..they were exactly the same items but one had new packaging on it..the checkout operator insisted that they were different products and wouldn't put the correct price into the till..I ended up marching off to the shelf where those items were stored, and plucked off the special offer price tag to show her, I took along another packet which matched one of the ones I'd already purchased, in case she still insisted they were different products but she still had to consult with a supervisor to get the items thru the till at the special offer price. Eventually we managed to sort out all the items in my trolley, and my daughter said not to bother packing them, just to grab a bunch of carrier bags and do the packing when we got thru the till...I was soo ready to just shout at the poor checkout operator!! Apparently she'd had a problem putting items thru at a special price before when my daughter had shopped there, so it wasn't just down to my frazzled attitude that the problem arose..I did feel sorry for the checkout operator tho, Tesco should leave the ordinary checkout tills open as well as the smaller ones, apparently they close the other checkouts 2 hours before the store closes..I wonder how many other frazzled customers they have as a result of this?
  21. Elphie, thanks for posting that video!! If there's one thing guaranteed to bring a smile to my face it's that singing, dancing cat..I LOVE IT!!! :) I like to annoy my kids every so often when somebody ressurects that video for me..lol
  22. Hi, I'm from the UK, not from London tho, I visit this site pretty frequently but haven't strayed into the chat room very often as I find it difficult to make conversation on the spot like that..I no longer use MSN/Yahoo messenger services for the same reason...I don't mind PMing people tho, if they're patient enough to wait for my thoughts to come together with my typing fingers, lol :)
  23. I don't check out the forums as often as I used to, but I just noticed today that Winnie hasn't been around for a while. On her profile page it says she hasn't logged in since the end of June...does anyone know how she is?
  24. Liiiiinnnnnnnnddddddddyyyyyyyyyyy!! Hiya!!!! Great to hear from you again...you got lots of news for us? :)