I wonder...

Dr T

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<p>I wonder why my wife and I never fight.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>I wonder why Heavenly Father led me to such an amazing woman.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>I wonder what my wife did to get stuck with me.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>I wonder if my wife will ever know how much I love her.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>I wonder if the people we've done temple work for will be present at our judgement.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>I wonder what all the funny html things are doing all over my post.</p>

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I wonder if Dr T gave up on his Lakers ???

Never PR!  I'm with them tip till the end, good or bad they are my boys I really DISLIKE losing don't get me wrong but I will hold onto them.  It hurts... :(  I also thought the Laker thread was deleted?


I wonder if my lips look like prunes from eating all these pumpkin seeds.

I grew up munching sunflower seeds, and I played baseball for many years so I had chapped lips a lot ;)


I wonder what influence/changes I will make to what I see in my new job and how beneficial they will be?

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I wonder how much earlier I would go to bed if I weren't falling down Internet rabbit holes?

I mean, seriously, who needs to be looking up modest swimwear (Muslim modest, think wetsuit not one piece) at 3am? In winter.

Not me. That's who not.

Yet here I surfed along (in underarmor base layer against the snow that's nearly identical to the suits I'm flipping through). Reading about 700-1300AD Nordic Art styles, state compliant weapons via sig sauer, bodykinis (Muslim swimwear), 9yo opera singers (Amira Willighagen really IS Maria Callas caught in a time vortex, no lie, Wowza), the Pink Panther's Mancini musical scoring, John Corvino, Marvel Comics belts -why no WW & SM, Marvel? Why?), eleventy other sparkly things on thinkGeek, child exploitation stats in King Co. Washington compared to NewOrleans 20 years ago, facial recognition software, a totally sweet commercial from Oz, tattoo artists in Amsterdam vs demonstrations in Sweden, the way LL sounds in Welsh (and 20 minutes spent practicing before figuring out how), who WAS the actor that played..... Shoot me now. Stop. Quin. Go. To. Bed. That flat place you won't want to leave in the morning, since you're now still awake when you were planning on getting up.

Of course, without the InterWebz I'd probably be sucked into a really good book right now and not look up for another 3 hours.

It's like a tootsie pop.

The licks are immaterial. Just crunch the sucker and move on!


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I wonder why that 10 grade boy went on a 2 knife massacre of his schoolmates?  He used 2 8-10 inch blades to stab many children.  What was going though his mind?  What was the motive?  Why would anybody do that? 

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I wonder when my records will be transferred back to Utah so I can get my Temple recommend renewed before it expires.


I wonder if my old neighbors children got anything to eat tonight. So sad to moved away from them.


I wonder if I will be able to sleep tonight.


I wonder if SD will eat another seeded watermelon knowing now what my mother said...and mother's never lie!

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I wonder all the time.


I wonder why my mom told me if I swallow watermelon seeds a watermelon will grow inside my belly. Now, I wonder if the same thing will happen with the big bag of pumpkin seeds I ate.

I wonder if you know this limerick?

There once was a farmer from Leeds

Who swallowed six packets of seeds

It soon came to pass

He was covered with grass

And couldn't sit down for the weeds!


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