Which stars are (or were ) Mormon?

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Same with Will Swenson(Married outside the church after his first wife. Went inactive after his first divorce) and the screwup chubby guy from Home Teachers(Michael Birkeland struggled with a cocaine habit), as well as both the directors of The RM and Saturday's Warrior.


But Wilford Brimley is still active.


Hollywood and activity is a difficult thing. I don't really blame any of 'em for their issues. It's a tough road to walk.

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Christina Aguilera and Jewel are rumored...they have tenuous ties to the Church, but it's unconfirmed if either were ever actually baptized.

Derek Hough

Julianne Hough

Chelsie Hightower

Tal Bachman

Randy Bachman

Brooke White


The Aquabats

Imagine Dragons

Neon Trees

Peter Breinholt

David Archuleta

Aaron Eckhart

Richard Dutcher

Kirby Heyborne

Corbin Allred

Ken Jennings

Daryn Tufts

Lindsey Stirling

Laci Green

Dean Jagger

Kevin Rahm

Gordon Jump

Brandon Flowers

Marvin Goldstein

Arthur Kane (I had to look up his name, though I knew who he was)


Oh, and it's Katherine Heigl, since you asked about the spelling.  :)


This one was new knowledge to me: AJ Cook.

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