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  1. I am currently taking fenugreek as well along with mother's milk tea. You have to take a certain amount of fenugreek, or the tea for it to work. Here is a site with more info on it. kellymom.com :: Fenugreek for Increasing Milk Supply
  2. I have a friend who is the niece of OSC, I could always ask her what he is really like if you would like to know.
  3. Rather not share his name, but he was born Jan 20, 2011 at 7 pm, he weighed 7 lbs 11 oz, and was 20 inches long.
  4. Yep I am married to Faded, we now have a little mini Faded. Thank you for the congrats!
  5. Thanks! My husband and I will love the gloves! Our little one already has the nickname of "Ninja legs" it would be great to have some fighting clothes to go with the nickname.
  6. I have read quite a bit of OSC's work, and I have enjoyed most of it. However there are some books that he has written that were a bit much. And some of the short stories in his anthology "Maps in a Mirror" were a bit over the top as well. I would say that most of his work is fantastic, but some of it you have to be careful of.
  7. Well I ended up having made my decision. My baby decided to go on a nursing strike and I am now pumping to feed him. I got an electric pump, but it wasn't strong enough so I ended up having to get a Medela one (which works so much better) I get the same amount of milk in 15 min of pumping as I was getting in 2 hours of pumping before.
  8. My baby came last Thursday, I chose to get an epidural. I had to be induced with Pitocin (which from what I have heard makes contractions more painful, I don't know if this is true since it was my first childbirth), right as the big transitional contractions started up my epi failed, it faded slowly away and then quit all together. I felt the entire childbirth as if I had chosen to go natural. It hurt, it hurt so much that I just wanted the baby out of me so that I could rest and not be in pain for a little bit. I don't know what caused my epi to fail, but when the doctor stitched me up from my episiotomy I could feel her needle even though she had used local anesthetic. My advice, if you choose to go natural then take a class or something to prepare yourself for the pain and to have something for pain management. If you do choose the epi then I hear it is nice not to have felt the pain. Usually epidurals don't fail, they don't know why mine failed, I think it might have something to do with some of the back pain I have dealt with in my life. And this is back pain outside of being pregnant, I am guessing that my back is messed up in some way and this caused the epi not to work correctly. Will I get an epi next time? Probably, mostly in hopes that it will work and I won't feel anything. I will say, the pain of childbirth is pretty intense, it changes your whole perception of pain from that point forward.
  9. People are always going to assume things. Always. And sadly many people will say things from those assumptions not realizing the effect those words have. I know even I have been guilty of it. Sadly in the church when a person shows up single or childless or basically not fitting the "norm" of the other families assumptions are made about their choices in life. My husband and I struggled with infertility for 10 years and came across many assumptions and many comments which just hurt. Eventually I just stopped going to church on Mother's day. It was easier for me. In the end though I just got to a point where I realized I just had to ignore what people said for the most part. My brother in law is a mid-single and I can only imagine what he goes through. I have seen the way his family treats him and it has not been nice. Some of his siblings think that he just doesn't want to get married or that he hates women, and many other things. The truth is that he has been trying but has not been successful at finding someone. I think it is difficult for people to understand that there are different circumstances for everyone out there. The best bet is to not assume. And even better is to just keep your mouth shut instead of opening it and possibly being rude.
  10. I am a white and when reading the description it really did describe me quite well. My husband is a mix of all colors but is mostly Yellow and Blue. My Dad is almost all Yellow. They had to take the test at work.
  11. I remember when I was in high school doing a paper on banned books. What I found surprised me, I can't remember if it was Huck Finn or some other book but the book had originally been banned around the time it was produced for representing African Americans in a positive way. Then as time passed the book was banned for representing African Americans in a negative way by using the "n" word. When it comes to banning I think we often go a bit overboard for the sake of catering to the socially accepted way of thinking of our time.
  12. My brother in law is going to law school at Penn State, he is top in his class and has an externship for this up coming semester, he spent a good part of this last year interviewing all over the country for a summer internship which would give him a possibility at a job if the law firm he internships with is impressed with his work. So far he has not gotten an offer for an internship yet. He interviewed in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Washington (state), and I am sure some other states that I am not aware of. If you really want a law degree and want to do something with it you really need to be planning ahead or know someone. And when I say planning ahead I mean planning your school carefully, planning how you are going to go about your studies, planning everything. My brother, who is also currently in law school studied for a year for his LSAT. My brother in law studied for about half a year for his. As Dahlia stated, if you really want a degree that is going to take you somewhere then you might want to consider attending a university and going to classes and such. If you just want to learn stuff then an online course might be a great thing for you. Or you can check out The Teaching Company's courses: The Great Courses They are university level courses that you can watch on dvd or listen to on cd, they are very educational and very interesting but are purely for those who just want to learn and don't mind not earning a degree from it. None of the courses will get you credits at a university.
  13. I loved Ricks when I attended! I did not have a car so I walked everywhere, which was great for my physical fitness. I lived in the non cooking dorms my first year and ate off a meal plan. It worked out great, I even had excess money on my meal card which I used to buy food that I lived off during the week at the end of the year when I holed up in my room and crammed for finals. My second year (this was before Ricks went four year) I stayed at Riviera which was across the street from the building that most of my classes were in. Out of the three Universities I have attended Ricks was my favorite.
  14. If you are wise you will not let either relationship get too serious until you have gotten to know each girl a bit better. Let them come and visit, get to know them a bit better, then choose which one you decide to go with. When I was in college there was a guy I began dating, we had only dated about a week before he kissed me the first time. The very next day he told me that he had to break up with me because his girlfriend from BYU was coming to visit him. Left me feeling rather upset about the whole thing and it resulted in his girlfriend learning (not from me but from one of his friends) that while she was in BYU he was dating other girls at BYU-I. In the end though he started out with two girlfriends he ended up with none. Don't lead girls on, figure out which one you want, and then stick with her until you are sure the relationship is not going to work. Don't let things get serious until you are ready to be serious with only one of them. As for drama, dating two girls at the same time and not letting them know that you are not dating them singularly creates drama no matter what. As far as trust goes, it often has to be built and based on something, if you are starting out the relationship on false trust then you may have a problem earlier than you want. Like I said previously, don't get serious with either girl until you have figured out which one you want to get serious with.
  15. I am in the same boat as Dravin, I don't attend church for the people, I never have, and if I did I would have left a long time ago. I attend for the spiritual insight and edification that I get from church and from the gospel. The social aspect I could take or leave.
  16. Yes they do, but the idea I seem to come across with maternity clothes is, "Well you got it so why not flaunt it." So almost all maternity shirts are the type that show off as much as they can. And when you are struggling to find shirts that fit a corporate dress standard as well as cover your expanding belly and stay modest at the same time it becomes quite annoying. You just can't wear your husband's tee shirts in that kind of a situation.
  17. I grew up much smaller chested than I am now, my mom and my sister are both much smaller than I am. Because of that I have always struggled with finding shirts that fit without showing off my chest. The problem often is that my mom will get me clothes as gifts and something that fits her modestly would not fit me modestly at all. Since I have become pregnant I have found that it is nearly impossible to find nice maternity shirts that aren't low cut. I mean I can understand that some of those shirts may be useful for nursing but really, do they have to be that low cut?
  18. Finally, I am so glad this is the verdict that the jury arrived at. Federal jury finds Smart kidnapper guilty - CNN.com
  19. My point of turning away from my sin came when I realized that what I had done was going to destroy everything in my life. That I was probably going to lose everything. Thankfully I didn't, but it easily could have happened. It was then that I really looked at the consequences because I had to face them. Basically I realized that I was probably going to lose my family, my home, my pets, everything I had built my life around and all because I got to a point where I couldn't care less about consequences and just wanted to do what I felt I needed at the time. I think when it comes down to it everyone hits a point of rock bottom before they turn back toward where they should be heading, rock bottom though is different for each person.
  20. We used to attend the same ward as my parents (which is actually going to happen again soon) and when any of us would give a talk in Sacrament meeting we would sit in the way back and hold up signs saying "Go Dad!!" or, "Good Job!!" or similar things to encourage them as they gave their talk. Usually the only ones who noticed were the bishopric who usually smiled about it all.
  21. In looking back at my past sins I find myself often coming to the conclusion that people sin because we are selfish. We see something we want, or think we need and we go after it, not always thinking of the consequences. Often sin creeps up on us bit by bit. It may even start innocently and grow from there. As someone who knew the gospel was true before my sin, I can honestly say that my sin crept up on me. And for a good long time I had a war within myself between my spiritual side and my natural man side. My spiritual side would say, "No, we can't do this, this is wrong." and my natural man side would say, "Oh, what is one time going to hurt? Just once?" Eventually as I got deeper and deeper into my sin the natural man side got stronger and stronger. And no, when I took my first real steps into the depths of my sin I did not feel guilt, I did not feel remorse. I felt nothing. It wasn't until I really sat down with myself and looked at the consequences. What my sins would do to not only myself but also my family, that I really began to take steps away from my sin and back toward God. Repenting is never easy, especially when we have allowed our sins to get deep, and severe. Sinning can seem easy and fun, but when it comes down to it, and you realize what you have done, sinning is never as fun as it looks like from the outside.
  22. When I was at BYU-I I had a roommate who had multiple ear piercings. When she would go to class or go out on campus or especially if she went to take a test she would wear only one set of piercings, usually in her lobes. When she was at home (in our apartment) she would wear more earrings. One thing to keep in mind about BYU-I is that their dress standard is rather strict, especially when it comes to the testing center. It is something to consider.
  23. It is odd, because my husband is the social one out of us. He tells me that I need to do a better job of getting to know my neighbors, and if I can't find him after church he is probably in the room the EQ use for their meeting talking to someone. Ironically if he can't figure out something he has me come and figure it out for him. When I was on bed rest he had me come over to our new house we are currently working on to help him install doorknobs. So there I was 8 months pregnant, kneeling in front of the door saying, put this screw here and that screw there and viola we are done. And yes I used the manual. Not all men are the same and likewise not all women are the same either. I think the men who fall away from church need to find something to get them interested in it again. Church should not only be about socialization, it is mainly about our spiritual salvation. So figure out a way to make it interesting.
  24. My husband's libido was basically severely damaged through his fights with cancer. It is aggravating for both of us. We use performance enhancing products and yes the hour wait is awful, but it gets the job done. We have had to experiment to see what works for us. Just waiting an hour and then expecting fireworks often gets nothing done and we both end up feeling bad about the experience afterward. I would say to discuss sex as a couple and be willing to talk about trying other things, like different positions, possibly different types of lingerie, etc. What works best for your marriage is really up to you and your husband and what you both feel is appropriate in your marriage. I have experienced sex once a month due to him not being interested. I have experienced feeling like my husband does not find me attractive. And yet with us both working together at trying to figure out what works for us sexually we have been able to improve our sex life. If you would like to talk more please feel free to private message me.
  25. I second Gwen on this, awhile back I looked into the effects of abortion on the mother. Not only can it seriously damage her physically but the emotional and mental effects it can have on her are also not to be overlooked. Which is why I mentioned on my previous comment that this will probably screw her up even more emotionally. If she chooses to have an abortion not only will she have the emotional issues of her past miscarriages to deal with but she will also have the emotional issues of having caused an intentional miscarriage, as well as knowing that she intentionally did something to murder her unborn baby. "Wiggles" is what they are calling the baby on their blog. They have posted about their ultrasounds, and how the baby has been waving its arms and hands in the last ultrasound. The mother (I almost hate to give her that classification considering what she is thinking of doing) has been given permission to return to work. So it sounds like medical issues that could have caused problems for her giving birth are going away, getting better. And yet still their last post is about how the vote totals have changed drastically over the last few days, the totals leaning heavily toward abortion. Week 20 looks to be the last week they could legally kill their baby, week 20 was when we found out the gender, it was around the time when I began to first feel our baby move. It so saddens me that they are even considering something like this considering that it will probably not fix the emotional problems she is dealing with.