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  1. Welcome penguinwars :)
  2. Milluw


    Welcome Lakumi :)
  3. Hi starwishes :) and welcome!
  4. Only one i found everything there to be gross, though i already were aware of a few of them.
  5. I don't live in America, so i don't know anything really about walmart. But i found these facts about things they put into food: Processed Food Confidential: 20 Gross Food Facts ... 6 Gross Food Ingredients You Didn't Know You Were Eating | Reader's Digest :blink:Eugh!!! .. why would put these things into food!
  6. Hello JulieD, and welcome :)
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    Hi TonyB and welcome :) thanks, you have a safe and happy summer as well!
  8. Hi and welcome sungjin :)
  9. That is why i said that it might have a role to play, and not that it was the cause :) i haven't concluded anything so far, im only researching and interested in learning more about it.
  10. I definately do as well. Lately it has been changing alot, because i am trying to spend less time at the computer, but i can easily spend just as much time at the computer as you! Found this yesterday: Scary facts!
  11. Im not sure what causes MS, but from what ive understood so far, some doctors think it is linked to the lack of vitamin D. But there seems to be different things that can affect it, so i wouldn't be surprised if food had some role to play as well. However, i am not one to say.. i don't know anywhere near enough to say someting for sure at this point.