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    Near Beer, does it technically pass WoW?

    It's questions like these that scream to me "Justification of sin" and how we as "saints' have a long way to go before becoming pure in action, thought and reason. The 2,000 strippling warriors were so successful because they "Obeyed with EXACTNESS." They didn't focus on technicalities. Alcohol l is Alcohol. Beer is beer. Whether its lite, near or comes in a bottle or can.
  2. lizzy16

    LDS Budget?

    Dang it :/ thanks! For my ed200 class we're talking about how the US governments education budget is 4%, And, we wanted to see comparability the churches budget.
  3. Okay. I don't mean to hijack this thread but.. white weddings are when the bride gets endowed and then right away they go and get sealed? Also, when guests attend a sealing, do they wear white temple dresses/ect, the temple packets or normal church clothes? Liz.
  4. lizzy16

    Horrible V-day and divorce declaration

    Well. Maybe..just maybe..they were going to get a divorce anyways. And, the husband suggested to her they do this show thing so it'd be cheaper. Positive thoughts here.
  5. I'm no where near marriage, i'm 17. But, I've got a few peers in my classes at age 18/19 getting married. I can't imagine getting married that young. I want to be 25 when i get married. At least. I've got so much left of life I want to live. I want to teach, travel, go on a mission. ect.
  6. lizzy16

    15 year old son seems to show no emotion

    When my parents screamed at me it was a varied response. If she was screaming at me and I felt i was in the right I'd shout back or go away from her depending on how upset she was. Whether that meant getting out of the car and walking home or leaving the living room. If she was screaming to me/raising her voice about something I knew she was right about/if she was crying or concerned about me. I'd be quiet and just let her carry on and lecture. The most effective talks I've had with my parents we opened with a prayer first. My mom would sit me down, she'd open with a prayer. and instead of screaming at me she'd talk about God ect. What a guilt trip those talks were. Anyways, I think a parents prayer is one of the most amazing things in the world. Pray for him :)
  7. lizzy16

    Do you have a home gym?

    Insanity is sooo intense! If you want to safe money do insanity :)!
  8. I tried that and searching the catalog in multiple ways. Nothing came up under "Huber Horgen"
  9. lizzy16

    Robert Millet speaking in Seattle area

    He came to BYU Idaho and spoke about the bible. LOVED it. Wrote an entire paper on it :)
  10. lizzy16

    Want Advice on Home Mortgage

    well. Theres a closing cost thing in it...i think. But seriously. Excel is from God.
  11. lizzy16

    Want Advice on Home Mortgage

    I studied ALL about this in math last semester. I have an entire excel sheet for home morgages, how much you have to pay based on APR ect. I hope you realize you'll be paying like DOUBLE in interest alone. If you tell me the APR I'll put it into my excel sheet and figure it all out for you:) Or, send you a file of it if you want. Excel is AMAZING.
  12. lizzy16

    Infant Ear Piercing

    I've had my ears pierced 3x. Once when I was 6 at the mall with my moms best friend. It was a birthday gift and a special treat for me :) They closed up after i didn't like wearin earings. At age 8. When i was baptized I got them re pierced. Again, i let them heal up. At age 12 I got them pierced at the mall with my mom. I haven't worn earings in months....i stick an earning in every few weeks just to repoke the hole. I'm not a jewlrey person though. Like, i have 0 pairs of earings right now. I wear a black braclet (like a livestrong bracelet) in memory of a friend that died and my young womens medallion all the time, every day. I haven't taken either off since the day I got them (April and August). And sometimes a copper ring to remind me of Portland and my grandparents. Anyways....Let her decide. She might not like earrings.
  13. My mom had my brother at 19. Didn't contact the bio-father again. She decided to raise him on her own. She didn't want him to have bad inflinces. She repented. went back to church. And, a year later she married my dad. And, they've been married for almost 20 years now :)
  14. My brother has his own mission paid for whenever he ends up going. He worked every summer and often in school time doing manual labor for people. And, since he's been getting his dental work fixed. He saved enough for college as well. But, my brother is a go getter :) Not all young men are.
  15. lizzy16

    I'm very saddened and shocked

    I don't think you can ever really place blame on the parents. Sometimes people are just sick minded. And, People are never what they seem. I have a really hard time trusting anyone because of it.
  16. lizzy16

    Pornography Problem... Me too, Detailed Story

    Skippy has a good point. My bishop told me to read the last chapter first and go from there. And, lots of people have pornography and masturbation problems. You'd be surprised. It's one of the easiest things Satan "gets us" with. But, don't justify your actions because of others sinning. Personally, I don't think I fell in any trap. I knew exactly what I was doing, which I suppose in the end makes it all worse. Anyways, Life gets better! Do what the bishop says and You Will Be Okay!!
  17. lizzy16

    Pornography Problem... Me too, Detailed Story

    If the bishop doesn't have you read "A Miracle of forgiveness" I definitively suggest looking it up by yourself and reading it. I'm in the middle of it right now and its really helpful :) I think considering getting rid of your smartphone would be a good idea. And, when you see the bishop. Know that he loves and cares about your well being :) Bishops aren't as scary as they might seem. I set an appointment up to see my bishop and ended up writing this letter. Because, i was afraid I wouldn't tell him what was going on otherwise. Study Alma the younger :) Good luck! Lizzy Also, make sure you make prayer a part of your day. Remind yourself that you are a son of God. And, Satan is trying to tempt you. Block him out. You can do this! :)
  18. So, something that a lot of college students have trouble with is making friends. I've asked friends at other universities and the subject has came up a few times here at BYU-I. When I was in high school it was easy to make new friends. I had the same friends in 6th grade as I did the day I graduated. And, along the way others joined in the group ect. I just ended a friendship with a girl who came here from my home ward. We've known each other for 4 years. Went to high school together, first semester of college ect. We were very good friends. And, everyone who knew us would kind of think of us as one. If I went somewhere and she wasn't there, people would ask. After some events that I confided in her she didn't handle it very well ect. In Short: We aren't friends. Nor do I plan on being friends with her again. Movin' on. She was the closest friend I had and after realizing she couldn't be my friend through this situation I began to wonder....Do I even have any friends? Like, sure. I have people I spend time with. People I tell things to. Ect. But, we aren't friends for any particular reason besdies the fact we need each other. So, I was making tacos and one of my roommates started crying. About how she doesn't have any friends, and its so hard to make friends ect. And, its so true. People in college rarely have genuine friends. Everyone just is friends with people because they NEED them. They need someone to depend on when there roommates are driving them insane, need someone to study with ect, they need a friend to sit with at church ect. ect. My PB talks a lot about friends in college and how i'll make great friends. I can't help but wonder what I'm doing wrong. I mean, I'm shy i suppose. But, I still talk to who I sit next to in classes. And I participate in things :/ So, Does anyone ever have genuine friends? People they just meet and geniunly like without NEEDing them. And then, when I get older? Does it get easier? Do people just have friends when they're older based just on there childs play dates? Based on who's on there VT route? Based on who can join the RS 'canning club'? kay. I'm done complaining.
  19. lizzy16

    Education: Public or Private?

    I've had a REALLY amazing education. I went to a charter school k-4th and then for middle and HS went to a public highschool. My HS was an amazing school. And, I really believe I've gotten a top quality education. And, now I'm going to an amazing college :) I think public education is great, however our system needs reworked. Instead of 'state standards" we need "nation standards." My HS in NY was above NY state standards..and NY education is already one of the best in the USA. Going to college with people who went to crappy schools reminds me how blessed I was. Public education is great for leveling out the playing field, giving everyone the ability to rise above yada yada. However, some inner city schools just really frickin' suck. I'd rather have all private and everyone be at the same level then how it is now.
  20. lizzy16

    Beehive Advisor

    My ward was so small we all just stayed as one group all the time :) On the 5th sunday i'd suggest staying with the girls.....they'll notice when your gone :) And, they'll miss you. We really do.
  21. lizzy16

    Does making friends ever get easier?

    I didnt see your thread, link it maybe? :) Especially at byu idaho with the 3 track system. I had friend last semester that I won't see until fall. Because, they're fall/spring. I'm fall winter. It's like a year without seeing them again. And, when we do get there, will we be friends again? All my HS friends are in the east as well. I'll be home in April. But yeah, they still call me. Tell me what colleges they get into ect. It's nice :) We skype often. I'm 17 and I always feel really awkward around older people. I cant help but think, "I was in 8th grade when you went on your mission." or, I was 11 when you graduated HS. All my FHE brothers are return missionaries ect. Which, I'm thankful for. I'm glad I have an amazing bunch of FHE brothers that offer to help me with anything. They truly want to get to know us and make FHE a fun experince. They suggested having 'family dinners' ect. And, while they're so nice and thoughtful. It's still a bit awkward. And in class when I end up talking to a guy/girl for like 10 minutes and then discover there married? I pretty much give up on that friendship. Because, if its a guy i just feel like it'd be inappropriate. And, If it's a girl..why would she want to hang around someone that isn't married? They're in tottaly different stages of life then I am.
  22. lizzy16

    Does making friends ever get easier?

    Thanks Slamjet. It's nice to know your daughters having the same issues I am. I didn't 'fly off the handle." I just told her what she did wasn't an appropriate action to the situation. And, I told her I didn't want a friend who couldn't keep her mouth shut when I confine personal things to them. I'm 17. I'm not worried about boys haha. I've got time. I think I was a mix of an extrovert/intro in high school. I had a lot of friendly aquintances. I never worried about not having someone to talk to. But, I also had a close group of friends. I'm not looking forward to getting older :/
  23. lizzy16

    17 Miracles

    My grandparents gave me one of these for x-mas...and I mailed it to my penpal xD haha. It's a good movie though:)
  24. lizzy16

    Ever baked with Reese's PB cups?

    Those actually kinda gross me out. they're always shiny and greasyish. And it reminds me of like, greasy teens faces. And then I give them to my mom.
  25. lizzy16

    Did you serve an LDS mission?

    Thats where my dad served :) No idea when....He's like 48 or something right now... So, i think if my maths right he could have served while you were serving :)