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  1. You (and your friend) may want to consider that D&C 20:1 seems to accept our current calendar.
  2. For those who may be interested:
  3. For those waiting to see everything happen before they think it'll be time, I invite you to consider the possibility that events can happen concurrently.
  4. Just noticed your edit. You may want to check out for more info. (a good resource but not where the anon quotes came from - just fyi)
  5. You're right. No one knows the day or hour but by paying attention to the signs (which we're supposed to do), you can figure out the season. ; )
  6. I get that but when the wife of the president of the quorum of the 12 is saying this at a worldwide devotional, it should get people's attention: "So, now a question as I conclude: What if you learned that the Savior had already returned to this earth—that He, as part of His Second Coming, had already met with some of His true followers in several marvelous, large gatherings13—gatherings about which the world, including CNN and the blogosphere, knew nothing. If you found out that the Savior was already on the earth, what would you desperately want to do today, and what would you be willing and ready to do tomorrow?" - Wendy Watson Nelson, An Evening with President Russell M. Nelson Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults • January 10, 2016 • Brigham Young University–Hawaii
  7. Also anonymous but something to consider: The signs are happening in such rapid succession, there can be no doubt we are in the last few years. We know He will come and work on the earth helping to build the New Jerusalem and be in Adam Ondi-Ahman and the Old Jerusalem several years before he officially comes in His Glory. I'm not an expert or here to convince anyone of anything. I also realize people are at different levels of readiness for this information but again, there are people studying and paying attention and noticing the subtle clues Church leaders have and are giving.
  8. There are different stages to the Second Coming.
  9. I"ll keep this person anonymous but there are people who've studied this quite a bit and say that Pres. Hinckley indicated the seal opened at the dedication of the Palmyra Temple: April 6, 2000 was the prophesied temple dedication from Revelations 7 & Joel 1 where all members would attend. Not possible in our day if not for technology which allowed ALL worthy members to watch as Palmyra was the first (of only two temple dedications) that were televised world wide. And immediately after, in Rev 8:1 the 7th seal was opened, and the space of 'half an hour' (or 20.83 years in the Lords time) began. As far as where I stand, I think it's better to think things are closer than to think we still have a long way to go.
  10. Aside from the advice to tell her *immediately*, I would add to give her an idea of how serious of a slip it was. It's not uncommon to think the worst so letting her know otherwise would help.
  11. Never heard that before. I've heard bishops need to be married though.
  12. The cars we've gotten didn't have that many miles.
  13. @person0 - I would normally advise to make getting and staying out of debt a priority (the economy can't keep up forever) so my thoughts on this: 1 - My parents raised a lot of kids in a very small home. It can be done. 2 - If you're feeling like this is what you're supposed to do and since you have the resources, plan on having family move in and/or being in a ward that needs you for certain reasons. Congrats on the growing family!
  14. Sidetrack - @Fether - Before you go and spend that kind of money on a car, I suggest you call the mission offices within driving distance and see if they have anything available. I've gotten cars for less than $9000 that have served us well for years.
  15. Well, instead of the ward angel tree this year I'm considering how to give to those affected by the recent fires and hurricanes - but to each his own.
  16. 40 minute video -
  17. This was not produced by the Church but from what I remember (saw it some years ago) it's pretty good. If you have an amazon prime account, you can watch it for free.
  18. Here's one article -
  19. Her husband was also gone quite often (willingly and jailed) and she often hosted company as well.
  20. I don't think Lucy Mack Smith went either (mother of Joseph, elderly at that point) and Emma took care of her for the rest of her mortal life.
  21. I had another thought - There's a sifting going on and we knew this would happen. It can be difficult to watch but just make sure you're not part of it. Stay in the boat!
  22. I"ll take a stab at this - Instead of spending 2 hours listening to the upteenth talk on whatever you can actually spend that time *doing* what we've been asked to do. For instance, hastening the work includes indexing and other family history. Given how many talks there have been on this and to see how few participate, dropping a meeting allows more time to pursue these critical endeavors. Hence, simplifying can enhance hastening.
  23. Welcome! Happy to have you here and so excited for your baptism!