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    Midwest LDS reacted to Carborendum in Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?   
    What I'm about to say may seem snarky or stating the obvious.  I'm not trying to be snarky when I say this, but quite serious.  And what I"m saying is not very obvious.
    I believe it is prophetic for ANY day.   What I mean by that is...
    The sequence of events indicated in the BoM are the signs that the Second Coming is near. Whether we actually continue the sequence of events to their fruition depends on whether we are "ripe in iniquity". If we are not, then we will be pulled back from the brink. If we are, then we will complete the sequence of events.  And we will know that Armageddon is nigh at hand. The fact that we still see a large population fighting against the tide tells me that we will not complete the sequence of events.  And as long as there remain enough to stem the tide, then we will continue another year, or another decade, or another generation...
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Traveler in Who Was that Rich Man?   
    Unless there is something that he disagrees with - then he is not so nice and generous.   Anyone can be nice with those that agree with them (even a Democrat does that!!!) - a nice person is nice when being nice is not expected.  I do not expect the media to be nice but I do expect the media to be accurate.  That is their one and only job - to be accurate - even if they have opinions in the media; it is somewhat acceptable only, if and when they are accurate.  I believe one element of accurate in the media is understanding all possible sides and being able to argue for what you disagree about at least as well as your opposition.  But attempting to silence one's opposition - is never nice - nor is it acceptable in a free society.  
    The Traveler 
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Grunt in Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?   
    Of course they would.  Look what they did with Obamacare.  
    Put the judge on the bench
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    Midwest LDS reacted to prisonchaplain in Kissing and making out before marriage? My friend told me that I should accept his standard on this   
    Fair enough. I suspect that there is less caution and purity messaging in our college/career groups vs. our jr/sr high ones. So, perhaps more discretion is allowed. Still, modesty and opposition to fornication are counter-culture values we share.
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Jane_Doe in Kissing and making out before marriage? My friend told me that I should accept his standard on this   
    When you're a youth, dating exists to get to better know people and practice basics of relationships.  There's more focus on group events.  And of course, things should remain chaste.
    When you're a adult, dating exists for the purpose of finding a spouse.  There's more focus on pair off events.  And of course, things should remain chaste until marriage. 
    Nothing about the Lord's Law of Chasity is dependent on your age.    Living together / sex before are very serious perversions of the Lord's way.  Postponing marriage for selfish reasons of "I don't want to grow up!" is childish.  
    Also a relevant side point since you mentioned conversion: if a person is interested in coming to Christ, taking upon His name, and joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, that person is excepted to try to follow Him.  It's the give your whole heart, mind, might, and soul thing.  Therefore, yes you are actually expected to strive to keep the Lord's Law of Chastity.  If you're cohabitating, then you're obviously not there yet.    So we're work on that before baptism and formally taking His name upon yourself.  
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Just_A_Guy in Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?   
    Hmm.  You mean, your opponents tried to get your buy-in by promising not to do something, and then they went ahead did it anyways the first chance they got?  
    Yeah, welcome to my world.
    For better and for worse:  the days where Democrats could flagrantly lie in their negotiations with Republicans (“gays just want to be left alone, they don’t want *marriage*!“ “gay marriage doesn’t mean you have to agree with it!” “gay marriage will certainly never have repercussions for free exercise of religion!” “just legalize the aliens who are already here and we *promise* we’ll get tough on border security!” “no, we’ll totally support the military while it goes after the SOBs who perpetrated 9/11!” “we want abortion to be safe, rare, and legal; we certainly don’t celebrate it!” “we just want to remove the statues of Confederates; of *course* we continue to revere Washington and Adams and Jefferson and Madison and Lincoln!” “We believe in treating people the same regardless of race” “We have no intention of nationalizing the health care industry!”) while simultaneously expecting Republicans to keep their own promises regardless of cost, are now over.
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Vort in Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?   
    If your point is that the Republicans are liars and hypocrites, then I grant your point. The fact (and it is a fact) that the Democrats are far worse doesn't justify the Republican hypocrisy. But this is nothing beyond political gamesmanship. You can bet that the Democrats, in this position, would do exactly the same thing. Their pearl clutching on this matter is political theater, nothing more.
    Consider: The Supreme Court has had a leftist majority for the entirety of our lifetimes. The political left sees a leftist Supreme Court as their inherent right. And that is what is really at stake here. Why shouldn't the Supreme Court take a conservative bend? The Left sees this as unacceptable and will thus do everything in their power to prohibit it. Meanwhile, the Republicans are 100% within their right to nominate and confirm the justice of their choosing. How does the Left respond? With a threat to burn the entire house down by packing the court under a Biden presidency.
    Rail all you want against Republican hypocrisy. I might even join you. But don't lose sight of what's really going on here. As is almost always the case, the real, deep evil being done here is being done by the Democrats. The Republicans are mostly garden-variety fools and jackasses. The Democrats are something far more sinister.
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    Midwest LDS reacted to prisonchaplain in Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?   
    I don't represent the GOP, so I get to be more blunt. The secular fundamentalists hate America's undercurrent of Judeo-Christian morality with a passion. They desire to force our private colleges to house gay partners. They would use the force of law to compel us to provide professional services (cakes and flowers, etc.) for sacrilegious marriage sacraments. They would declare unfit for public office any who take their faith serious enough to be, for example, pro-life. The dogma lives loudly in us indeed. So...call us hypocrites all you want, we're putting as many of our judges in as we can, while we can. Your election term may be coming, but pardon us for defensively prepping.  
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    Midwest LDS reacted to NeuroTypical in Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?   
    RBJ is also on record.  The Blaze: Here's what Ruth Bader Ginsburg said about voting on Supreme Court nominations in election year
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    Midwest LDS reacted to NeuroTypical in Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?   
    Good National Review article on the history of such things.  
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    Midwest LDS reacted to prisonchaplain in Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?   
    I'm torn, but thinking that any semblance of decency, respect and cooperation between opposing sides is gone . Many religious leaders are expecting persecution, either following November's election, or a few years later. At least having one more judge in place will delay some of the trials/tribulations to come. :::sigh:::
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Vort in I'M IN THE MONEY!!!   
    Happened to glance at my spam before deleting it, and boy, am I glad I did! I'm in the money, folks! CA$H DOLLAR$!! And i can tell this isn't your typical Nigerian spam scheme, because it's not from Nigeria! It's from some perfectly legit-sounding outfit called Astound.net (paint me astounded!) based, apparently, in Italy. Mamma mia! Can anything bad come out of Italy?
    I thought I'd share the news of my good fortune with you, so you can all feel appropriately jealous of me. You're welcome.
    For Mutual Benefit
        Larry Paulson <[email protected]>
    Sep 17, 2020, 1:27 PM (20 hours ago)     to petlar7   This message seems dangerous
    Similar messages were used to steal people's personal information. Avoid clicking links, downloading attachments, or replying with personal information.
    Looks safe     Hello,

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    On my assumption, the boxes will contain more that $6M and the consignment is still left in storage facility till today. The Consignment is a metal box with weight of about 242LBS (Internal dimension: W61 x H156 x D73 (cm). Effective capacity: 680 L.)Approximately. The details of the consignment including your name the official document from United Nation office in London are tagged on the Metal Trunk box.

    I want to use my good office and clear the Consignment and deliver it to you. If you WILL ACCEPT MY     C  O  N  D  I  T  I  O  N     AND want us to transact the delivery for mutual benefit, you should provide your name, Phone Number and full address, to cross check if it corresponds with the address on the official document including the name of nearest Airport around you and other details. You should send the required details to me for onward delivery.

    All communication must be held extremely confidential. I can get everything concluded within 24 to 48 hours upon your    acceptance    and proceed to your address for delivery. But it must be on the condition that you will give me 30% of the amount contained in the boxes and i must get assurance from you concerning my 30% before i will proceed.

    I want us to transact this business and share the money, since the shipper have abandoned it and ran away. I will pay for the Non inspection fee and arrange for the boxes to be moved out of this Airport to your address, Once i am through, i will deploy the services of a secured shipping Company to provide the security it needs to your doorstep. or i can bring it by myself to avoid any more trouble. But i will share it 70% to you and 30% to me. But you have to assure me of my 30%. do respond to me immediately if you are interested to conclude this with me.

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Best Regards,
    Larry Peter Paulson
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    Midwest LDS reacted to JohnsonJones in Kissing and making out before marriage? My friend told me that I should accept his standard on this   
    Morals have changed since I was young.
    There are two different types of kisses (actually more than that, but for simplicity, we'll say two different types).  (1) Chaste kisses given to show affection, such as that in greeting (at least in some nations in Europe, though normally not the US unless between family members) or to show family love, and (2) those that are given to show a deeper lust and romantic love.
    Which type of kiss is being given.  If it is a quick chaste kiss to show welcome to a friend or family that is FAR different than a romantic kiss.
    For those with high morals, the ideal used to be (when this old foggie was a young lad) that you didn't kiss anyone until you were either seriously dating or engaged at a minimum.  Normally if giving one a kiss it was a chaste kiss goodbye on the doorstep (so, one quick kiss, not a make out session) which would not offend parents if seen. 
    Before my time, I hear that kissing was even scandalous, and holding hands was the proper way to do things (maybe) if dating.
    The entire make out culture, or making out seems rather immoral to me, though I know I had a daughter or two that kissed boys more romantically than not when they were dating (and out of the house and in college...so no disapproving Dad could lecture them later). 
    However, I'm from an prior generation and things seem to have changed in the world. 
    Something to remember though...
    The world's morals and views of things may change...but God is unchanging.
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    Midwest LDS reacted to NeuroTypical in COVID update   
    I think about what COVID means to me.
    Personally, my family was already 80% reclusive before the pandemic, other than working from home, wearing masks, and not going to movies, little has changed.  Both kids are in school.  I've had two shots of the vaccine - part of the Moderna phase 3 trial.  My cousin's wife survived COVID, with some permanent lung damage that'll be with her for life.  My boss' kid managed to shut down her entire elementary school class because she sneezed in the classroom, now they're all in the 2nd week of self-quarantining.  Other than that, I don't have any personal stories.
    My county is doing well.  At the start of this thing, my county led Colorado, and Colorado was one of the fastest growing.  Now, we get around 30-40 new cases daily, with few deaths. 165 deaths total.
    My state is doing ok.  3-400 new cases daily, still few deaths.   CO hasn't hit 2k dead yet - the number seems in no hurry to reach that milestone.  Comfortable 3% hospital bed use.
    The country is coming down off the 2nd wave.  Somewhere between 700-1000 dying every day it's like an extra flu in the country.  I'm guessing cold weather and return to school will kick off the third wave - I bet we're going back up in 2 weeks.  

    My planet continues to grapple with the global pandemic.  Somewhere between 200k-500k new cases per day, somewhere between 4-8000 deaths per day.  This thing won't kill us, but it is absolutely a noticable blip on the human's usual death rate.  Everyone's got a chart, everyone's got an opinion, I'm not sure if we'll know how bad this was/is, for another year or more.  Some charts look like this, which tell a story of how bad it is:

    Some charts look like this, and tell a story about how it's relatively not very bad at all:

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    Midwest LDS got a reaction from Phoenix7093 in Terrified of baptism   
    Welcome to the Church we are super excited to have you!
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    Midwest LDS reacted to NeuroTypical in Singing in Church   
    I think this study is what placed "singing at church during COVID" on everyone's radar:
    https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6919e6.htm - "High SARS-CoV-2 Attack Rate Following Exposure at a Choir Practice — Skagit County, Washington, March 2020"
    Poo-poo it all you want, but it seems reasonable to ask people to at least understand what they're poo-poo-ing.  It's good to have a working knowledge of human rights and the constitution.  But folks without at least a basic understanding of "emitters" and "superemitters", and the relationship of droplet formation and loudness/volume, would seem to be at a disadvantage when trying to form a relevant opinion - because the lawfulness of a public health order is only half the story.
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Just_A_Guy in Kissing and making out before marriage? My friend told me that I should accept his standard on this   
    The part I’ve bolded, is the part that caught my attention.
    How many girls have you had “kissing sessions” with?
    Of those girls, how many of the relationships turned out to be “secure”?
    Answer:  unless you are now married, the answer is zero.  You didn’t have a secure relationship with any of those girls.  If you had, the relationship wouldn’t have ended.
    So now, you’ve got a bunch of failed relationships where either you, the girl involved—or both of you—thought it was serious and committed, and it really wasn’t.  And so the breakup becomes, not an amicable parting of two good people who on further investigation simply turned out to be incompatible; but a betrayal, a reminder of unmet expectations and unkept promises.  All of that leaves a mark, psychologically and spiritually.  It impacts the way we bond, and the quality of future relationships. 
    God doesn’t want us to play around with people’s emotions like that just for the sake of a cheap semi-sexual thrill.  And we aren’t really doing ourselves any favors with that kind of thing, either.
    I’m not saying we should never kiss anyone we don’t plan to marry.  But I am suggesting that physicality cannot be cavalierly transactionalized without, to some degree, stunting our ability to form and enjoy and maintain meaningful relationships in the future.  Fully restoring that ability—viz, repentance—is not an easy or a pleasant or a short process.
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Fether in Kissing and making out before marriage? My friend told me that I should accept his standard on this   
    Here is my opinion 
    “Never do anything that could lead to sexual transgression. Treat others with respect, not as objects used to satisfy lustful and selfish desires. Before marriage, do not participate in passionate kissing”
    - For the Strength of Youth
    “The For the Strength of Youth pamphlet contains standards that, when followed carefully, will bring rich blessings and help us stay on the covenant path. Although it was written for the benefit of the youth, its standards do not expire when we leave the Young Men and Young Women programs. They apply to each of us all the time. A review of these standards may prompt other ways we can be more careful in our gospel living.”
    - Becky Craven, General Conference 2019
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Carborendum in How would you answer this?   
    I haven't heard any sermons on murder in a long time.  It must not be evil anymore.
    Sometimes the prophets stop preaching because they have said all that ever needs saying on a topic.  Then it's the Lord's turn to preach a sermon.  And if people can't take a look around today and see what is being shoved onto faithful Saints of God by those who "only want people to take care of each other" then they never would have heard it in 100 general conferences entirely devoted to the topic of the evils of socialism.
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Jane_Doe in How would you answer this?   
    Before getting into quotes, we need to first define what is meant by "socialism" in the questioner's context.  The USSR's version of socialism is not the same as Barnie Sander's version, and the questioner likely has a different version as well.
    Rather than talking about an entire nebulous package, I find it's best to talk about individual principles.   Let's take the importance of work for example.    There are plenty of quotes out there along the lines of "by the sweat of your brow, thou shall eat bread."   There's also lots of quotes about caring for the needy.  And a HUGE thing that's been stressed lately by the Brothern is financial responsibility and self-reliance.   
    <Sorry Pam, I know you were looking for a Ask Gramps style answer, and not the discussion-based one I gave>
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Just_A_Guy in Netflix’s upcoming underage twerking movie - “Cuties”   
    You mean, in pioneer Michigan?  Or Oregon?  California?
    Or are we still talking about Utah?
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    Midwest LDS reacted to laronius in Are Latter-day Saints unified?   
    I could go all week without seeing another person and be fine with it. That's just my personality. But even for me when I go to church and associate with people of faith and other admirable qualities I can't help but be uplifted. I get your emphasis on living the gospel in the home. We are living in a day where if that is not happening then all the church in the world won't be enough. But that time spent in worship together can make all the difference in the world for some people and I hope I can be a part of that. Could I go the rest of my life only worshipping at home? I would like to think I could. But life would not be nearly so full and enjoyable without those relationships with fellow saints.
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Connie in Are Latter-day Saints unified?   
    No. The temple itself needs the higher priesthood to function fully. The bishop has no authority in the temple.
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Phoenix7093 in Terrified of baptism   
    So........ I did it! About a month ago, I managed to finally go through with it. There were a few bumps along the way but in the end it was all planned, lessons completed, baptism interview conducted and baptised within 24 hours! It was really special and I only had the sisters, the stake president and my best friend (who actually baptised me) in his back garden hottub due to covid restrictions! I had to get approvals from the missionary president from the local area and a Bishop in Arizona (due to my friend being based there currently, but was home in the UK at the time) so you could say it was a very multinational affair! 
    As I suspected all along, I can now say that it was the best thing I ever did, altho not sure I could pluck up the courage again! Haha 
    Its amazing to now be an official member of the Church. It really feels like I'm home. 
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    Midwest LDS reacted to Grunt in Terrified of baptism   
    That's funny (not funny ha ha but funny odd).  My wife had the exact same issue.  In the end, she opted for a ceremony with just myself baptizing her and 2 witnesses.