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  1. I heard someone yelling something yesterday as newly called members were taking their places on the rostrum. Couldn't understand what they were saying though.
  2. I want an app that will do my dishes and wash and fold my clothes
  3. Love Death Note, Attack on Titan, almost anything by Studio Ghibli, Kimi No Na Wa (My favorite), Monster, Colorful. My kids also watch Bleach, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist. Contrary to what Anatess said, they are still making anime of Attack on Titan. Season 2 was out this year in April and season 3 will be out April 2018. Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo!
  4. Like most parents, we expect our kids to do all the right things. Do well in school, go to seminary, go to mutual, go to church every Sunday, etc. My two oldest (freshman and junior in HS) sometimes struggle with these things and frankly I would too if it was me. The expectations we sometimes put on our kids can be too much. While Sunday church is not a problem and they do well in school, seminary and mutual attendance can be an issue. How can we expect a highschooler to get up at 5:00am for seminary, go to school all day, come home and have 3-4 hours of homework, go to mutual, come home and work on more homework? Often they are up until midnight finishing homework and we expect them get up at 5:00am for seminary. No wonder they complain. I would too. So, to you who have high school aged kids, how do you balance all this? I want my kids to be successful and responsible, but sometimes this all seems too much.
  5. I'm not a very social person and can have difficulties talking to people I don't know. Contacting people to set up HTing appointments can be VERY stressful for me. However, once I get through it and start visiting the person and getting to know them I'm fine. This is when my biggest frustration starts. The EQ presidency then creates new routes for everyone and we all get new families and I'm back to square one. This drives me nuts!!! Makes me not want to do home teaching.
  6. My daughter is going to the open house this Saturday. My wife and I are jealous.
  7. My whole family, 7 of us, went to LDSSS for therapy and loved it
  8. Well, this weekend we had stake conference and our temple president was there. After the meeting my wife spoke with him about her experience. While he did explain that all electronic devices must be turned off and put away, temple workers are not to police their use. Just to mention that they are not allowed and leave it at that. He did say that the temple worker did not handle the situation appropriately and he would be having a meeting with the temple staff to explain how to handle these situations. He explained that the reason for the policy is, as some you mentioned, that we shouldn't make worldly items part of our temple experience. Also, because they have cameras. He said 24 hours after the newest temple video was shown it was already up on YouTube. Yikes!
  9. Crypto, you are correct. My wife is very sensitive to conflict. Unfortunately, there were no physical scriptures in the cafeteria. That's why she was using her phone.
  10. So my wife was at the temple yesterday with her mom who is an ordinance worker. She had some extra time before the endowment session started, so she went to the cafeteria to get a bite to eat. As she’s sitting there she takes out her phone (which was in airplane mode) so she can read scriptures. A temple worker approached her and told her she wasn’t allowed to have a phone in the temple. My wife explained that she was just reading her scriptures and that “phone” part was disabled. The worker told her it doesn’t matter and that she should have brought her physical scriptures if she wanted to read. My wife was really upset to the point that she started crying and it took a lot for her to compose herself enough to make it through the session. So, is this “no phones allowed” a new rule in the temple or just one we never knew? Or is it not a rule at all and this worker is overstepping her authority?
  11. Thanks for the link anatess! It will definitely help considering I'm learning as I go along.
  12. I've recently been called to be a cub scout leader working with the Wolves in our ward. Having not grown up in the church I have very little knowledge of the scouting program. Looking through the Wolf handbook, it seems that most of the activities are things they do at home with their parents. I don't see many activities for me to do with the kids on scout night. Anybody here who's served as a scout leader have any recommendations? Can I do activities from the Bear book to give them a head start when they advance?
  13. If you pay the $400 does he get to keep it? If not, then you're paying $400 to "rent" it while on his mission?
  14. Not necessarily. Being color blind/deficient I will look at something and say it's red and my kids will say "Dad, that's green." Just because I see it differently does that mean I am wrong? Maybe I'm right and everyone else is wrong . Is it any different than two people tasting something and having different descriptions of how it tastes?
  15. Replacement for IE?
  16. My wife collects books. We have about 4000!! Drives me crazy
  17. scdoyle

    Audio Books

    Try Youtube. I just downloaded two audiobooks tonight for my wife. The probably won't be broken up into chapters, but you can use Audacity to do that.
  18. This is the reason my FIL invented "testimony hangman".
  19. My MIL is a temple worker. She told me about it.