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Found 9 results

  1. In another post I questioned the status of religious liberty, arguing that the efforts of LGBT activists to go after bakers, florists and photographers will lead to attacks on our colleges. Turns out, secular fundamentalists want to ban homeschools and really cement the idea that the state his priority over the family in setting values.
  2. This is a long complicated story and I have multiple questions. Many of which I have partially answered myself but I want some advice as well. I am the daughter of the relief society president and a member of the bishopric. I am also a counselor for the Laurels president in Young women's. I love the gospel but I am definitely not perfect. I have been dating long distance for over 9 months and am so in love with my boyfriend. He is so respectful of me but has been struggling with the church for a bit. Recently I reached a point in my life where I was struggling with many things and my testimony was failing me. We were best friends before we started dating and before he moved and I tell him everything and we are so comfortable together. Recently I got to see my boyfriend for a lot longer than usual and because of my comfortableness around him and my joy in being reunited after a long time, we quickly became overly physical together. We both knew we were never going to break the law of chastity. The problem was that we had allowed ourselves to blur the lines. Justifying that because we were not breaking a commandment it was acceptable. Many of the Strength of Youth principles were broken. He was completely respectful of me but as stereotypically, he is more physical in our relationship and I am more emotional. So a week after he left I had been thinking about it for a while and realized that even though my boyfriend is so enthusiastic about marrying me and me him, we shouldn't be arousing those strong feelings before marriage. The next time he visited I got to talk for a long time about it with him. I expressed how I felt and he was very good about it, we set new boundaries, he was so sorry that I had felt guilty and was going to try so hard to keep me from ever feeling guilty again. I expressed my feelings about the church and how much I wanted to gain that connection with it again that I had lost the previous month or more. We really settled ourselves. I felt really good about the whole situation. But once I had discussed it with my parents: how we had gone a bit far but I had worked it out and it wouldn't happen again. They were supportive, especially about the part that I had been losing my testimony. I talked to them, began reading my scriptures again, praying again and felt peace... for a little bit. I feel as if my parents completely view me based on this discussion I had with them. EVERY time I am alone with them they pick up the discussion of repentance, Strength of Youth on chastity, policing my boyfriend and me more and how I might not be able to take the sacrament for a bit. This surprised me because I didn't think it was as serious as that due to the peace I previously felt about the situation. I was already embarrassed about disappointing them, now I can't move on from it because of how often they bring it up. I brought it up with my boyfriend and his parents know of the whole situation, and he didn't take the sacrament last Sunday out of guilt. I have been praying for forgiveness and guidence for the situation and felt so much peace from these spiritual experiences that it had not occurred to me that I would no longer be worthy of partaking of the sacrament. Each time a parent brings the conversation up I feel horrible again. I feel as if I actually had sex outside of marriage due to the extreme way they are taking it. I know that they care about me. But I no longer can focus on that peace I felt discussing the topic with both them and my boyfriend because every time I remove it from my mind one of my parents brings it back to full focus and make me feel horrible about myself. I have told them over and over that I talked to my boyfriend about it before them and how respectful he is and how we have established boundaries, but they continue to bring up how I should have acted in that situation. My other question on temple worthiness has to do with me being a president's counselor in the Young Women's. I was asked by my president if I could do baptisms with her early in the morning this week. I asked my mother if I could take work off the morning my president had planned (I am employed by my mom). She surprised me by saying that she didn't think I was worthy of the temple anymore and that I would have to talk to my bishop first about whether I could partake of the sacrament or attend the temple. I didn't know how to tell my Laurels president. I don't know what to do. I ended up telling her that I wouldn't make it the day they were suggesting so they moved it to a different date. Putting me in the uncomfortable situation of not being able to tell the truth or lie. They all have such high expectations for me. I am so involved in all my church activities and people see me as the daughter of my parents, who have such important roles in my ward. I am not perfect though. So I guess the advice I want to know is: When I talk to the bishop what could I expect? If he tells me I can't go to the temple, how do I tell my young women leaders and presidents that I won't be able to go no matter how many times they change the date? Any other advice would be wonderful. It has been a period of roller coasters, with my testimony and questions. I am so stressed about whether my feelings of peace are false and if I really should be feeling guilty every second of the day over this. I don't know if I will ever be comfortable going to my parents again for their advice. So very lost I would appreciate any advice
  3. Hello guys we have 2 kids . One is a new born and other is 9 years old. My husband has to go for business trips. How we both can good time with our kids . Any new ideas?
  4. A new study shows that children of heterosexual parents do better. It factors out the typical reasons offered (bullying, adoption, etc.), and suggests that the primary factor is a child's biological connection to both parents. Of course, this is impossible when the couple are same-sex.
  5. I have a problem and I need some advice. I'm new to this religion and I recently told my mom about it and she let me go to church on Sunday, but after that she started researching the religion and found all of this bad and untrue things about it, so now she won't let me go anymore. What do I do? If I can't go to church, then what should I do? She never really liked Mormons in the first place and it's been a while since I went and I asked her the other day and she said no.
  6. I have two questions about abortion. Are the folks who say "It's my body, it's my choice" aware that they are violently taking that choice away from another human life (the baby)? If your body is your choice, why would you just go and kill the baby and take that choice away from him or her? Does the LDS church have an official position on abortion?
  7. The subject line kind of sums it all up. I realize it's normal to have an independent, even slightly rebellious streak, during teen years, but is it normal for it to be like this? Around my friends I am strange, silly, crazy, hyperactive, outgoing, and all that other stuff, but around my parents I'm quiet and keep as much to myself as I possibly can. I'm embarrassed about everything around them. They ask me to do laundry, or clean my room, and my first thought is, "I can't do that, they'll be watching me!" There was one Saturday where I had the house to myself for almost the entire day. In that day I voluntarily did the laundry, dishes, and cleaned most of the house. When my family came home and asked me about it, I was that close to denying I had done any of it, because I was mortified! I don't know why I act this way. I'm even embarrassed to tell them my best friend's name, or what song we got in choir today, or who I got a ride home with, or what my favorite song is. I'm even embarrassed about my testimony, but only around my family. I have deep gospel-related discussions with my friends, with strangers, with all kinds of people...except my parents. My parents were the last people to find out I had a boyfriend. I'm afraid to tell them when I've reconnected with old friends I haven't talked to in years. I tell people that my reason for being excited to move out when I'm 18 is the same as everyone else, to feel independent, to make my own place in the world...but I want to move out so that I can be free to clean and be who I am. For whatever reason, I don't feel like I can be that around my family.
  8. I'm a recently returned missionary...i'm 23, and about to head off to school for my last semester before I graduate with my bachelors degree. Life after that seemed to be a big, scary, question mark, until I talked to some family members, friends, and bishop who all just told me to not fear the future, but to go out into the big world and have an adventure and find out who I am. The only problem I've come across are my parents. I got into an argument with my mom last night...the first one i've had in years. She wants me to come home after I graduate and live here. She's completely alone all day, and all 4 of my siblings live far away in different states, and they don't call very often. My parents argue often, and I just don't feel happy at home. They've also moved from my hometown to a small town where I don't know anyone and i'm not familiar with the area. I have no desire whatsoever to come back here...I feel miserable. But when I try to express my feelings to my mother, it turns into an argument. She's frustrated because her children have all left her, and they don't come home to visit or call as often as she would like. She accused me of hating her and being a selfish person..."after all that she's done for me." It's true though. My mom HAS done so much for me! I feel like a horrible person, and I don't know what to do. I want to go and live on my own, but I feel guilty for trying to start my own life and not moving back into my parent's i'm abandoning them for my own selfish motives of having a fresh start. I'm honestly not sure who's right, and i'm not searching for a pity party. I just need someone to talk some sense into me and help me figure out if what i'm deciding is completely selfish, and if it isn' can I help my mom understand when she doesn't want to?
  9. I've been wondering for awhile now about my situation and my parents with regard to a temple sealing. So my parents are divorced and my mom, myself and a few other family members joined the church afterward. My question is whether I can be sealed to my mother and my father individually, without having them sealed to each other. Any thoughts?