Struggling with my health...


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Gosh, it’s been awhile! You have another new name for the group! 😁

Can I get some updates to what’s been happening lately? Also, I’m here because I need some prayers if that’s allowed? 🤷‍♀️

Here goes..

Hi Guys, without going into depth, I’m going on many weeks of health issues and feel like am not improving. I’m not looking any personal attention, or friends and family to panic, and so I’m not saying anything to people who really “know me”. I’m quite private really, but if you have a minute to say a quick prayer 🙏 I’d appreciate it. I believe just a few faithful prayers will make a difference. Thank you.

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Hi SF - I remember you!  Welcome back, sorry  you're struggling.

Do I remember correctly that your screen name alludes to one of the things with which you struggle?  (If this doesn't sound familiar, I'm thinking of someone else.  But if it does, no need to go into more detail.)

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@NeuroTypical thank you! I’m a Beatles Fan. 😊 

Have you always had the same screen name? I joined eons ago (2003). 

My health issue is a little less than a month old and I’m under doctors care, but still sick and it’s getting to me. Today was my breaking point I guess. 

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9 hours ago, anatess2 said:

Hi StrawberryFields forever!

I just got over being sick for most of December and January. It’s no fun.  I just kept on thinking, this too will pass.

Big hugs to you and hope you feel better soon.  I’ll have you and your doctors in my prayers.

My nature I am the most happy when I’m being productive. I’m not even marginally productive right now. Yes, this too shall pass but hopefully not like a kidney stone! 🤣


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