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  1. Don’t look now but this is the topic that will(should?) fracture the church. Our Church, what we tout as the Lords, is sponsoring a Gay men’s Chorus on Temple grounds............ I don’t support this. Why must the church say one thing, yet their actions send a different message.
  2. I think it was four years ago that I went with the wife and daughter to see Rent, really didn’t care for the storyline, but the performers did a good job. We also went to see Beautiful on that trip, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
  3. Ok, please someone start listing the factual errors in the story. While there is some opinion in this article, what was Wrong? Sorry, I’m struggling with the whole idea of spending millions on “Meet the Mormons” and the “I’m a Mormon” campaign, to flip and suddenly the Mormon label is offensive to God. I’m struggling with reversal of the baptism of LGBTQAXYZ’s kids with the now we can. The fact that heteral and homo marriages will be treated equally when it comes to transgressions..... Why leave out kids of polygamists? Why no longer consider homosexuality being apostate? I believe the church is moving towards acceptance of homosexual marriage, and IT WILL in order to maintain tax exempt status. I will be praying and listening hard this weekend, because my heart is troubled by the inroads that the gay agenda is making in our church. With Bishops like Paul Augentstein and Richard Ostler being allowed to spread the agenda that it’s ok to be gay, bad times are coming....
  4. By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed. As a (once) stay at home Dad I used to have the FAMILY proclamation thrown in my face a lot. Fact was, my wife wanted children but really did not do well as a stay at home parent. I did. I actually made more money than her when we initially started our reversal of roles. She now make much more than I do 20 years later, the kids are grown and we both work. I add this worked, and everything else works in our marriage because we act in a partnership. I did cook clean and do the laundry though. I still refuse to dust. I, glad you have found a way to go back to being a Mom.
  5. It wouldn’t be daunting at all, because it wouldn’t happen. Marriage ends all support. Maybe a few years down the road might help buy a house, but once a couple marries, their financial support is on them.
  6. Ha! Well I might stand corrected when it comes to UW, but who wants to be a Huskie? We’ve toured TCU, UT-Austin(boy spent a week there when selected for Boys State....ewwww might be worse than Seattle) Florida State, RIT(wife’s school) as well as BSU, BYU-P and H. Those afore mentioned schools, except UT, all had the same feel, of course you get the modesty is hottestie Pepsi is a sin environment at the Y. Must admit my finances wouldn’t let us tour more. Sorry, just because the Y is a church school doesn’t make it great. It is a good school, and I know people who love it and disliked it, and I currently have two nieces and a nephew attending Provo.......sometimes their Dad even questions some of the stuff they say they are taught, and he’s an all is well kind of guy.
  7. BYU Provo acceptance rate is ~50%. Like all Universities, high SAT/ACT scores and high Gpa’s do not guarantee admission, neither does being a full tithe payer. My daughter did the ACT prep class last summer at the Y, that week was enough to let her know she has no desire to go there. My family has a history of attending the Y, not myself, I attended CSUN and BSU. BYU is as bad as the rest when it comes to liberalism and whacky professors. Oh, it does not allow smoking or drinking on campus though, or growing of oldest is attending BSU and has a beard, and if I’m lucky I’ll never write another check to BYU, as my daughter wants to go to BSU now......except for occasional mention of BYU-H.... TCU was where I hoped my son would have chosen to go to school, I liked their Campus, and their values.
  8. Flake is a Rino and reminds me of that Nevada Senator Reid that likes to lie in pubic.
  9. Let me clarify something. I left the business that day and never returned. I have a great relationship with my mother and siblings, the brother mentioned is a somewhat strained one though. My Father is not welcome at my house and can pound sand. I go by my Moms when he’s not home, or stay outside to visit.
  10. I was under the wrong impression..... 2. The song is about "excess in America" While there have been many theories that contemplate what the song represents, the Eagles' band members have revealed in multiple interviews that the true meaning behind "Hotel California" is a commentary on the hedonism and self-indulgence of America. “It’s basically a song about the dark underbelly of the American dream and about excess in America, which is something we knew a lot about,” Henley said in a 2002 interview with "60 Minutes." But I knew this little tidbit........ The line "They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast," is a playful jab to rock band Steely Dan.
  11. Vort, I was under the impression Hotel California was about a state run mental hospital in Calibasis, Ca. Will look into this......
  12. The man whom impregnated my mother gave my “inheritance” to my younger brother (8years younger) after he returned from his Mission. After I had worked so long and improved it during the 10 years I ran the Business, and I never saw it coming. Two months after his return from the mission field my Dad walked in with my brother and let me know he was my new Boss, that it was his business now, it was his reward for going on a mission, something I didn’t do. I left that day and never returned. Business does not exist any more, hurts me 30 years later still. One thing I truly dislike is the thought I might actually be sealed to that individual, and that is not good for my soul. Sucks......
  13. Culture I believe had more to do with it than anything. It is quite plain that DC89 was not given as a commandment. It evolved into one around the turn of the century. Bro Joseph drank wine. Brigham Young owned Breweries and distilleries, and actually had a monopoly of sorts in distribution. The brethren evolved into including it as a temple recommend requirement. It is a great promise of health, but for this life, or? Because I’ve known a few very Christlike men that lived the Word of Wisdom, yet died young of deseases. So now it’s a commandment. But I know many who believe tattoos are breaking a commandment, have more than one earring, etc, etc. I often wonder about those people that may have an occasional glass of wine, and are in good health, and the Bros and Sis’s that are 350lbs.....which is following the words of wisdom......... Culture and Policy often are masked with a tag of being doctrine....... disclaimer: I am NOT encouraging anyone to break the WoW. It is a great promise offered to us by the Lord.
  14. Hogwash, I think you have trust issues with your spouse. As far as titles, etc..... we have titles that are in her name, my name, our name, one home in her name and the other has ours on the note. No biggie, we’re married for the long haul, it’s why we got married. I really have no care to what some piece of paper says, and it’s only money.
  15. We’ve been married very happily for 22 years, wife and I have always had separate accounts. I get my allowance in my account, this small amount is money I don’t have to account for where it goes(usually half of it goes to the kids). My wife pays all the bills. I pay very little attention to her account. She’s a debt free saver just like myself. I do manage our long term investments, but she has access to all. She also has access to all email/social media/whatever accounts. Nothing hidden.......honesty, love and respect makes a marriage. Yes LOVE!
  16. Ha! I was being snarky, that and I don’t like ewwtah. The Alaska Savings Plan was top 5 when I started my kids plans. I like a lot of Clark Howard’s recommendations, and a lot of Dave Ramsey’s as well. Only thing that truly matters is that we, meaning you, others, and I, have been blessed to provide for our kids, and others. It’s good council to save.......
  17. Spirit in the Sky - Composer, Norman Greenbaum as my vote.
  18. If you can only afford to save for retirement, then that’s what one should do first. You can’t borrow for retirement, but you can for College. Its nice if one has the resources to take care of their kids education. While we have had that ability, my kids will pay for one year of the four, and all past that. They have to have some skin in the game. It’s 100% more than I got from my parents and they definitely had the means available to them.
  19. Anything that starts with ewwwtah is strictly forbidden in our home.
  20. Married for two years and have a two year old son, wow, no moss growing on that stone. Divorce is easy, marriage is hard. When something is easily gained it is of no importance most of the time. Those things we do in life that are hard are most often the most rewarding. Dump the mindset that “I am the one to protect and provide for my family”. It’s a team effort, regardless of whom is the primary breadwinner is. Married for two years, heck, you guys don’t even know each other yet, especially if you started life together pregnant. I’m a firm believer people should not have kids until they’ve been together long enough to know each other’s less agreeable side, which we all have. i wish you well, a good marriage is a wonderful thing, but it’s work, all the time.
  21. I have three tattoos. A turtle, a shark and an eagle. And planning on building around the shark with multiple other fish. I also have had many callings In the Church. I love serving the Lord and my fellow brothers and sisters. It is not a commandment to not get a tattoo. It is not against any commandment to get a second ear ring in the ear either. Don’t judge unrighteously and you won’t receive unrighteousness judgement. It would be interesting to hear your view of homosexuals attending the temple and teaching your kids in that it’s ok to be gay, as long as you don’t act on it, whatever that means......or is that ok with your flavor of Mormonism.
  22. Yep 529 with TRowPrice. Parents never paid a dime of my college, but my inlaws paid some of my brides.
  23. I married a non-member 20+ years ago. We probably have one-off the best marriages I’m aware of, much better than my sealed in the temple parents/siblings. We love, trust, and respect each other. The ONLY thing we have argued about is the church, but we have raised our kids in the church, and my wife goes to church every week with us. I will say this, for me, I would marry her all over again. However, it’s hard to go to the temple by myself, even though I do. I seriously doubt that my wife will ever join the church. My advice would be to marry a member if at all possible.