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Hi everyone,

I was hoping to get some advice from you all here. Long story short, I’m heading back to the U.S. to propose to my girlfriend. I am trying to think of some proposal ideas that have a personal touch as well as being kind of extravagant. So, if anyone can help with suggestions that would be great.

I’ll be leaving about the 20/3 and will hopefully have an answer within the week. There is a chance she may not accept; although I have been praying about it for months and I feel the Spirit pushing me to go. So here I go ?


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1 hour ago, Latter-Day Marriage said:

Word of warning: if you are going to do something big that puts a spotlight on her in front of other people, be sure she is OK with that kind of thing first.  Perhaps sound out some friends of hers you can trust to keep quiet.


Just now, Sunday21 said:

If you are not certain of the answer, I would not ask in public!

Both compelling reasons to keep things intimate and private.

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My advice is this: Do not worry about big, fancy, or expensive (unless that's the kind of relationship you want). Rather, go for something nice. Not necessarily pricey, but nice. Like on the beach at dusk, or in a favorite park. Something she'll look back on in fondness 30 years from now.

A friend of my wife got proposed to in the BYU cafeteria. She saw it coming, and frantically said, "No, John, not here! Not here!" Alas, it was there. Happily married, AFAIK, but frankly he blew it as far as the proposal site goes. A small thing, perhaps, but memorable. Make yours nice for her.

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Things to consider. And you can answer here if you want.

Are there any particular locations in or around Fort Lauderdale with special significance to the two of you? Somewhere you've had an important moment or spent a (comparative) lot of time?

What are your common interests? Common goals?

Do you have any inside jokes?

Are there any other themes in your experiences together? One of the most romantic to me proposal stories I've heard was with a couple who had coincidentally had a couple special moments (first date and I forget what else) at different sporting arenas, so he proposed at a track.

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Also, if there are any forms of entertainment you're both a fan of (tv, movie, book) that has a romantic or proposal scene you could recreate in part, that might be nice, too. Like, in Psych, when Shawn tells Juliet that he loves his motorcycle but being with her has made him think about getting a car. Not a proposal scene, but romantic and meaningful if you're fans of the show.

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So, I'm gonna take this opportunity to tell you about my husband's proposal.  So... by this time, we've known each other for a couple years so he knows what I like.  He decided to propose to me under my favorite bridge.  So he took me out and I asked him where are we going and he said it's a surprise... two hours later, we're still driving and he was getting frustrated.  I was just enjoying the ride.  Finally he decided to pull over by this little bridge going over a smelly creek.  There was a drunken homeless bum holding a liquor bottle in a brown paper sack (talk about being like the movies) under the bridge who was begging us for money.  My husband whipped out this ring and without bothering to go on one knee - he was very frustrated by this point as none of his plans has panned out - and with churlishness in his expression asked me to marry me.  He thought he blew it big time.  Anyway, I said Yes on the spot while laughing so hard.  I told the bum he better be sober enough to witness this because I'm not letting this guy off the hook anymore.

It was the best proposal in the history of proposals.  It is so typical of my husband to get lost driving to his destination.  So typical that he wouldn't ask me for help getting directions (well, he couldn't this time because he wanted it to be a surprise,  but even so he hates to have to ask me where he's going, hah hah!), and so typical that nothing in our lives together go according to plan, and so typical of him to be so freakishly unromantic even when he is trying his best.  Hah hah!  Ohmygosh, it was soooo the perfect start to our life together.  If everything would have happened like in normal fancy proposals (that he intended), it would not have been as special because it's so far removed from who we are.  Hah hah!

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