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    It seems that the children of God are not cut off from His presence until they are fully ripe (Ether 2:15), which final determination was made for the devil and his angels when they were cast out, and which will be made again for those of us who made into mortality by degrees (and some of these kingdoms do not enjoy the personal, physical presence of God) in the final judgement. Thus in the pre-existence, it seems that God did not look upon sin with the least degree of allowance (as He does with us here), but allowed the spirits to choose sin and/or departure until they were formally deemed ineligible for mortality and cast out. The other faithful and willing spirits were deemed eligible, and here we are!
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    The Folk Prophet


    If anyone's interested (and has 15 minutes to spare), here's the demo recording of the prologue to my current project:
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    The biggest point I can make on this topic is that we know SO LITTLE about what pre-earth life. We have little peaks at it here and there, but it is not something we can really make solid judgements and statements about. God seems to reserve revelations on different planes of existence for those existing in those planes. why is this? Because our duty is here, not there. There won’t be a satisfactory explanation because the required information to make it doesnt exist. That being said, this is a forum and we can surely talk about this, and I think some insights can be gained from such a conversation Is my 3 year old unclean and unfit for God’s presence when he hits his sister? Of course not! Like Adam and Eve and all others under the age of 8, he isnt accountable for these decisions because he hasn’t been fully taught, nor is he even capable of understanding. But, as his father, I don’t look upon this act with allowance, no, I teach him, I discipline him. I do what I can to teach him how to be good. That doesn’t mean I kick him out the door and tell him to come back when he is righteous. Same with God. He doesn’t look on sin with allowance, but that doesn’t mean we are removed from his presence when we fall short. I believe whole heartedly that the affects of the atonement are all encompassing and can reach back to pre-mortal life. As for sin and uncleanliness in pre-mortal life, for the purpose of my explanation, there are three types of motivations that lead us to do wrong. weakness, pride, and rebellion. God’s grace covers weakness and pride so-long we are trying to grow, but rebellion is the motivation that keeps us out of God’s presence. The third of the host of Heaven seemed to be the group that rebelled. Rejected Heavenly Father entirely and all that he offered. At the end of the day, the gospel, the purpose of life, and all that we are here to do has everything to do with what we want. God provides some options, we pick which one we want, and we are blessed/cursed with whatever else comes along with that decision
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    Website bug?

    It only happens when so go to this site. I use a few other forums that seem to have the same layout as this one does too and there is no problem there. Probably China trying to distract me from the gospel