No more taxes for $400k and under


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More FREE MONEY from the govt'! Hooray we are all rich.
I'm fairly active on Ebay (vintage toy collectibles). Every time govt. money gets pushed out, toys sales sky rocket. Now that I don't have to pay a single penny in taxes any longer I will complete my Voltron and ThunderCats collections. Gracias Presidente!

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15 minutes ago, LDSGator said:

Dude! My wife and I stumbled across a vintage toy expo at our local mall last week. It’s such a cool hobby! 

I agree. I've wondered why is it 'cool'? Best I can think of is it transports me back to a childhood: no responsibilities, carefree, zero stress and worries, adventure, fantasy, excitement.

Basically... all things I pretty much lack as an adult. Being a responsible adult sucks at times.

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6 minutes ago, NeedleinA said:

Wait, wait, wait!
This is a pic of some dude in the UK not Colorado.
Either @NeuroTypical is actually in the UK OR we've been all been duped... again.

Well, of course.  

Did you honestly think that @NeuroTypical would be willing to give up his magnificent mane and that brilliant beard to look LESS like a pony?

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30 minutes ago, Carborendum said:

Well, of course.  

Did you honestly think that @NeuroTypical would be willing to give up his magnificent mane and that brilliant beard to look LESS like a pony?

I figured it was so a Covid mask fit on more securely??
brilliant beard = check!
magnificent mane = check, check!
Pre-covid NT...

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3 hours ago, Backroads said:

Did a toy purge yesterday and a couple Ponies wound up in the box. Can I send you anything?

Nah, thanks, but any of these guys would be happy to have them I'm sure:

Bronies | Know Your Meme

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Before I begin - I would explain how the term "loophole" came about.  During Medieval times castles were built and designed as fortifications against invasions.  Mostly we now see the main entrance to the castle as a drawbridge over a mote with iron bars that can be lowered at the entrance.  But there was a common practice that has been somewhat forgotten.  Many castles has an entrance that ran parallel to the castle walls.  This gave the defenders a line where they could defend the castle.  The main entrance opened up with a 90 degree turn to the left into a courtyard.  This 90 degree turn to the left was called the loophole.  It was built and designed to open up and become wider from the initial point on entry to the final opening to the courtyard.  This design gave advantage to the defenders of the castle because most fighters were right handed.  So the attackers would have there weapon to a far side and the defenders would have their weapon to their near side of the battle.  In addition the design allowed the defenders to bring more defenders than attackers to the point of the battle.

So a loophole is, in essence, a design that allows an advantage to those for which, by design, certain individuals or groups are purposefully given an advantage.  It is my personal opinion that since taxes were invented - so have loopholes against the taxes.  I would make another distinction concerning taxes and place them into three categories:

The first are what I call direct upfront taxes.  There are the taxes that everyone sees like income taxes and sales taxes. 

The second category are indirect or hidden taxes.  Mostly this comes in the form of business and corporate taxes.  It is estimated when a consumer purchases a product that for ever dollar they spend - 2 cents goes from raw product - 12 cents for value added costs.  This leaves about 86 cents that is divided on average of 43 cents for advertisement and middle man expenses and 43 cents for hidden corporate and business taxes.  I would point out two things about "hidden" taxes.  Without question they are the most repressive taxes ever invented - which means that they have the greatest economic effect on those less able to pay.  I personally believe these to be the most evil and corrupt taxes and an indication of secret combinations at work within a government.  The second point about hidden taxes is that they are usually the primary means of actual tax dollars that finance the government.

The third class of taxes is what I call phantom taxes.  these are the costs applied to citizens because of government actions.  Examples of this taxation are government deficit spending that is currently approaching 30 trillion dollars.  Other examples are property damage caused by demonstrations (or riots - whichever term suits the reader best), illegal immigration, public education failures and other supposed government mistakes.  Sadly the worse part of corruption in governments is the ever increasing costs of inefficiencies. 

A point I would make about taxes (in the USA) is that no program in our government can exist without taxing the middle class.  I realize there is a lot of political rhetoric that many citizens blinded by political bias believe that taxes can be extracted in large enough quantity  by other economic classes.  All that I can say is that such ignorance, if allowed to continue, will end individual liberties and freedoms.  Be assured - any tax that does not specifically benefit the middle class will weaken or destroy our society. -- PERIOD --

Back to the concept of loopholes.  It is my belief that those that do not take advantages of tax loopholes are directly or indirectly contributing to corruption in our government.  Those of us that do are also contributing to corruption within our government.  My hope in our government at this point of my life is that upcoming generations will be smarter than mine but it seems that I am greatly mistaken.  I see no hope in the current evolution of either of our primary political parties.

Lastly - I hope my post does not violate anyone's understanding of forum rules for which I have not intent.


The Traveler

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