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  1. As most, I've "known" the basic premise of Robert Louis Stevenson's story since I wax little (namely, Dr. Jekyll develops a potion that turns him into a monster). I checked out the book on tape from the library so I could experience the original story. It was a really interesting story. The thing that really stood out to me was that the potion wasn't really about creating a monster called Mr. Hyde. Rather, Jekyll explains in his confession that it was about "separating" the two sides of one's personality: separating the "good" from the "bad" so that the "good" side doesn't have to feel guilty for all the evil desired and perpetuated by "Mr. Hyde" and "Mr. Hyde" not feeling restrained by the good side. Of course, this attempt to become "two people" leads to tragedy. As a religious person, I guess it was interesting to see this fictional attempt to separate the spiritual man from the natural man. Perhaps it is important to realize that they aren't two separate "people", but rather one person deciding which direction he/she wants to go.
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    Serriously amazing

    This has long been one of my favorite verses from the Book of Mormon. It is a reminder of how much I am willing (and not willing) to give up to know God and His Son. A motivation to work on eliminating "I don't want to give up that" to "I want to know God at any cost."
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    Jacob 4:3

    One thing that has often impressed me when I read this verse (and verse 4 immediately after) is how important it is for me to tell my children (written and verbally) that I have a testimony. Granted nothing I write or say will ever be canonized like Jacob's writings. I still want my children (and grandchildren and so on) to know that I believed in Christ.
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    Jacob 3:7

    This is interesting. I might also add how the way we treat our wives might have as great or greater effect on our daughters. I recently read What a Difference a Daddy Makes by Kevin Leman. Throughout the book, he argues that one of the most important sources of strength for our girls to learn how to properly interact with men is what they see in their father. It is important to remember that, as parents, we can have a profound influence on our children's lives. We should be diligent in trying to make the most of that influence.An interesting thing I see in this verse is how Jacob compares the "evil, wicked" Lamanites to the "good, righteous" Nephites. In this aspect, the Lamanites seem more righteous than the Nephites of Jacob's time. (BTW, I don't see a lot of responses to these scripture threads. As a newbie, I hope I'm not violating some forum rule by responding here.)
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    Jacob 2:35

    I often consider this one of the greatest rebukes in all of scripture. I will never be a perfect husband and father, but I hope I never break my wife's heart or lose the confidence of my children.
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    Garment Wearing

    Boxer style or brief style? I've been quite happy with the cotton brief style that I get. You might try a different style and see if they fit better.
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    Law of the land

    Maybe I'm just more cynical, but it really seems to depend on the law or the importance we attach to the law in question. Observe the way we drive, and it seems we follow the law only as strictly as we think the law is enforced, or only when we think we might get caught.
  8. I really liked his talk as well. His experience with the scorpion was a good way to illustrate the principles he was trying to teach.
  9. (I'm not seeking advice for me personally, moderators, so feel free to move this thread if you feel it belongs somewhere else. As it is an issue specific to marriage/divorce, I thought this was a good place to put this question.) Many of us have seen the following quote from President Kimball: As a scientist, I look at this assertion and say, "this needs some supporting data to back it up," and Pres. Kimball alludes to the existence of such data. My question is -- does anyone know if the data supporting this assertion was ever published/made available to the public? Is it based on data the church collected or was it based on data the church found publicly available? I think my interest in this question is to further explore how, "they did not get along sexually." Can you break these causes into different categories? As examples: mismatched libido, coercive/abusive, unhealthy attitudes, or whatever the data might show.
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    General Conference

    The subject that stood out to me was the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lives. It seems like at least three made reference to the account in the Book of Mormon of the disciples praying to receive the Holy Ghost.
  11. A couple of weeks ago, I woke up with the thought in my head, "I choose to love." As a previous post mentioned, and Dr. Chapman in Five Love Languages talked a lot about, the head-over-heels "in love experience" is fairly short lived (I've heard anywhere from 6 to 24 months). After that you have to consciously choose to love and court your spouse. In other contexts, we say that love is an action and not just a feeling. I'm still married because I choose to be. Yesterday I came across a copy of the Love Dare and flipped through it and read someone's blog about it. While I didn't get all warm and fuzzy about every dare, I did see the value in developing specific skills to show and receive love that become the ""what you do" when you make that choice.
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    Hello, my name is Mr Shorty, and I am a Utah Mormon. Served a mission to Quebec. Married with 4 children. BYU graduate and currently work in a chemical laboratory. I look forward to participating in this community.