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  1. Plot twist- In the end, what we think doesnt matter. Only God can judge. Love and understanding is our job, no matter what
  2. I honestly don't have a clue what this article is talking about. "Less demanding"? Physically maybe, but some games demand a lot of thought, planning, strategy, tactics, and focus. And I socialized more before I quit Mass Multiplayer Games with teams and guilds (whom you talk with almost constantly, plan missions and raids with, and discuss personal lives and interests together) than I currently do in college studying alone in my room and at work where I am the only programmer on the team. This article seems incredibly biased. That's just my opinion. I agree porn certainly makes a mess of peoples expectations for relationships and sex, but I don't believe video games alter or deny reality. Most of the socially inept people I have met took up video games to find a way to communicate and escape the issues they already had in society (I took up video games because I was viciously bullied in middle school, and it often made me want to turn to violence or depression). It opens a world of opportunity for people with autism and asbergers. Games often tell interesting and complex stories, develop creative worlds, and allow the player to make decisions and consider concepts they never would have been exposed to. Sounds kinda familiar Like books Like reading books No one ever said reading books destroys manliness.... And the fact that this article tries to make a definition of what a "man" is is disgusting and non-scientific. My fiance has been a gamer his whole life. He is intelligent, observant, artistic (best painter I know), and understands social interaction more than I do. He may think sports are a plague on mankind, but does that make him unmanly? Does the fact that he'd rather be indoors reading or enjoying a videogame rather than outside on a field make him less masculine? Didn't even bother studying the tragedies of pornography. Most game studies show that video games have more positive influences than negative, and if the RULES are followed (Rated M is for ADULTS people, stop giving your developing 5 year old Grand Theft Auto and wondering why they think driving high speed chases sounds like fun and blaming video games) do no harm to kids or to the establishments of families. Heck, bonding time between my dad and I alternates between working in the garden to shooting Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty.
  3. Gotta love Joan de Arc, either she was a saint of the Lord or she was just an incredible warwoman. You know she was 13 when she led her first unit? Incredible. She's been my hero forever. That being said. Yeah, counseling sounds good....
  4. I love to let a forum fester for a little, I come back with a lot of interesting stuff to read! Capitalist_Oinker, thank you What you posted is really what I needed to hear, witness. I'm very evidence based and based on your evidence, I feel more confident about the statements and facts given on this topic. One could say, my testimony is strengthened on the matter. And thank you all for your comments and input. It's very fascinating to see the different opinions that all share a very similiar base in the Lord's word. There are so many details we will not have completely defined for us for a long time.... But we still try to learn don't we?
  5. No big deal. My friends and I have "tea" all the time, as one of them is british and one of them is romanian. We just call it tea, but usually it's say, a late lunch or a get together. The second you start ripping too deep into things is when situations can get dangerous and "judgy". Just live! You aren't breaking the word of wisdom by putting a bit of orange juice in a teacup, and it's a good, enriching activity to gather in a calm and social setting. Worrying "oh it's called a tea party that could look bad", just makes it look bad, no?
  6. To be honest, if she's getting mad that you dated people when you were younger..... something ain't right
  7. Book of Eli. All my favorite things rolled into a movie. The apocalypse, and following the direct order of God. Great twist at the end.
  8. As an avid gamer, I can personally say I have never played a perfectly clean game. Such a thing does not exist. It's media, just like movies. Even the Lion King has violence. That being said, stick to Nintendo and Disney based games if you are trying to keep safe, especially sexually. I didn't start playing videogames until I aged in for the ratings I was playing, and that is a suggestion I hold very strongly for everyone, not just for Mormons. And most games I played when I was younger I played with my father, who knew when to stop things. Epic Mickey, Viva Pinata, some old games like Blinx the Time Sweeper and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Zoo Tycoon (and any of the tycoon games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon, etc) are the most innocent games I've played. Rayman has some question content in some of it's editions, but it is an excellent game if you don't play too wildly in the bonus content in the menu. Always remember, these things are often what you make them. If Legend of Zelda gives you bad thoughts, I can honestly insist it is not the game... If very delicate and appropriate things are stimuli for you, seek professional help. Trust me, I know. Once you let your mind on that track, anything can affect it. Finding a way to get off of it is the key. Me, I don't mind the violent or scary games. To me they are just games, and I respect anyone who believes otherwise! I've just been so avid for so long, I don't like to miss out on all the good and positivity games give me. That being said, games i suggest to avoid... Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row For reasons
  9. I thought this post was about World of Warcraft.... I'll be going now
  10. I've been lurking here for a bit now, and realized I never introduced myself! I'm Kayvax! I also go by several other names, but Kay and Vaxy work around these parts. I am a 19 year old true-blue born and bred member of the LDS church. I was born in Utah, moved to New Mexico when I was 2, and have lived in Georgia since I turned 10. I love a lot of things. I am a major food-nut, and can basically eat my own tiny weight in delicious foods. Burritos are especially a favorite. I also enjoy all cultural foods I've ever tried (and my asian friends always gave me an accurate taste of what they could make). I also love steak, curry, boba smoothies (no tea of course), noodles, honey, and lamb shanks. I'm currently in school studying Computer Science, with a focus in Computer Hacking. I have done a lot of hacking in my days, sketchy and not, but nothing illegal. I plan on becoming an ethical hacker for businesses to help consult them involving security and protecting their data and the data of their customers. It's a pretty good field these days! For now though, I am a zoo keeper at a small zoo here in Georgia. I manage the reptile house! Snakes are a passion of mine, and I breed Hognose snakes as a hobby (cute little buggers!). I also work at a small robotics company as a programmer and assistant. It's a living! Hobby-wise, I recently took up Warhammer 40k, and love the chaos of it all. I am also an avid gamer, playing everything I can find, but my genres are RPG's, free-roaming games, and survival horror! I also love cartoons, anime, and crime shows. I draw anthropomorphic animals for fun, and represent the people I know as animals (because I could never catch on drawing people!) I'm marrying my wonderful fiance in December, and look forward to an awesome eternity with an incredible and patient man.
  11. I have never seen this movie, but now I feel like I need to. Words of mighty wisdom. Swimming through the poop? Never a good thing
  12. I am really enjoying your guyses inputs and ideas on the matter. And it does seem to be changing with time. Many of the stories I heard were from people years and years ago. Perhaps that's why I've never met an excommunicated member, being young and in the young single adult ward. Vort, your post was exactly the specificity I needed. And Palerider, perhaps you are right, and the people aren't telling the whole story or there are outlying consequences and circumstances.
  13. I like that Folk Prophet. Excommunication just doesnt seem like something that "frees" someone from responsibility for the covenants that they made. One of the reasons I came here for other opinions. I know for a fact theres a good number of people who tell lies about the church, or take things they misunderstood or didnt like and tell it in a perspective that just doesn't hit all the bases. But there are many stories of people who overcame great trials, and sometimes I wonder why they did. Why is my favorite word!
  14. And that's kind of the vibe I had, that it was meant for the rebellious and people who had committed legal crimes that could cause serious trouble for them and the church. But there's so many examples of outliers, I'm just trying to understand it. Many of the people whose stories I read worked to come back the moment they were excommunicated, and fought to be redeemed. If that is the case, then why excommunicate them when the effort is so pure? Of course, I am NO priesthood authority nor do I know much on this subject to begin with, so I can't be waving my opinions around. I guess I'm more just curious. I'm very much a "Why?" person. I want to understand genuinely