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Even the stones are jealous of how well Palerider rocks!!! :-) :-) :-)

I am pretty sure I've heard that...

The rocks and stones

themselves will start to sing:

"Palerider, Palerider

'zana, 'zana hey

'zana hey 'zana


say's PC, "you're alright by me",

'zana hey 'zana



[With apologies to Andrew Lloyd Webber and his opera]

Edited by Moksha
note of attribution
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Palerider is the preeminent bronzed Adonis of His mere presence on this board brings about broken hearts of the ladies, and unveilable jealousy from the menfolk. We have already written his epitaph:

Here lies Palerider.

Shot to death at the age of 112 by a jealous lover.

It's a shame he left us before reaching his prime.

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He is a citizen of the moment.

He has burned the sacrifice of pride, and rides on to Mt. Zion.

He builds his white picket fence around the "now", with a commanding view of the "soon to be".

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He's on a first name basis with lucidity, while the rest of us have to call it Mr. Lucidity, and that's just no good in a pinch.

He squeezes the milk of life from the cow of destiny into his dirty glass, and he drinks it warm.

He is the yin to villainy's malevolent yang.

Two decades ago, the realization struck: It wasn't a magic hubcap after all, the magic was within him all along.

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