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As of late, not a lot. Been too busy with work, moving and everything else.

But pretending I still have loads of time, these are my main hobbies:

- Geocaching. Some on here will know what it is, but for those who don't: Geocaching - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I've been doing it since 2004, found caches all over the UK and more recently started in the states. Once we move permanently I plan on setting up a few caches across Florida.

- Hiking. This is what piqued my interest in geocaching initially.

- Travelling. Despite not having enough time to do this, other than back and forth between North America and Europe, I've got plans to visit countries in at least every continent within the next five years.

- My field of work. Thankfully I'm one of the few people I know that actually enjoys what I do for a living - at least for the most part :rolleyes:.

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Music is my passion and hobby. I play and I love to discover new types. I used to be into it more then I have been the past couple years (just because of time) but I've rediscovered it big time lately, so I have been trying to attend more shows.

I am also big time reading and movies. I've started into fashion now too as a hobby.

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In my younger years I loved camping. Now, it's just getting too hard on my bones to sleep on the ground, even with a foam cushion. I used to scoff at people with trailers who thought they were camping. Now, it sounds pretty good.

I love reading, cross word puzzles, sudoku, and most any word puzzle. I also like jigsaw puzzles, but I limit myself to 500 piece puzzles. I don't have time for anything larger than that. I love spending time with my family and grandchildren. I spend way too much time on the internet/social media.

Probably one of my favorite things to do is travel. I have flight benefits so I can fly pretty much anywhere in the world for next to nothing. I just need to find a way to pay for everything once I get there. Some day I'd like to take a cross country road trip and visit every state in our nation.

I can sew, knit, quilt, and crochet. But, I don't like doing it. I'm not an arts and crafts person.

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Embroider- am attempting to use the metallic threads/floss on black fabric - the thread/floss is really crappy er fragile. So I have set that aside and am using bright colors in satin on the black fabric.

Color (when I can find more adult like pictures to color & no I don't mean XXX adult like. I mean more adult than the sappy children's coloring books) I use colored pencils, markers, pastelettes and sometimes water colors. I also have a few rubber stamps - stamp using a soft pewter grey, then color it in.

Reading - the only thing/subject I do not read is about the occult, possessing of children or ANYTHING written by Stephen King - he is just too graphic and morbid mostly.

Crossword puzzles - Used to do the Big X Crossword in the Globe. But now that it is $2.50 an issue compared to the $1.25 that it used to be - I don't do it anymore.

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Music (primarily composing, but also play guitar and sing). My main interest in this is writing musical theater. In that regard I am also a playwright and a lyricist.

Braiding bullwhips (Indiana Jones style), cracking them.


LDS Theology.

Photoshopping (not quite as much as I used to when it was related to my work).

Photography (though not as much nowadays).

Writing. Have written a few books. Mostly Harry Potter wannabe stuff.

I used to ballroom dance with the wife (competition) but we haven't danced in years.

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Hobby 1 - Bass fishing. I love buying plastic worms and catching fish on plastic worms. It's amazing any fish would go after plastic worm but bass do and they are the best bass catching lures out there.

Hobby 2 - Video editing and video cameras. I love to edit videos on my PC. I can make videos that would make you think a real production company created them.

Hobby 3 - books and reading.

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Just started getting back into sewing

I gave up with sewing. When I was younger, my sister and I took some sewing classes. I remember we made short pants...well, she did. Mine was a disaster, my teddy bear couldn't even fit in those pants! No kidding.

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