Finally Figured Out How To (Mostly) Behave


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Interesting question that I had to think about because there isn't any one thing.  Right after my disciplinary hearing I knew I wanted back in but I didn't realize how much work it would take and how hard it would be.  So the best answer I can give is I knew I did wrong and I knew I wanted to do right.  Everything emanated from that.

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3 hours ago, Grunt said:

Congrats!   Now can you teach me?

Funny you should mention that.  Just got back from talking to my Elders quorum president.  He assigned me to give the next priesthood lesson using this General Conference talk and specifically asked me to add my experiences and what I learned.

And to make it better, I was also asked to be the Elders quorum secretary.  They are not going to let any dust settle on me.

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On 12/1/2021 at 11:07 PM, slamjet said:

I've been on this forum for a while and I've even gotten into trouble a few times.  As of late, I haven't been posting very much because, you know, LIFE.  But I thought I'd pass along that after 18+ years, I've had my blessings restored.

A little story for you:  One of the best teachers (in the church) that I have known was given a lesson in our ancient High Priest Group.  He asked the simple question: "Why did you come to priesthood today?"  As usual there were no responses - mostly I think because of how well known the teacher was in follow up questions forcing a person to double think their obvious answers.  Since there was no response, the teacher asked a member of our Stake Presidency that was in our ward and attending.  The highly respected member of the Stake Presidency responded that he came to be inspired and uplifted by the spirit.  "So then," the teacher asked, "if you are not inspired and uplifted you will quit coming?"

The teacher then turned to a good friend and neighbor of mine that at the time was excommunicated and asked him the original question.  His answer was, "because I promised G-d that I would."  

This lesson has shaped my thinking about why I do what I do - not just in quorum meeting or the Sabbath but just about everything.  I have come to the conclusion that each day I should make promises of what I will or will not do to my Heavenly Father and ask for his assistance in accomplishing my promises.  Sometimes in life we need the wisdom and guidance of those that have errored, struggled and repented as much as the wisdom of our righteous leaders.

Welcome back to the household of the Saints of G-d.


The Traveler

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