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    Dealing with smoke. Lots of smoke.

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    Church ExCommunication

    Meeting with Bishop tomorrow at 9:30am Why am I worried about being excommunicated? This church has provided so much -- I do hope that what they teach is true but I feel like I am confused right now. My Bishop is a very aggressive guy. I just don't know. I'll keep y'all posted. Grateful for your responses.
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    Church ExCommunication

    Here is the cold hard truth: You made temple covenants. The law of chastity does not differentiate between married or single people. You served a mission. You taught people the law of chastity. Your covenants are binding, recommend or not. You have clearly and unmistakably broken those covenants and mocked that which is most holy. This isn't sin like having a coffee, not paying tithing, or even watching some porn. It is serious, grievous sin. Excommunication is a very real possibility. My brother, with all that being said, fear not and repent. Call your Bishop. Don't give a darn about what other people might think or what they might say. If they think less of you because of this then they have committed the greater sin, not you! Expect your friends and other members to be helpful, kind, and nothing but supportive. If they are not, then ignore them. "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." Isaiah 1:18 Do you want that relationship and testimony of Christ and the Holy Ghost? Jesus Christ is right next to you with his arms outstretched. Swallow your pride and call your Bishop right now. I mean right now. I don't care if it's 3 am where you're at. This can't wait. The sooner repentance is started the sooner you will begin to heal. It will be humbling, painful, and difficult, but your bishop, stake president, and most importantly, your elder brother Jesus Christ will help you and comfort you. If you choose to be willing and obedient, then great things await. As you progress through repentance, remember to forgive yourself!! Move ahead and don't dwell on the past. If you exercise humble faith you can still achieve the highest glory of the Celestial Kingdom. From Paul to the Philippians: this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Get this behind you. So you slipped up. Everyone does in all different ways. Take the Lord's outstretched hand, get up off the ground, dust yourself off, smile, and move on. Put this in your past. Call your Bishop. If you do not have a desire to change (repent), then there is nothing anyone can do for you. Nothing.
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    Cultivating Gifts of the Spirit

    Amen. Here is one of the few times I don't agree with you. Was it foolishness for Solomon to ask for wisdom? https://www.lds.org/scriptures/ot/1-kgs/3.9-12?lang=eng#8 ...God was pleased with the request, and granted it. Did Paul, Joseph, and Moroni reveal foolishness? 1 Corinthians 14 Even so ye, forasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual gifts, seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church. D&C 46 But ye are commanded in all things to aask of God, who giveth liberally; and that which the Spirit testifies unto you even so I would that ye should do in all bholiness of heart, walking uprightly before me...and that ye may not be deceived aseek ye earnestly the best gifts, always remembering for what they are given; Moroni 7: Wherefore, my beloved brethren, apray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true bfollowers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when he shall appear we shall cbe like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be dpurified even as he is pure. Amen. Based on the above, I respectfully submit that we are invited to actively seek the gifts God wishes to grant each, rather than passively waiting for them to appear.
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    The decline of declaring repentance

    It appears that God holds a different opinion. To Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer, God commanded: Wherefore, you are called to cry repentance unto this people. And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father! You may claim that this was specific to Oliver and David, and we shouldn't apply it to ourselves. If this were the only scriptural witness, perhaps you would have a point. But the Lord is very explicit in a later section: Behold, I sent you out to testify and warn the people, and it becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor. For those who care to look, the scriptures are filled with the injunction that we declare repentance to our fellow man. Nowhere is there the caveat that "you can only declare repentance when you yourself have been guilty of that sin and have somehow managed to overcome it." Were that true, Jesus Christ himself would have been unjustified in his mortal ministry. Instead of inventing our own rules as we go along, we would always do better to learn and follow the voice of God.
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    Rain, lotsa rain
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    This problem is not new but it is getting bigger. It is my personal opinion that much of the problem is Eastern environmentalists trying to impose their concepts in the West. One of the problems to the Eastern environmentalists is land owned by the LDS Church in southwestern Wyoming. This land is scientifically managed for maximum use of one of the west largest cattle ranches – plus it is used for recreation by hundreds of thousands – mostly for handcart simulation – and the land is used for wild game reserve. All together under carefully monitored use. What has been found is that the land can be highly used – maximizing cattle and recreational use and – surprise; the land will also support more wildlife than land left to nature without the cattle or human use. This completely disproves the prevailing environmental argument that developing land will disrupt wildlife – especially endangered wildlife. The truth is that by controlling environment uses we can maximize the development and wildlife. This is a truth that politically motivated environmentalists will not accept regardless of scientific evidence. The problems of fire in the west are increased by current environmental regulation. We could do much better but I doubt politics will allow it. Btw – this is not just a Democratic Party problem but a problem that the Republicans have not done an intelligent thing yet; as well.
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    Church ExCommunication

    The "no" answers are wrong. A Melchizedek Priesthood holder who has abandoned his temple covenants through adultery is most certainly subject to excommunication. Whether that actually happens or not is at the discretion of the stake president, and it may seem an unlikely outcome. But possible? Oh, yes.
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    Reid and Abortion

    I would submit that some things are so patently evil that they offset any other good they may incidentally do. Josef Mengele, so I'm told, was a highly competent physician who was remarkably kind to children and whose early work presumably saved many lives.
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    Cultivating Gifts of the Spirit

    This part, from a teen/young adult perspective: -Don't ask your parents to borrow their car before you have earned a license. The answer will be no. -General rule: you can only use the car to the degree that your parents can trust you. -Be willing to do your part to help maintain the car and put gas in it as needed. -Being willing to use it to drive your brothers and sisters around or do other things for your parents also really helps. -Never do stupid things with your parents' car. -The more you use the car well, the more you'll get to use it. -Always say thank you. Who knew my parents were teaching me about spiritual gifts all along?
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    The Sacrament and Covenant-Making

    I wonder if this is a subtle way to prepare members to strengthen their covenants. Perhaps a reminder and encouragement to make sure you lamp is full and that you have extra oil?