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    Hemisphere got a reaction from NightSG in Hell has frozen over   
    hand writing is something I reserve for dear and important people. handwritten letters convey personal bonds and emotion and the time it takes speaks volumes in dedication and attention. 
    You should try the joy, it adds elegance if you are capable of cursive
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    Hemisphere got a reaction from NightSG in Hell has frozen over   
    Make fun all you want. Nobody forces you to drink that garbage anyway.what surprises me that you make big wave about something that doesn´t hold any significance as there would be more worthwhile topics. What this is, is pure complacency. Not that I would prefer to be mean, but I would reckon that some brothers and sister outside the US living in poorer parts of the world, couldn´t give a rats'*** about assortment of drinks they are not gonna have inside a temple of pretense and conceit in Salt Lake while they have to labor for the necessities you take for granted. Instead of peeing yourself in your pants over this, I find myself hard pressed to find the same intensity and energy put forth into something worth while. how about it ? how does this compare to something that would include actual charity outside your comfort zone ?
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    Hemisphere got a reaction from zil in Hell has frozen over   
    the extended handle eases up the hand and prevents cramping and adds to stability 
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    Hemisphere reacted to Vort in Hell has frozen over   
    @Hemisphere -
    Let me drop the sarcasm and retrotrolling for a moment.
    Seriously, dude, what's up? You come back after a year of not commenting on this board (except for a few comments a week ago) and proceed to torch Mormon culture, lifelong Mormons, and the entire state of Utah. Then you claim injury when people respond in a predictable -- and appropriate -- manner to your overt hostility and bigotry.
    Did your dog die? Did someone treat you really badly, and you're looking for justice? Seriously, friend, what is up with you? This is a pretty good group here. We're reasonably compassionate and supportive. We all have our shortcomings, as do you. But we generally do not go looking for a fight.
    If there's something we can discuss with you, maybe help you with or talk about, let's do it. But in all seriousness, approaching things as you've done is not helpful. Even if you're just trolling for laughs, it is not good for your spiritual well-being to do so.
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    Hemisphere reacted to Vort in Hell has frozen over   
    You poor thing. Those meanies should just stop.
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    Hemisphere got a reaction from Vort in Hell has frozen over   
    I don´t need to, find a mirror, go outside the door and see with eyes unclouded by conceit. Better yet, leave Utah and look around and then go to another country and see how they lord it over. 
    And yes, I have little sympathy displayed and I make no secret out of it, especially concerning the ill one can experience, with some pleasant exception I can attest to a negative perception based on experiences.  
    I have had all the exposure I could stomach along with some other people. PS: I am the convert weed that some inborn holier than thou art members tried remove from the garden, that still thrives through adversity 
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    Hemisphere reacted to skippy740 in a TEST is coming   
    I'm going to challenge you on this a bit.  After proposition 8 in California was overturned, I had to do some re-evaluating on some things.
    The war in heaven was fought over agency - the right to choose.  Who are WE to impose our way of life as the law of the land?  If the right to choose is restricted... then where is the test?  If that test does not exist, then it's the Lord's plan with Satan's method.  (Kind of like forcing your kids to go to church - right intention, wrong method.)
    Yes, there are leftist values seeking to twist traditional meanings behind things... but if it doesn't occur, where is the choice?  Where is the test?  None of these outcomes, if and when passed, affects an individual from choosing the right path.  Changing secular laws, as long as they don't interfere with the freedom of religion and religious practices... won't interfere with anyone else living the life they choose to live.
    Making marijuana legal... same thing.  Now it's just a LEGAL choice, not just a health choice.  Might as well have it regulated and collect the tax revenue.  Doesn't mean that people can't be arrested for being under the influence or fired from jobs for being unable to perform their duties.
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    Hemisphere reacted to Just_A_Guy in a TEST is coming   
    (Raises hand tentatively) All of the above?
    Tests can have multiple problems.  Lack of charity is one.  Too much "false" charity--especially charity masquerading as permissiveness-- is another.  Absolutism/statism from the political left, as well as suspicion and paranoia from the right (and divisive rhetoric from both).  Criticisms from the social left who think we're compromising too little, and from the social right who think we're giving up too much.  Attacks on the GAs from within the Church by Dehlinites and feminists from the extreme heterodox wing as well as from Snufferites and doomsday prepper-militia types from the extreme orthodox wing.  Dogmatic, intellectually lazy fundentalism; as well as faithless skepticism.  Excessive allegiance to the self-appointed intelligentsia on the one hand; self-satisfied know-nothingism on the other.  And so on, and so on.
    To the extent that "the test" can be reduced to anyone factor, I would say it is simply this:  who will stand with the Lord and His modern prophets; versus who will be blown away with the social movement of the hour.
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    Hemisphere reacted to anatess2 in Hell has frozen over   
    You must really be fun to hang out with.
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    Hemisphere reacted to mirkwood in Hell has frozen over   
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    Hemisphere got a reaction from eddified in We're all gonna die!   
    Dear LeSellers, I am siding with you on this one. 
    It has been proven that the scientific community is biased and that statistics have become very unrealiable since they are being paid. And if the Lord intended for us to play with the strands of life for food, he would have given us a pretri dish instead of fork and knife. 
    I also can´t agree with Neuro Typical adherance to science as absolute truth ( according to that and most of them, there is no Lord but then it hardly matters to them ) maybe even possibly as a religion. I am a bee keeper and I lost 12 colonies out of 20 this year. In most likely hood, I will have to switch from honey to breeding because I fear for one of the most important creature on earth. 
    In a very unscientific manner I decided to take samples of the dead colonies to a science lab and test of neonicotinoids and it was also positive for glyphosate. Call me unscientific but that is not something that my organic farmer utilizes. I would also like to add that the rest of the world does not necessarily agree with american science that is corporate sponsored. And if one overlooks the needs for exceptionalism that other scientific sources favor sustainable proportionate organic farming. 
    GMO crops are after all a big business and if it was meant to ease world hunger, it does a poor job because it fails or manages to be moot due to unsavory business practices. Certainly Neuro Typical will back it up with corporate information and frankly, I invite him to do so. I can only say at the end of days, that there will be a price to pay for perpetual ignorance and arrogance with a unhealthy dose of disrespect towards our Lords creation. 
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    Hemisphere got a reaction from Ulder in Non-church life is so good. What shall i do?   
    Dear Ulder or anyone else in a similar Position, 
    Unlike most I can be quite emphatic to your plight. The church is not an easy environment. As a convert I learned that in a 60 mph vs solid concrete wall - way. The church is a wonderful place if : You are married, with kids ( cream on top), Say yes and amen to anything that comes out of Salt Lake and managed from the start to butter up. I am not saying this as an accusation but it is a fact. As a convert I neither was born into the church nor was I in time to be on a mission. On top I happen to have the misfortune to do as I say and say as I do with the proper portion of directness and a massive lack of conceitedness. Anyhow, I don´t think you are doing wrong because you have a free agency. If you need to discover life outside the church, I do think it might be a healthy experience if you keep carrying the Lord in your heart. The experiences will actually help you to become something the Lord wants you to be, a happy person with a charitable heart towards to needy. And one can not love his neighbor without loving himself. As for the socials skills, I get you as well. Surrounding yourself with church people all day long talking about the same thing over and over will turn you into major retard. A nice one,albeit but still a retard. I know at this point writing this people will be outraged. But one can not carry the Lords good message towards the people when once is too busy committing social incest. So yes, in that regard you obtain skills and can at your leisure chose to be learn about people and if you have the courage even invite them to the gospel. 
    As for dating in the church, I have never met a group of people handicapping themselves so severely like the people of this church. People objectify and exalt Return Missionaries and a fair number indeed, can be actually pigs, looking for their trophy wife that is expected to turn into a baby factory.  The whole concept is a fallacy that you are deemed worthy as a companion only AFTER you went on a mission. Never mind that there is worthy fulltime missionaries at home being good members and subjects unto the Lord, which fall through the cracks. You also will never receive love or understanding if you haven´t gone because it is expected. It turned from a conviction of faith into a rite of passage where one might even get a new car as a reward from the family ( exaggerating here a bit ). Fact is, yes it is easier to date outside because you play rules that are universally known. In the church you play with rules not revealed to you and you draw the short end in any case no matter how hard you try, you may never be enough to project status or the potential to become the the future bishop of your ward if you lack sufficient vitamin c ( connection). 
    I myself as a convert went from very fun lifestyle to the even paced lifestyle I desperately needed. However, I am convinced that converts bring qualities and experiences to the church that are sorely needed but there are places where you are a member second class, at least what some "church nobility" inborn - pioneer super mormons would have you believe. The Lords does not care for status or sanctimonious airs, he cares about that you are happy and loved. And you are loved. I would like for you to remember that. Dating in the church is a soul crushing experience if you happen to be an outsider and in some instances one ought rather pet a rabid shark than step out on to field where you get measured by what you aren´t and not by what you are. 
    For any critics out there, I would like to remind you that I have a covenant with the Lord and not its people. I also happen to contribute whatever I can give to the Lords cause and received a tremendous blessing in form of my wife. All that mess I had to wade through makes me appreciate her sharing her life with me on a daily basis. We distinct between cultural mormons and faithful mormons. We are the latter kind because the former kind is too busy being something else. 
    Some people tend to forget that there is also the bible and not just the book of mormon. But it tends to still hold good classics. This is my recommendation of what kind of woman you might want to look for, while it is also acknowledging praise to our sisters. 
    Proverbs 31: 10 - 31 
    I can invite you only to exercise your good judgement and agency and let the Lord guide your hands. You should disregard judgement that aims to stifle you in your quest for happiness while taking heed to good advise. First and foremost you are a child of god and again: You are loved! No matter what everyone else thinks of you. 
    I will end this lengthy post in the hope that I may have consoled you a bit and encourage you to make your own mark and find your own place in the world around you. Fortune passes everywhere if you but grasp it. My dear brother, from the bottom of the heart, I pray that the Lord will give you what you need but not what you want. There is a difference in that. 
    My wife and I give our love to you and wish you to be well. 
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    Hemisphere got a reaction from NightSG in You're single because....   
    Well then, let me tell you this then about my attitude. It is fine, considering that discrimination , harassment, the attempts to run me out of church, to be told not to be up to par because certain criteria could impossibly met that reduced to be seen by what I am not, while I still serve the Lord. Flawed but I still serve him while I mind the needy ( and appreciate them more then the Lifestyle members ) that I can say I am still here with him and I have a good wife that is an awesome team player especially when it comes doing our best despite people in the church and mean the nasty kind that is abundant in this part of the world trying to muck up our day. I think all in all in all considered, it is just fine and I embrace following faithfully but not blindly and that is worth certainly more than a billion bucks. I have no intention of changing the past. But I can make sure it won´t repeat itself. So while I actually admire your conviction let me some of mine in some eloquent words : 
    “The best things in life are beyond money; their price is agony and sweat and devotion ... and the price demanded for the most precious of all things in life is life itself - ultimate cost for perfect value.” 
    ― Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers
    I have them, the best things in life and I am content. My attitude is to preserve that state and if being unpopular by pointhings things out that are not alright and threathen those blessings , then so be it. I certainly think that I don´t need your approval, neither do you mine and I am perfectly fine with that. I just wish in a dating sense people would realise that there is little to compromise about when you are not accepted as you are ( to come back to the threads topic). People compromise too much and frankly it makes unhappy. They want to please too much and neglegt their selfworth and self respect. I maintain that daiting in the church would be less perilous if people would bake smaller roles when it comes to their selective processes and their filter ought to be retuned. Good man and women do fall through the cracks and not just dating wise, also in the previously hotly debated comments which I also will maintain. 
    In the end I can say, you do what you do far away from where I live and at the end of day when you passed your judgement about me and turn away from the screen it will not have changed a single thing because in the end, I might just do the same while thinking that it is a good thing that through agency, the Lord can be honored through my deeds elsewhere where it doesn´t bother neither each one of you. after all, it´s the internet where raving lunatics such ourselves pound the keys to "stick" it to the other person in a selfrighteous zeal. 
    Ah, the joys of modern "communication". I still dare you to come and see for yourself what people go through far away from the sheltered walls of doctrine in the fair US 
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    Hemisphere got a reaction from NightSG in You're single because....   
    mcome and live and germany and drop the everything is awesome glasses and you will see where i am voming from. besides i am german and know my people enough t habe quite an informed opinion, thank you and if you come around quoting me, do it completely.   I did say the dutch have their share of problems, enough to open a topic. my wife is dutch amd can tell you how she live through church with her own unique set of experiences that would make your hairs stand up.. and talking about me in a thrid person isnt particularly nice. 
    well it as all nice to arbitrate from afar. i do happen to be lucky to be in a good ward. as a"witness" i invite you to check it out your self before you imply that  am a biased liar. which you wont do anyway, seeing for yourself that is.everyrhing is starspangled awesome and if something goes wrong the people that do have problems are deemed liars and comments like yous spring up because nobody saying something not uplifting is an apostate in eyes of people like you. if everything is so awesome in the church why is there still so much controversy and strife and i guarantee you it doesnt stem from a lack of prayer or reading  the scriptures and binging on the liahona.
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    Hemisphere got a reaction from Blackmarch in Reccomend me a good Manga!   
    well, I personally see no problem with violence in movies. if it is not glorified, you could actually use it to reflect upon. Though in the passion of christ, it is not for the faint hearted. that is for sure. when the movie came out I really saw people puking into barfbags which the cinema so graciously handed out. 
    My father had good care to explain to my 5 year old me what was going on in A bridge too far, and why it was happening. Never did me any bad and frankly I think violence these days is depicted in a very tasteless way. Though I would love to give frank miller with his 300 credit here as my wife, who is not a big fan of gor and violence did find pleasure in the 300 spartans and that was not because she saw a sea of six packs =) 
    in terms of comics, I can however recommend that the aforemention titles. nausicaä is definately one of the best pieces I have ever read 
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    Hemisphere got a reaction from Blackmarch in Two questions about conversion   
    I respectfully disagree, it is free agency and happiness does elude a lot of people because they don´t know in the first place that they can achieve it because they are not even aware of free agency. 
    Personally it took me a great deal of loss to learn that doing what makes you happy is a hard working process but worth it.
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    Hemisphere reacted to Blackmarch in Great fiction books   
    earlier heinlein, anyways.
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    Hemisphere reacted to lonetree in Great fiction books   
    Here's one.
    I lost my paperback copy from the '80s, and when my hardback's binding broke apart(dropped it), I ordered another pb identical to the one I bought in 85(below)

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    Hemisphere got a reaction from Blackmarch in Great fiction books   
    I can recommend flatout classics. they are usually devoid of swearing and most often, they still contain a wonderful command of the english language. 
    In that case : Starship Troopers, Stranger in a strange land by Robert A. Heinlein are exceptional. The Dune series carries a lot of interesting content in terms of agency and the pursuit of immortality. And the Tales of the Otori ( beginning with Across the Nightingale floor ) by Leanne Hearne make fine reading. Also BOLO! from David Weber is something I enjoyed deeply. 
    With my recommendations. Enjoy!
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    Hemisphere got a reaction from Backroads in Trump Mocks Mormons and Utah in Attempt to Appeal Evangelical Voters   
    When I think of Trump (and Hitlary),

    this springs to my mind.  
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    Hemisphere got a reaction from unixknight in I know who I'm voting for   
    Both your candidates are morally bankrupt and frankly, the media is doing its very best to pour sand into the eyes of the american populace. There is other candidates out there aside from the same corrupt bunch in dc but no media coverage so there you have it, undemocracy in action. It would take an army of exterminators to get those roaches in congress and senate out. If I would be american, I would be hard pressed to find someone I could vote for. But then again, I am not. however unfortunately, whatever happens in the US will sadly affect us in Europe and the rest of the world as well. Your government simply has too many hands in too many honeypots

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    Hemisphere got a reaction from LeSellers in Hillary openly panders to Mormons   
    well, hitlary will lead you into the next war, you people don´t want. she promised her jewish backers to assist Israel with the "Iran" problem. Most of all, being morally bankrupt, she only stands for one group and that is the people that pay her campaign and I am no necessarily talking about the voters that have problems opening their eyes and ears. Also we are talking about a person, that has nothing in common with average hard working joe and hasn´t had a civilian job in how many decades ... ? she just went from one seat of power to the next, living off the taxpayer and promising them to continue to do so against any interest of the american people. However to be fair, voting for Clintor Trum / CLUMP is equally a bad choice, one of them being pest and the other the bourbonic plague. In light of those... a second american revolution might just be a very healthy idea. 
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    Hemisphere reacted to Still_Small_Voice in Hillary openly panders to Mormons   
    I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton for the main following reasons:
    1) Her solution for our lagging economy is more taxes and more government programs that will cause even more poverty and government intrusion into our lives.
    2) She said she wants Australia gun control laws here in the United States.  That would effectively destroy all of our 2nd Amendment liberties.
    3) Her Clinton "Charity" is nothing more than a slush fund for her and her family.  It is full of fraud and deceit.
    4) There are many questionable and very suspicious deaths of people surrounding the Clintons.  I cannot trust someone who murders.
    5) Her open disdain for obeying the law was shown with her intentional deletion of classified e-mails.  Anyone who was not a lord of Washington D.C. would already be incarcerated by now for these actions.
    Edit: Miss Clinton will also pick a Supreme Court Justice that will do even more damage to the United States Constitution.  The Supreme Court is currently half packed with Justices that believe the solution for many problems in America is more government intrusion into State power and into the lives of Americans.
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    Hemisphere reacted to LeSellers in Hillary openly panders to Mormons   
    Pandering is what she does best. Well, that and having people killed if she doesn't like them. Oh, and attacking the women who dare accuse her husband of rape. 
    I nearly forgot, losing eMails.
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    Hemisphere reacted to Just_A_Guy in Hillary openly panders to Mormons   
    Heh.  Someone should ask her what she thought of The Book of Mormon Musical.