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  1. Grunt

    Saints Volume II

    I'm reading the second volume of Saints and there a ton of things that I either didn't know about the Church, surprised to learn how modern day things originated, or wonder why something changed. I find it refreshing how the story is written and how it includes things I wouldn't suspect. If you haven't read it, I strongly suggest you get caught up. That said, after seeing so many things going on at BYU these days, and never having attended there (although I'm considering applying to the law school), I wonder if people who ARE familiar with the school now feel it has gone off track from the intentions of President Young. He seemed to make it very clear that it was to be completely faith immersed, unless I'm missing something. It doesn't seem that the school has held true to that? Also, it was funny to see the Salt Lake Tribune hasn't veered off it's original purpose.
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  2. Jane_Doe

    Stopping COVID

    The supermajority getting it, and the survivors then having resistance to greatly slow any future spread is what's known as "herd immunity". Which will eventually & naturally make things less spikey, and fewer infections/deaths. There's plenty of diseases that have gone this way through history. The way a vaccine alters this: (running with the fairyland example of a perfectly effective vaccine that everybody can take tomorrow) is that makes group #4: people whom don't ever get the disease and can't or spread it, keeping themselves and the population at large much safer. In this fairyland where everyone could/would take this 100% effective medicine tomorrow, it could accelerate opening and get everything back to the old normal. Obviously fairyland doesn't really exist. Any vaccine is a looooonnnnng way out for development, testing, approval, mass manufacturing, distributing, get people on board, etc. And it will also likely be messy with flawed protection and possible side effects. So even getting a vaccine to people will be a phased approach. All in all: we're stuck with the new normal for 2020 and 2021.
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  3. Oddly enough, the same thing happens with wars. We all knew the daily death toll of our engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan, and heard about every stubbed toe and sunburn at Guantanamo Bay when there was a Bush in charge. Then Obama won on promising to close Gitmo and friendly up with the world and end wars, and suddenly we didn't hear a peep about wars or Gitmo for 8 years. And Obama became the first US President in the entire history of our nation, to exit office 8 years later in the exact same wars as when he entered office. These days, the antiwar left gets ticked and screams bloody murder whenever Trump brings troops home from places like Syria. Yes indeed, if Biden wins, I expect all my hard left buddies will suddenly get behind reopening schools and the economy and businesses. And they'll start publicly opining about how we need to stop violence in the streets.
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  4. That is what they are finding in Sweden. I think it will magically disappear after the election, but only if Biden wins. If Trump wins, which is likely, then it will only get worse and we will see Tens of Billions of death.
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  6. Sounds like your standard failed High Priest's service project. (Sorry, I know I'm several years late with this joke, but for the Elders among us with a sense of history, it should still produce a chuckle. )
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